Friday, August 19, 2005

A Day Of Mixed Emotions - I Would Think

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in or happening upon this page for the first time - thank you for stopping by. I said on Wednesday, I would be doing a Friday entry this week to mark an occassion/event, so here I be. As I sit here and sip on my glass of port, a funny thought just hit me; so please bare with me with for a few seconds.

A few times a week, I sit down to type in some random thoughts, musings, and rants related to the world of sports - somewhat jokingly asking "What would Hazel Mae think?" I say "somewhat" because while I would generally be interested in hearing Hazel's thoughts and opinions - as I told a member of the peeps who emailed me with suggestions and comments on the yahoo page and this blog... "Dude, I while I would like to think she's taking a peek and cracking the occasional smile - I don't expect her to be posting or acknowledging her presence/participation. I don't think she can, or would want to, for a variety of reasons. " (no need to get into them here - maybe when I sit down and write my "Why I write Thoughts of Hazel Mae Blog" entry)

So here is the funny thought/irony of tonight's entry, from my perspective of course. While I would like to think that Hazel might be one of the semi-regular people who check in to see what's being said here - I kinda hope that she wouldn't see tonight's entry...something tells me she might not want attention drawn to tonight's topic - shrugging it off as "no big deal". But tonight's entry is directed more at the Canadian members of the peeps (many of whom have emailed me to say Rogers Sportsnet just isn't the same without her) and of Hazel herself - whether or not she's sneaking a peek at tonight's entry.

One year ago today - actually Thursday, August 19th, 2004, the lovely, talented and always upbeat Hazel Mae ended her broadcast by announcing to Canadian sports fans that she would be signing off the Canadian airwaves to accept a position with the New England Sports Network - NESN. Yes, (yesterday if you are a stickler for days) marked the one year anniversary of Hazel's departure from Rogers; I think most Canadian fans would agree that Hazel left a big hole in Rogers morning programming...a hole they haven't been able to adequately fill (just ask members of hazelspeeps and fans of JZone). Her departure had the country buzzing last year - it was a topic of conversation on a number of messageboards - and one year out, she is still missed; about half of all hazelspeeps are Canadian sports fans who say that they thought she was pretty damn cool and they miss starting their mornings off with a cup of coffee and checking in with Hazel to see the previous night's happenings (don't I know it! hahahaha).

So if you are checking in from Canada and you want to show your support, good wishes or just say "Hey Hazel, we miss ya" - leave a comment/message here. If you are checking in from New England...well, ummmm...your entry comes in September.

So I hope I didn't build this entry up too much - hope it wasn't a disappointment for anyone who checked in to see what it was going to be. More to come throughout the weekend I think - quiet weekend here.

So to end the entry for tonight - on behalf of all hazelspeeps - Congratulations to Hazel Mae for great run up here, she was a bright light in the Canadian sports broadcasting's hoping her future holds many more successes. Is it proper to say Happy Anniversary? or is that more for the official 1 year at NESN? Either way...go get 'em have lots of support. If you are indeed peeking in tonight, or whenever - I hope this entry did not embarrass you - you have much to be proud of; celebrate it.

Ok...two songs for today/tonight on Hazelspeeps...both have to do with departures, while not totally reflective of Hazel's situation in leaving for Boston - they are great songs...and might hold meaning for someone close to her.

Bright Lights - Matchbox 20

Yeah well maybe maybe maybe
You'll find something that's enough to keep you
But if the bright lights don't receive you
You should turn yourself around and come on home

and my choice

When Ye Go Away - The Waterboys

Now he's brought down the rain
and the Indian summer is through
In the mornin' you'll be following your trail
fair play to you
You ain't callin me to join you
and I'm spoken for anyway
But I will cry,
when ye go away

Your beauty if familiar
and your voice is like a key
It opens up my soul
and torches up a fire inside of me
Your cloak is made of magic
and around your table angels play
I will cry,
When ye go away

Somebody left his whiskey
and the night is very young
I have much to say
and I have more to tell
The words will soon be spillin' from my tongue
I'll rave and I will ramble
I'll do everything but make you stay
But I will cry
when ye go away

Goodnight one and all - as always Best wishes to Hazel Mae.

Peesth out!


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