Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Late Additions To Monday's Entry

Mornin' peeps et al.

Late Monday night brought more interesting news...

Bob Probert, best known for his days as the Red Wings enforcer is in trouble again. Probert who was awaiting charges for punching a police officer outside of a Windsor bar...is now wanted by police for another incident where he allegedly hit someone else. Somebody tell Tie Domi to get down to Windsor to straighten Probert out. File Bob's case under Zeros.

(Leaf fans remember the fight with Tie Domi where Tie was taking a beating and came up with a round house that knocked Probert on his can - Tie wasn't with the Leafs during that one though, but we all loved it anyways). I wonder if Hazel appreciates the occasional good hockey brawl.

Speaking of good hockey brawls - Hazel's K.C. Chiefs keep making news. Former Renegades placekicker Lawrence Tynes got in trouble for breaking a bouncer's nose in a bar fight. Who knew kickers were so tough? I think a cage match between Lawrence and former Australian Rules Footballer Darren Bennett (now a punter for the Vikings) would get better pay per view numbers that Mike Tyson...my money would be on Bennett.

Sean Millington, former CFLer - who was part of CBC Broadcasting crew - has decided to come out of retirement and suit up for the Argos at age 37. Millington was a pretty decent fullback in his day, but that was at least 3 or 4 years ago - I wish him well...but I wonder what in the "hey" Pinball Clemons was thinking about when he pulled this one out. Hazel...any Skydome connections to the Argos?

Big freaking news - a report from French Daily "L'Equipe" reported today that Lance Armstrong tested positive for EPO during the 1999 Tour de France. Armstrong has always maintained his innocence with relation to using performance enhancing drugs - the catch here? The governing body of world cycling didn't begin using a urine test for EPO until 2001 - they couldn't test for it before that. I don't know where to slot Armstrong in - the story/evidence isn't compelling enough to put him in the Zero category...

Even BIGGER freaking news - a writer for the BBC has applauded Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho for the way he has handled a public dispute with one of his star defenders - Ricardo Carvalho. This may not sound like much...but it must be killing the English media to read a story that gives Mourinho any sort of credit.

I wonder if Hazel would have thoughts on any of these...

On the drive in today...I heard Speed of Sound by Coldplay...kind of fitting when you think about Lance Armstrong huh?

I'm outta here for a while...moving offices today. Hazel...if you are checking in...have yourself a groovy day.

Peesth Out.


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