Thursday, August 25, 2005

A Quiet Thursday

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in.

A quiet day in the world of sports today - what with today being getaway day in MLB; the NHL being relatively quiet - except for talk about the Hossa/Heatley trade; and Europe holding its collective breath watching the draw for this year's Champions League group draw (32 teams).

A quick entry tonight - watching the Sox vs Royals tonight (thank you Rogers Sportsnet Ontario) - as things stand now, Sox losing 6-2 (Schilling looked very ordinary, very hittable) but the game is in the 6th...Lima was just pulled. Hazel was her usual smooth self on the 4th inning Sports Desk Update - sure as hell beat the "Rogers Boys" (Hazel if you are peeking the off-white/beige suit was a very good choice - classic...stunning actually) - have I mentioned recently that Rogers STILL hasn't managed to replace Hazel with anyone as good as she was?

Funny thing about the telecast tonight - they had an interview with Millar about his HR vs the Royals...first HR in 180+ at bats. I may be pushing it a little...but don't you find it funny that that shortly after "Thoughts of Hazel Mae" blog nominates Millar as a Monday Hero (for putting team ahead of himself) he hits his first HR in what seemed like forever? Would that be a case of Hazel's karma helping Millar out? I mean...she did it for the Sox last year, whose to the acknowledgement on Monday didn't help out? Stranger things have happened, been recorded, and argued.

Good News Story of the Day
The Team1200 highlighted the work of former CFLer Glen Kulka and Ottawa Renegades coach Joe Paopao who are working with Aboriginal kids in Northern Quebec (Cree Nation) on a mini (few days) football camp that helps kids with life lessons as well as football. Good for you guys...nice job. I think Hazel would second that thought.

Bad News Story of the Day
Again with the Team 1200 - afternoon guy Gord Wilson did an interview with Marion Hossa today...where he repeatedly tried to put the kid in a bad spot, some of the low lights of the interview included Wilson making silly statements such as the following:
  • claiming that John Muckler tried to do a three player deal this summer to lock up Chara, Redden and Hossa...that two of the three agreed to take less money, but Muckler said one player wouldn't...Wilson pointed to Hossa. Hossa was quick to point out that another player said "no thanks" to Muckler.
and asking Hossa some inappropriate questions such as:
  • do you regret comparing yourself to Iginla and Lecavalier? Hossa stated he claimed he was a top player in the league and never compared himself to Iginla - Wilson ignored it and continued on the line of thought - good on Hossa for standing strong.

  • did you expect to be traded? What in the hell is Hossa supposed to say? Wilson later mused that Muckler should have said if you want the deal you are is the deal to remain part of the Senators - $5 Million per year. If you haven't listened to Wilson...consider yourself lucky...if you are a sucker for punishment - afternoons from 3 - 6 pm...though you might have trouble making through more than an hour.

  • knowing what you know now...would you change how you handled things with the Senators? Hossa of course said "no" - what is he supposed to say. Again, after the tape of the interview playerd...Wilson snickered that he wasn't going to win crap in Atlanta. That was weak.
The Ottawa media never ceases to amaze me in plunging to new lows of "small time...small town" journalism. The station is an embarrassment - as are much of the wackos that call in to talk about the Senators.

UPDATE - Hazel in the 7th inning a word..."damn"..."damn"..."damn". I'll shut up now...

Ok...time to head over to Maple Leafs site to see what my brothers and sisters in Leaf Nation is talking about.

Thanks for stopping in tonight (or whenever you are reading this) from the "peeps", to the semi-regulars, to those finding this page for the first of course, Ms. Hazel Mae (if she's peeking) - hope things are groovy in your world (great new "do").

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps

I was going to nominate the groovin beat on the new Budweiser commercial...but I hate that damn beer...and its not really a song now is it?

You are so beautiful - Joe Cocker
OK, I'M KIDDING...sorta, kinda, maybe...Jayzus...ok..sheesh...I could have nominated a real cheezy/catching song like...

When You're Gone - Brian Adams, ft. Mel C (I actually like that song...ssshhhhh) - and an emphatic NO if you are wondering about anything Bette Midler...not even as a joke.

but I give you instead a song that those kids up in Northern Quebec must have been singing today when Kulka and Paopao packed up to come the real feeling behind Gord Wilson's bush league line of questioning -

Don't Go - KWS (a 90's remake of the old KC and the Sunshine Band hit)

Ok, tonight's entry was light on content and opinion...but hey, Hazel was attention was divided - and if you are a semi-regular would have had the exact same reaction - you know it! hahahaha. I'm outta here now.

Peesth out.


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