Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A Wednesday Quickie

Hey peeps, and everyone else checking in, from the regulars to those happening upon this page for the first of course - do I even have to say it?

As the title would suggest, today's update is a quick one - I have a big job competition/interview to prepare for tomorrow - so tonight's entry won't go into all the weird, whacked and downright silly events in the last week or so. Having said that, there are a few things worth mentioning on this fine Wednesday.

Today was a day of "International Friendlies" in the world of soccer. First and foremost, Portugal wins - they beat Egypt 2-0, in a match that featured many of Portugal's up and coming players. For those that didn't read yesterday's post, the game was played in Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel, Azores - check out yesterday's post for the story on Ponta Delgada and a website for more info (as an aside - some family members are crossing the ocean to go visit family back home on the island...tomorrow).

England got their cans kicked in Denmark, 4-1. Funny thing, England's goalkeeper - David "Calamity" James had another bad game in the net for England and will probably see his international career come to an end, much to the chagrin of the rest of the world - with James in net, you always had a chance against England. James was quoted as saying he "didn't go through his normal preparation to play in the game" because he didn't think he'd start. Now there is a true professional. There were a few other surprises - Germany and the Netherlands playing to a did Brazil and Croatia. Good news for Portugal - Slovakia tied today...leaving them 2 points behind Portugal...with the boys having a game in hand. I'd say our ticket for Germany is pretty well booked!

Practice the pronounciation on those names Hazel - you are going to be repeating them a lot next year during the World Cup! (I'll gladly volunteer my services to coach you on Portuguese pronounciation).

I was out and about at lunch today and turned the radio on to hear Jim Rome - just when I think this man cannot get any worse...he outdoes himself. This guy is like the Jerry Springer of Sports Radio. Rome was going off on Canadians sports fans - according to Rome, we all support Todd Bertuzzi and the NHL's decision to bring him back. Rome spent the better part of an hour talking about how he was bombarded with emails and calls from Canadian sports fans (you mean all 10 of them who listen to his show regularly) - the prevailing sentiment being that we feel sorry for Todd, and we are fully supportive of his reinstatement.

This embellishment and misrepresentation (if not a total fabrication) wasn't enough for Rome - no, he had to go on and on about how Canadians are so blind in our support for Bertuzzi that we were making up excuses like "the code of the NHL", "that Steve Moore deserved it for not fighting when challenged" and a host of other ridiculous statements he attributed to Canadian hockey fans. Rome pontificated about how is he "pretty sure that there is no code about sucker punching and breaking a guy's neck" and so know Rome...over and over. I have to admit that he got to me today - his arrogance about his statured in the world of sports and his ignorance towards Canada and Canadian sports fans was too much...even for him. He even had a bunch of half wits on the air; so-called Canadian hockey fans from Calgary and Winnipeg who were embarrassed to be part of a nation of people and fans that supported a criminal like Bertuzzi. I don't know what to say abou these guys - especially the dude from Calgary that claimed "his grandmother was a "Patrick" - named for the Patrick Division and that they built the first arena in Vancouver."

First, how in the hell could his grandmother be named after a division in hockey? (ya ya..he probably screwed up his words...but still funny to laugh at that)

Second, I thought the Patricks were American - certainly not from Vancouver...and we are to believe his family built the first arena in Vancouver

Third, why would you call an American sports show to say you are embarrassed to be a Canadian?

I shouldn't even have to say it, but -almost everyone I have spoken to agrees that Bertuzzi got off lightly and NO ONE is feeling sorry for him. So to Jim Rome and all his clones - YOU SUCK.

I was heartened to see that at least so of the smarter sports fans in Boston hate Rome too - though a poster on Red Sox Nation has given himself the handle of "SonofHazelMae" grrrrrrrrrrrr to him.

A City Councillor from Ottawa is in a bit of a pickle today - she was quoted in the Ottawa Sun referring to the President of the Ottawa Renegades - Lonie Glieberman as "a little bitch" and went on to insult his maturity...linking it to the size of his manhood (Lonie is a short guy) - stay tuned...this promises to be good.

That's about it for tonight gang...I have to go read some stuff for tomorrow. There will definitely be an entry Friday - for those of you that are fans of Hazel - you will know why. For those of you that don't know'll have to check in Friday! (you included Hazel...if you are peeking in tonight...but I'm guessing you would know why there is going to be an entry on Friday).

See you all on Friday!

The Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - loosely connected to the crap on the Jim Rome show today

Don't Lie - Black Eyed Peas.

Ok...back to my reference material...night peeps...night to Hazel Mae, and goodnight to you.

Peesth out!


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