Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Its Wednesday So That Can Only Mean...

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in.

If this is your first time on the page, Wednesday entries take a look back on the weird, the whacked and the downright silly in the world of sports over the last seven days. If you think of anything that I have missed, please feel free to post in the comments box.

So this was a relatively quiet week - do you think maybe athletes around the world know that we are watching? So where to start...oh hell, why not go back to the NHL?

Former Ottawa Senator, and newest Atlanta Thrasher, Marian Hossa told the Ottawa Sun that he wasn't angry that he was traded yesterday - rather, he was shocked and disappointed because he loved playing in Ottawa, loved playing for the fans and wanted to be part of this team that was a cup contender (anyone who has read this page knows I'm not in agreement with that last statement). This story is funny for a number of reasons
  • Hossa was already on record as saying that exercising his option to take the Senators to arbitration was just business and nothing personal - ok Marian, so its was trading you to Atlanta; or did you not expect that?

  • John Muckler said a few weeks ago that no one on the team would make more than Captain Daniel "Krusty the Clown" Alfredsson ($5.5 Million) - ok Marian, by my estimation an avg salary of $6 Million is more than $5.5; and you didn't expect to be traded after signing the deal? wake up man...B-U-S-I-N-E-S-S

  • Reports indicate that before signing the deal yesterday morning, Hossa and his agent Jiri Chra (former Leaf goalie - Hazel would remember his playing days), requested a no-trade clause...the Senators refused - ok Marian and Jiri, you think you are the cornerstone of the franchise...the foundation...the building block - and they say no to a no-trade clause, did you not think something was up?
While we can all have a chuckle at the plight of Marian Hossa, the NHL's new Six Million Dollar Man (again...I'd think Hazel would remember Lee Majors and that slow motion run), there is something to be said for the weasel factor John Muckler has displayed. The day to day operation of the Ottawa Senators under the watch of John Muckler, could give Ashton Kutcher and the gang at Punk'd an idea or two...Just ask Jacques Martin, Patrick Lalime, Marian Hossa, Todd White, and Greg deVries (who received a vote of confidence from Muckler earlier) - Ottawa Senator fans beware...your team is watching this all unfold, and I'm willing to bet they aren't thrilled with "Mucks" - not nearly as thrilled as you all claim to be with him.

I was going to lead off with a Randy Johnson observation - but the Cardinals and Pirates came up with a classic. Before their game tonight, Pirates Manager Lloyd McClendon and Cards Pitching Coach Dave Duncan were have a nice pre-game chat...that suddenly turned into a brawl bringing both benches out. Excuse me while I laugh my ass off - aren't the Managers and Coaches supposed to be the grown ups? I wonder if Lloyd pulled Duncan's surfer hair - hahahaha. I'm sure Hazel is laughing as she broadcasts this one to New England - Hazel, call Ric "The Nature Boy" Flair and get his can to Pittsburgh...he'd love that!

Last week all the talk was that two MLB players would be suspended by major league baseball for violation of their drug policy - names being mentioned were...never mind, they weren't suspended. My question is this - "What in the world happened?" Is MLB going to suspend someone? If the story was bogus from the beginning, would they not have come out and issued a statement to quash the rumours? This is starting to stink...Palmeiro gets suspended, hmmm he's latin...any other big name major leaguers who are NOT latin suspended? Kinda makes ya wonder, I expect to hear something from David Ortiz soon...I would ask Hazel for her thoughts, but she may be too close to this one.

Randy Johnson gave up 4 HRs in an inning last week...FOUR DONGS in an inning - I mean freaking Randy Johnson. Ok...I've snapped out of it...its not that I care, I'm just shocked. Speaking of shocked - Curt Schilling is going back into Boston's starting rotation...he's been getting rocked in the pen...yet he's ready to go back to the rotation? Huh? I won't question Francona, but I'll be ready to say I told ya so - kidding.

Former New York Met Dwight Gooden is wanted by police for fleeing from police after being stopped for drunken driving. Gary Sheffield, Gooden's nephew, says the family is at their wits end with "the Doc". A sad ending is in the cards for Gooden if he doesn't get his crap together.

Michael Owen, Striker for Real Madrid, left Liverpool last year because he wanted to play with a team that had a chance to win European Championships...Liverpool goes on to win Champions League. Owen went from being the #1 Striker for Liverpool to being Real's #4 choice - he has asked for a transfer. He wants to leave Real to get first-team football...England's National Team Coach Sven Goran Ericksson has said England's World Cup Team will be made of ONLY of players getting first team football. The funny thing here is that English Premiership Team Everton contacted Owen about playing for them (they are competing in Champions League qualification) - Owen refused, saying it wasn't in his best interest. Liverpool's Manager Rafael Benitez doesn't want Owen back...stay tuned, this promises to be good. Another athlete about to get himself...bring new meaning to the team go "make love" to yourself huh? Hazel's gotta be smirking if she's reading this one.

LeBron James is affiliated with a racing team - there was LeBron talking about how some dude was his favorite driver (I think it was NASCAR or something) - again....HUH? LeBron James has a favourite NASCAR driver? Let me go think about that one...

Did anyone catch Karrie Webb take the camera out of a photographer's hands last weekend? Webb hit a tee shot...turned around...walked over to the gallery and took the guy's camera and kept it. The poor dude must have felt like he was back in grade school. Nice.

Ok all, that's about it for tonight - long day here.

The Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps at yahoo - from the trades and eventual moves of Marian Hossa and Dany (where's the second "n") Heatley...from Dwight Gooden's flight from Schilling leaving the Michael Owen's desire to leave the movement of LeBron's brain from his craninium (if he expects us to believe he's into NASCAR or whatever)..

Has Anybody Seen Hank - The Waterboys

It's a weird, but cool, little song off their Fisherman's Blues album (a burned copy available to Hazel on request). Have a great one gang...Hoping things are groovy in Hazel's world.

Peesth Out.


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