Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Wednesday A Little Wild - A Lot Wacky

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in tonight (or whenever)...from the semi-regulars to those who are new to the of course Ms. Hazel Mae (if she has chosen to peek in). I know the regulars must get sick of this Wednesday intro...but for the unintiated - Wednesday entries look back on the week that was in the world of sports...highlighting some of the more weird, wild or just plain wacky/silly stories from the past seven days or so.

Tonight's thought... Port - Pistacios - Good (20 year old vintage port no less...nice).

You had to figure that when the Sox released Mark Bellhorn, the New York Yankees would go out and pick him up. The first question I had when I heard about it was "How much does this have to do with the Yankees trying to rattle Boston by picking up a Sox castaway?" Think of it - part of it has to be a bit of a mind game with Boston...picking up Bellhorn, hoping that he does something...messing with the collective head of the Sox and Red Sox Nation. Hey, maybe I'm wrong.

My next question was "How long will it take for Bellhorn to be Public Enemy no. 1 in Red Sox Nation?" My question was answered with a quick check of the board - the members of the Nation didn't take long to voice their collective displeasure with Bellhorn's decision to join the Yankees. A few of the more intelligent posters on the board rightfully acknowledged that Boston let him go...and he went to the place that offered him the best chance for success and exposure. When it is all said and won't mean much - Bellhorn won't help New York - and as one person in Red Sox Nation said "He was hurting us more by being here."

Curt Schilling got pounded by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays...I said Curt Schilling got pounded by freaking Tampa Bay - its Curt Schilling...its Tampa Bay...Schilling is getting lit up on a regular basis these days...that in itself is weird. I hate to say it...but when I asked the magic 8 ball if Schilling would turn it around this year - the answer was "My Sources Say No." Then again I've asked the Magic 8 Ball if Hazel checks in here and it said...never mind. hahahaha I'm's a damn joke. I wonder if Schilling can turn it around, things don't seem to be getting better for him...and I wonder if it is a loss in velocity that is making him look rather ordinary. I'll shut up now before Red Sox Nation comes looking for me.

David Wells keeps talking about Bud Selig and MLB...David Wells keeps getting himself into more trouble...See David spit...See David bump...Hear David talk...See David get into more trouble. For the record...again...I hate it when he calls other players into question...about "getting away with it" - if you are going to say that names...or keep quiet.
I know there is a logical answer to this...but did anyone else see the humour in watching Wells address the media with the Dunkin Donuts logo in the background? I know...they sponsor the Sox...still funny though.

Mark Buerhle of the White Sox gets roughed up by the Texas Rangers earlier this week and talks about rumours going around MLB that the Rangers cheat by relaying signs to hitters in the box using a high tech lighting system. Of course Buerhle claims that he isn't the only one that thinks this..."a lot of other guys do too". I saw the interview on television...he goes on and on about Texas - then says "hey, they hit me excuses" - ummmm HUH? the whole interview was an excuse...was it not? The media has pointed to the big difference between the Rangers' home and away hitting stats - coincidental I would say...home cookin' maybe...or maybe it is cheating...bottom line, PROVE IT or shut it.

Last weekend, Prince George, B.C. played host to a pay per view "Battle of the Enforcers" with a bunch of semi-pro hockey players beating the tar out of each other for a 1st prize of $75,000 and a 2nd prize of $25,000. Some yahoos actually paid $200 for "VIP" tickets. Of note, former NHL tough guy - Link "The Missing Link" Gaetz, a heavy pre-tournament favourite lost in the first round. Link went into the tournament boasting that it was his to lose... I guess he now knows what "adding insult to injury" means.

A blog in the Czech Republic claimed that Toronto Maple Leaf Defenceman Karel Pilar had a heart condition that might force him to miss some time this year...Sportsnet has picked it up...not sure how credible it is. We were discussing as much on a Toronto Maple Leafs board the other day...I wonder. The guys on the Leafs board weren't convinced...but what do we know? We don't read Slovak.

Michael Owen signed with Newcastle United today of the English Premiership. What is funny about this (for those of you who haven't read some previous musings on Owen) - last year, he left Liverpool to play for Real Madrid...claiming that he didn't think Liverpool could or would win European titles. He leaves and not only does Real have a bad season...Liverpool wins Champions League. Now, he goes to Newcastle United...a big spender...but small time achiever in English soccer last year - finishing 14th out of 20. Newcastle recently was knocked out of the Intertoto cup competition which is open to any European team who wants to have to win four or five rounds to get to final...and the winner of the final gets the privilege of joining a bunch of other teams for UEFA cup. Nice move Mike.

I think that about does it for tonight...its been a long day. I want to point out a good article in the New Hampshire Union Leader - a columnist by the name of Joe Sullivan wrote an article about a baseball roadtrip and he had kudos for Hazel. Mr. Sullivan gives Hazel credit for displaying "charisma, professionalism and quality of delivery" - I ask you...have you heard that before? I wonder if Mr. Sullivan has seen this blog before...if he hasn't...I've sent an email suggesting he visit! hahahahaha Hazel..if you are reading this...keep up the good work - we are behind you, even all the way up here! Don't listen to the haters...there are a lot more Joe Sullivans down there than the "vocal minority".

Night Peeps and anyone else checking in - thank you for taking the time to stop by and spend a few minutes on a wacky Wednesday...the "wild" part of it was being pounded by the remnants of Hurricane was nasty up here today...but nothing compared to what we saw on tv...if you are reading this...get in touch with the Red Cross and donate some cash...those people need it. Hazel...if you are reading this...hope things are good in your world - if you hadn't seen the article before...I hope this page brought it to your attention. Good work!

The Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - for Red Sox Nation who asked Mark Bellhorn..."why the Yankees?" ... for the Texas Rangers who seem to be in the eye of a storm of controversy questioning their the ongoing saga between Boomer and the losers in the Hockey Brawl...I give you...

Do You Really Wa
nt To Hurt Me - Culture Club

what can i say? it's that damn "playing what we want" radio station. You know you are all singing it...and you know that if she read this...Hazel's laughing at that one. Night peeps

Peesth out.


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