Tuesday, August 23, 2005

How Ya Liking The New NHL?

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in from the semi-regulars to the first-timers who have happened by here, to of course Hazel Mae (if she's having a look-see - since she isn't an official member of her peeps - funny huh? haha)

Tonight's topic is obvious - from the hardcore NHL fan to the casual observer...the talk is about the Ottawa Senators signing and trading their "star power forward" Marian Hossa and defensemen Greg de Vries to the Atlanta Thrashers for forward Dany Heatley. As you can well imagine, Ottawa Senator fans were all over the radio voicing their opinions...90% of it was negative.

Ok...here is the disclaimer - the following opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Ms. Hazel Mae. She has not collaborated in the development of the following statements, not has she reviewed, commented, or approved the following. (How is that for a disclaimer? pretty good huh?)

What you need to know first and foremost about Ottawa Senator fans - most of them are former Montreal Canadien fans (I've voiced my thoughts on this issue in previous entries) enough said. Last year, Senator fans would tell anyone who would listen that Hossa was one of the best players in the league, the quintessential power forward, a great team guy...blah blah blah. The love-in soured over the last week when Hossa announced he was going to arbitration with Ottawa - suddenly, he was a greedy jerk who wasn't worth Jerome Iginla money, a guy who hadn't done anything to deserve that kind of jack, a 3 to 4 million dollar player tops - this was of course followed by the sentiment that he should be a team guy and take less money...to win a cup for Ottawa. Just think, that was last week.

Today's sentiment was - good riddance to him, he's greedy and he priced himself right out of Ottawa; it was about time Ottawa got rid of that Euro, he never did anything for the Sens; he wasn't a leader, he never showed up when it counted; we'd rather have Heatley any day of the week...a good Canadian boy. It was almost funny...but more than anything it was downright sickening to hear this bunch of half-wits turned on their once beloved Senator - people think Leaf Nation is bad? They should try listening to Senator fans, I swear these people are like Scientologists - they are the Tom Cruises of NHL hockey fans.

Suddenly, Dany Heatley is the guy they have been begging for all along - the guy who is going to one day be their captain and lead this team - ahhhh what about Daniel "Krusty the Klown" Alfredsson? What about Spezza? What about Redden?

I can't believe they actually believe they won this trade - they are no closer to a cup today...Heatley is not the player Hossa is...not yet anyways; and before Heatley gets to that level (I would think 2 - 3 years) he will be an unrestricted free agent and Ottawa will have undoubtedly suffered a few more cap casualties. Today's sign and trade proved to me that Muckler is not the brightest GM; and that under his watch the Senators will never win the Cup. Muckler's job is to put a team on the ice to win a Stanley Cup - instead today's move was pre-emptive in nature rather than pro-active. He got rid of a guy he couldn't keep, rather than risk losing him for nothing next year - Muckler's job would have been to keep Hossa and take his shot at the Cup...I don't think he can legitimately say that his team is as good today.

And here my peeps is the game of the Ottawa Senators - they are a team that constantly teases their fans with thoughts of the future..."we are building for the future...our guys are maturing together" blah blah blah - while this would seem reasonable, the flaw in this thinking is not realizing the "future is now". In the new world of the NHL, teams are going to be forced to make moves due to salary cap considerations - you can build teams through a draft, but your window of opportunity will be a few years...before you start losing guys. Hossa was once considered a cornerstone of the Ottawa franchise...an untouchable - today, they can't wait to get rid of him. I can't stand Ottawa fans.

Speaking of Ottawa fans, Pierre McGuire was on TSN gushing about this trade - about how it was a great trade for Ottawa, they get younger and bigger - and that they are closer to a cup now. If you have watched TSN, you know how McGuire loves to talk about the nucleus of the Senators...how they have grown together and all that crap. He has always loved Hossa.

Tonight, no sooner is McGuire finished gushing about the trade - he warns Senator fans that this isn't the Heatley they may be expecting...this Dany Heatley isn't fully recovered from his injuries...he is missing a gear...he hasn't played well in the last two international competitions...he isn't having a good time at the Team Canada orientation camp - yet, he thinks it was a great trade. He thinks that trading Hossa and de Vries and signing Heatley (a net gain of about 3 million for Ottawa) will allow them to keep all of their other players (Chara, Redden - and Spezza, Phillips, Heatley and everyone else who is going to take a paycut to win a cup for Ottawa). McGuire couldn't be more wrong - today's move sent a message to those players in the Ottawa dressing room....its all about money...you make too much, you are gone. The exodus out of Ottawa starts next summer with Chara and Havlat...count on it.

McGuire is so blinded by that damned condom logo they call a Senators crest that he can't be objective when talking about Ottawa. His life is a constant audition for a job with the Senators - I'd love to see them hire his dumb ass.

More to come tomorrow on Weird Wednesday...not sure what the point of tonight's entry was...hope it didn't bore you to tears (if you made it this far).

The Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - for Marian Hossa who leaves a bunch of bitter Ottawa fans behind for Atlanta...and Dany Heatley who gets a fresh start in Ottawa after requesting a trade..

On My Way - The Proclaimers

I'm on my way
From misery to happiness today
ah huh ah huh ah huh

If Hazel's checking in...I think the song of the day made her crack a smile...probably made you laugh too - can't you hear those two little Scottish dudes and those wailing voices? Hazel, if you are reading...hope things are groovy in your world.

Peesth Out.


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