Thursday, August 25, 2005

Late Start Today

Hey peeps,

Today was a bad day for commuting...listening to the half-wits on the radio today talking about Dany Heatley like he is the second coming of Mario Lemieux was enough to want to make me pull a Van Gogh and cut my damn ear off. They were saying things like "A player of this calibre comes along once in a lifetime." HUH? WTF

Dany Heatley? come on..the guy is a very good player...but certainly not one of the NHL's elite...not yet. Memo to Ottawa fans who may read this...Heatley is no Mark Messier, not even a guy like The Big E - he isn't that gritty. For you people that think he brings toughness to your team...ummm he doesn't.

But on a positive note - after having enough of them...I listened to my girl Nelly Furtado's CD Folklore...easily one of the best CDs I have heard in the last 5 years. If Hazel is checking should have a copy, a lot of the songs may resonate with you - heck, I'll buy it for ya.

Ok, back to work...going out at lunch...a Rome Report in the offing later this aft? Who knows...

Before I go...CFL last night, Bashir Levingstone not one...but TWO - 100+ yard kick returns for touchdowns...amazing.

One more thing - question for fantasy football team...a dude emailed me this a.m. wants to know if I want Priest Holmes...he wants a first round pick for Holmes - as he said "come on got Green, Gonzalez...if Hazel was your GM..she'd pull the trigger for the troika of K.C. Chiefs" - thinking about it...not sure. Comments? thoughts?

Peesth out.


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