Thursday, March 31, 2005

April Fools? Plenty of them in Toronto

April Fools means Hazel's birthday is a week away!
I'll start tonight's entry by doing something I haven't in previous - good evening Ms. Hazel Mae!

April Fools Abound in Hogtown
Woke up early this morning, decided that rather than lie around in bed and stare at the ceiling, I'd go downstairs to work out. I turned on Sportsnet news to see a story on Billy Koch and his bitter parting shot at the Blue Jays after they released him. Billy the Genius (don't you think he looks like Einstein?) has gone on record as saying he hopes nobody signs him, so that the Jays have to pay his salary this year - he went on a childish rant about the Jays paying to fill his car and boat up with gas...blah blah blah - whatever Billy. (He did something cool though, he honoured a promise to buy tickets to the Devils Rays and Jays game in April...thought he is going to cheer for Tampa) excuse me while I laugh - what a maroon!!!!!!

Speaking of maroons, what would a Blue Jays entry be without referring to our friend the chickenhawk - I swear, the more I see J.P Ricciardi, the more I think he's a moron....that's MORON...not maroon. When asked about Koch's comments, the chickenhawk (who is SUPPOSED to be a General Manager of a major league baseball team) answers by saying...

"I'm not going to get into a he said - she said thing" HUH? where is the "she" in this discussion J.P.? who is the she?

Chickenhawk the goes into a rant about taking the high road, saying - "We aren't going to get into mudslinging. Let's just say that there were off the field issues that haven't been discussed...but we aren't going to bring up what happened off the field" What a class act huh? He doesn't want to get into he ISN'T going to get into off the field stuff - well thanks J.P. for showing everyone what kind of class act you are. Hey, dumbass - stop being an arrogant ass and act like a General Manager, proper response would have been the last 15 seconds of your tirade when you said "We made a decision that we thoughts was best for the club." That would have been sufficient, but you proved again that you are a joke. Why Rogers keeps you employed, I'll never know...unless someone up there is doing to you...what you did to Tosca - which would serve you right.

Speaking of Rogers - the brass/decision makers there are fools as well. I read today where they have Slash (formerly of Guns N' Roses, and currently Velvet Revolver) booked to play national anthems when the Sox go to town April 8th (probably not going)...but you'd think that these dudes at Rogers would have spoken to Hazel about having her participate in some way, shape or form. After all, she did a lot for Rogers Television (she WAS sportsnet news) and for the Blue Jays - with the stuff she did for JZone. I'm sure that NESN will have her doing something, given that her B-day is the day before and she's probably gonna hang out in T.O with family and friends (I'm simply using deductive inside info here). But Rogers being Rogers has yet to announce anything - I say a Toronto-led campaign to include Hazel in the opener is in order. or to find a way to register a suggestion or complaint (whichever you prefer). Speaking of NESN, they haven't been featuring Hazel much on their site...but hey, I'm not a webmaster - so who am I to say anything. to check it out...if you haven't already.

Going back to Sportsnet - their soccer columnist continues his hating on Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho - he has been relentless in attacking and criticizing Mourinho - but I'm sure he thinks that the past outlandish comments made by Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger are ok. Mourinho is suffering from the new kid on the block syndrome (I think Hazel went through a bit of that in Beantown) - but he will overcome. He will win the Premiership and Champions League (even missing the next two games) and he will show that he is far and away the world's best manager.

Need more April Fools in Toronto? Look no further than the NHL negotiators or my favourite casts of clowns at TSN (McKenzie and Pierre "I wanna job with the Senators" McGuire). But I digress.

If anyone watches Survivor...Alabama born and bred Ibrehem was voted off tonight. I don't know if anyone watches it...but wow...Steph would scare the crap out of me - she's tough as nails.

Ok, I'm gonna tie up this by wishing everyone a Happy April Fools Day tomorrow. Do you wish people a happy AFD? *shrug* I don't know..but i guess I just did.

Hazelspeeps song of the day - in honour (in honour??? maybe) of slash playing at the Rogers Centre against the Sox...

Fall to Pieces - Velvet Revolver (a kick ass song - maybe one of the best from 2004)

Been a long year
Since you been gone
Been alone here
and I'm growing old
fall to pieces
I'm falling
fell to pieces
and I'm still fallin'

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae, fondest regards and best wishes to's hoping your Thursday ends well and that your weekend is a good one.

"peesth out"

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Latest on the NHL
Where would Canadians be without Bob McKenzie and his brilliant insight. If you want to waste 5 minutes of your life that you will never get back, go to and look for Bob's thoughts on the right hand side of the page. Today's insight into the lockout is entitled "Hard To Be Optimistic" - WOW...really Bob? You mean hockey fans shouldn't be optimistic about a meeting scheduled for April 3?

Bob never ceases to awe his readers with "inside information" and informed opinions, such as:
- he doesn't see Bob "not" Goodenough going in with a proposal to Bettman to get Bettman to say "Geez, why didn't we think of that? You're right, let's get this done and let's all live happily ever after"
- I don't see Bob sitting there saying "Gary sign me up for some of that $37.5 million hard cap without linkage"

Bob McKenzie doesn't much coming from these talks, but in his own words, "maybe he's wrong". D'UUUUUUUUUUUH. There is more...but you read it for yourself - if you feel like killing brain cells. Why this man get any web space is beyond me...but hey...its TSN.

More NHL news... a new crop of players opting out of team Canada - Lecavalier and Theodore - this doesn't bode well peeps...Marty Brodeur can't do it all by himself. The world championship is becoming a joke - sad...but true.

Hope For Blue Jay Fans!!!
Blue Jay fans...take note! The chickenhawk (better known J.P. Ricciardi) has said that THIS is the best Blue Jays training camp he has seen. Aren't you impressed? In today's Toronto Star -, the chickenhawk says he's really impressed with this camp. Notice he said camp? He doesn't want his ass fired for another bad season...but he should be held accountable...this is HIS excuses...if they aren't competitive - he should be gone. No ifs, ands or BUTTS (in the chickenhawk's case).

World Cup Qualitfying
Portugal tied Slovakia today...not the result we had hoped for, but they are still in first place over Slovakia based on goal differential. Plus, Slovakia has to come to Portugal this they'll get smoked...see you all in Germany. If anyone cares...Helder Postiga scored the tying goal in the 62nd minute.'s POH-STEEE-GA. I can help with pronounciation for the Portuguese team before World Cup 2006 *smile*

Still Empty After All These Cups
I got an email today...a Tim Horton's roll up the rim email - "I peed in your cup" was the caption...for alll the winning i've done this year - Tim's staff might as well pee in my damn cup.

A Breathtaking Picture
A friend of mine sent me a pic he found on the net of Hazel with some Hamilton Ti-Cats fans in 2003 - ok..excuse me for a second but...Oh My F***ing God. That pic took my breath away, she is simply the most beautiful woman walking the face of the earth. Enough said about that...I won't ever reference a pic of hers again...I just had to say it today though...she took my damn breath away!

Time to call it a night...been working tonight - doing up a presentation for tomorrow so...

Hazelspeeps song of the day -

Try Again - Aaliyah (ft. Timberland)

What would you do
to get to me
What would you say
to have you way
Would you give up
or try again
If I hesitate
to let you in
Now would you be yourself
or play a role
Tell all the boys
or keep it low
If i say no

will you turn away
or play me off
or would you stay

if at first you don't succeed
dust yourself off and try again
you can dust it off and try again,

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae...fondest regards and best's hoping that all is well with you.

"Peesth Out"

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A somewhat productive Tuesday

*Wachoo! Cough Cough!*
I didn't make it to work today - YES, it was a mental health day after a sleepness night with the sweats and the shakes. I wasn't going to be productive today, so I decided to stay home and tie up some stuff. The "to do" list was long, and most of it got done. Hence the somewhat productive day title.

Damn Government!!!!

It was income tax day here today - for the most part, not too bad...a small refund; which to my mind is the least they could do after taking all that money from us all year. And in Ontario, we get an extra special bitch slap - we get to pay for provincial health much for the Canada Health Act. I wonder if they are gonna get Hazel when she has to file. How do you like that? living in another country...having to buy health insurance in the U.S.A and still getting dinged by McGuinty and "the Liberals" - buggers. Hey...should I start collecting for Hazel's Ontario Health Premium contribution? Not that I'm implying she needs the principle of it. *smile*

Getting older sucks sometimes
I was feeling a bit better by the afternoon, so I went out to buy myself a new pair or running shoes. As an aside, I did 7.5 KM this afternoon in 37 minutes - PUMPED. When I was waiting to be helped, I was looking at a running book...a book with all sorts of information, but nonetheless a book about running - what happened to being 20 something and just running and running (and I used to smoke - haven't in 3 years). But I felt like a geezer having to buy a book about running - oh well...the mid to late 30s is an eye-opener. But, on the bright side...a cool pair of Asics and a good time today.

More Close Encounters with Filapinas
After picking up the shoes, I stopped in at a Walmart to buy some weights...would you believe WALMART is one of the few places in this stupid city that sells free weights that aren't plastic? Anyways, I duck into a line and notice the cashier is a Filapina...but a little crabby it would seem. She quickly disposes of the people in the line, but smiles at me and asks me if I found everything I needed. She gives my visa the twice over and smiles a whole lot. Maybe my imagination...but I swear she was crabby with the people before me...I looked back as I walked away...there she was - looking and smiling.

Then, if Walmart wasn't enough - on my run this afternoon. Two more sweet looking ladies smiling at me as I ran past them...both saying hello (these two are in the neighbourhood, I see them every once in a while...but I haven't seen them say hi to anyone else who runs by).

And what would a day be without my Filapina Pharmacist? I swear...this woman is adorable, but she scares the hell out of me. I have never thought I was all a matter of fact, I am quite comfortable with my "averageness" and who I am. But this woman is kind of obvious - she always takes my script, rather than let one of the assistants do it. If I'm in the aisles looking for meds, she always comes out to ask me if I need help...and if I'm walking through the store, she makes it a point to wave or say hi. Have I mentioned she was really adorable? *thinking pure thoughts*.

Filiapinas and me...I don't know what it is...Up for a glass of port "you know who"? *grin* oh..I'm KIDDING...sorta, kinda, maybe...if she evers sees this. I would be the perfect gentleman...too much respect for her to be anything but.

American Tax Dollars at Work
Today, on our afternoon sports show, I heard a Senator from North Dakota talking to the afternoon half wits (they have very aptly named their show - Two Dorks) about putting forth a motion for consideration by Congress to have the single season HR totals of Bonds, McGwire, and Sosa wiped out to keep Maris' record in tact. I won't go into his arguments, they weren't very well thought out and not very well supported. After listening to how ridiculous this guy was, I thought back to what I had read about Joseph McCarthy and his communist witch hunt in the 50s...United States of America...YOUR tax dollars at work.

The Latest on Team Canada
Yzerman isn't going (I can't believe they were considering him...but I guess given the "No" answers they have been getting from everyone else...). So with the exception of Thornton, most of the Tier 1 players are declining - for a variety of reasons. Looks like no one wants to get hurt, or maybe their heart isn't in it.

No matter how the international ice hockey federation (notice the lack of caps?) try to make the World Hockey Championships seem like a big deal...the players don't care - I don't understand why the fans care so much. As my boys from Portugal play Slovakia tomorrow in World Cup can bet that NOT ONE would ever turn down an invite to play for his country - where do these NHLers get off?

I would be interested in hearing Hazel's thoughts on this...especially being around the Sox...and the pride those players have for their the "say no to your country" a hockey thing only?

It's time to say goodnight - it's been a long day...and this blog entry is dragging.

Hazelspeeps song of the day

Cars - Gary Numan (given that I spent a good portion of the afternoon driving around)

Here in my car
I feel safest of all
I can lock all my doors
It's the only way to live in cars

Here in my car
I can only receive
I can listen to you
In case you stay for four days in cars

I'll stop's best for everyone (actually..ANYONE) who reads this

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae...fondest regards and best's hoping that you are well...and that the Ontario Government doesn't take too much of a tax bite from you for last are still missed!

"Peesth out"

Long Weekend Monday

Dying Brain Cells - 15 Minutes I'll never get back
On the way to do some shopping this afternoon, I turned on the radio to check in on what was happening in the world of sports radio. The 12 - 3 pm slot in Ottawa is filled by the syndicated Jim Rome Show - if you don't get it, be thankful - you aren't missing much. A few years ago, while on vacation in my backyard (staining my fence) I left the radio on the Team 1200 while did the Karate Kid painting up and down. This week was my indoctrination to the idiocy and nonsense that is American sports radio. This guy is something else - do you want to know how great Jim Rome is? ask him...he'll be happy to tell you. The guy is a shameless self promoter, and an all around pompous, self righteous, and at times incredibly ignorant horse's ass who treats most of his listeners and callers with contempt.

I had forgotten how annoying this guy can be, until today. I decided to give him 15 minutes to say something to keep my interested enough not to change the station - it's the same old Rome. The guy's schtick is that he repeats the obvious, over and over - one would think...for emphasis. Case in point, today's show. The half wit is talking about North Carolina's basketball coach, Roy Williams, not being able to win the big game and that people are beginning to question whether or not he can. So Rome launches into his patented "white guy ebonics" (and his assinine sililoquies) as he talks about supporting Williams, how HE knows Williams can do it, but that he better go on and win this year...or the monkey on his back gets went something pretty close to this.

"So Roy, before people start to wonder about whether or not you can seal the deal and get the job done...I'm thinking you just go on and win it all now. (Jim Rome pause for effect - like he's addressing the UN) I mean, you know Roy, if the longer you go on without winning, the more questions you are going to have to answer about not winning...and the bigger that monkey on your back you just go on and win it this year...before that monkey gets bigger and heavier. Cuz you know Roy, this is the year, you are in the final four so you might as well go on and win it to shut everyone the hell up...and get that monkey off your back...cuz the longer you go without winning...the harder its gonna be to get that monkey off"

I swear to God, that was the essence of this five minute thought - the guy repeats everything three or four times, pauses to bask in his brilliant assessment of the obvious, and then goes on to tell you how smart he was for thinking of it. Like I said, 15 minutes that I'll never get back (actually, more like 10 minutes...he lost me after the Roy Rant) by I had a quick look at his website to see that he has annointed himself "perhaps the most respected voice in sports broadcasting" Ya right Jim... Jim Everett should have kicked the crap out of you during the interview you catapult yourself to national prominence. In your own AAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I wonder if Hazel has heard of this guy, and what she would think of him (and other jerks like him, that she has undoubtedly come up against) - given that he is (drumroll) "PERHAPS the most respected voice in sports broadcasting."

Team Canada News
Joe "I keep getting suspended for hitting little guys" Thornton has accepted an invitation to play on team Canada - while he is being applauded for this on TSN, and presumably in the rest of Canada and pockets in New England, I would simply ask..."well? what else would he be doing? after being suspended yet again in Switzerland, it's not like his dance card is full or anything...right? Hazel doesn't have to answer this one, given that she is too close to the chowdaheads in New England and would have to remain neutral.

Speaking of dumb asses. it seems that Eric "the animal" Cairnes is in trouble for going after a referee in Great Britain's Elite League. I mention is simply for effect - to draw a parallel between the attitude and actions of a so-called star like Thornton and an addled minded jackass like Eric Cairns.

The NHLers are making the league look like a joke - does anyone else think the owners are going to crush them?

The Countdown to Opening Day
Thinking about going to see the Sox and the Jays - opening day April 8th. I'm sure there won't be a ticket available - after all, doesn't anyone else think that the game would be the unofficial homecoming of Hazel Mae? I'm thinking she'll be there (after all, her birthday is the day before the game). So if anyone sees her, wish her a happy birthday!

In case anyone was wondering, I still think J.P Ricciardi looks like the chickenhawk on the Bugs Bunny show. If the Jays don't compete this year, is it time to pull the plug on the "excuse machine"? How much longer can he keep talking about the plan for the Jays, and talking about payroll etc.? I guess I have a bit of an axe to grind with the chickenhawk...until I get to the bottom of a rumour he's been mentioned in - he's on my shit list.

Drafts, Drafts, Drafts
So the NHL draft is cancelled, the MLB draft isn't a big deal (or rather...rarely is a big deal), the NFL draft is coming up, but after the Cowboys...does anyone really care? hahaha. My rotisserie league auction is slated to take place on April 10th (i've got Josh Beckett and Mark Prior and that's about it)...for those paying attention, yes, the same week as Hazel's Birthday (7th), Opening Night in Toronto (8th), my birthday (9th)...hmmmmm I wonder if Hazel would consider co-owning a National League based rotisserie league team? remember peeps...dreams...gotta have em.

More Sad News
For anyone who remembers the music of the 80's and early 90's - Crowded House drummer Paul Hester committed suicide this past weekend. I won't go into my thoughts on him...but when I saw msn headline that read "crowded house death" - I knew immediately it would be him - I have this scary thing about reading people.

In honour of Mr. Hester, I will nominated a Crowded House song as the Hazelspeeps song of the day.

The World Where You Live - Crowded House.

To my mind, their best song. It was about a dude that couldn't figure out what his loved one wanted, seemed like she couldn't figure it out either. I'm sure that many a smitten young man in the GTA would have thought of Hazel (had they heard it). A slow, 80's style british/aussie styled ballad ...

Here's someone now,
who's got the muscle,
His steady hand ,
could move a mountain,
Expert in bed,
but come on now
there must be something missin'
That golden one,
leads a
You'll find out.

And with that...tonights entry comes to a close - perhaps a little short on humour...but ok on information I hope.

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae, fondest regards and best wishes from north of the border. Hope you are well...and the countdown to your B-day has officially started! *smile*

In the words of Kip... peesth out

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter everyone!

A very happy easter to one and all. The long weekend up here is coming to an end - gotta love Easter Monday holiday if you get it off.

A good and bad weekend in the world of sports. Let us start with the good, four very good NCAA Basketball games if you are into the tournament - going by today's Michigan St. and Kentucky game, it would be hard not to be a little bit interested - one of three OT games... speaking of which...YES...Proline screwed me again. I picked a ticket today, and of course the stupid "liability exceeds limit" bull came up...making me change my tickets and LOSING. I hate the provincial gov't, I hate the provincial government's sports lottery - I freaked last year when I thought I won $5,000 only to find out they Proline changed the damn rules to the "hitters" match ups the day before with only a small box on the back of the game list. Needless to say I was a little pissed...but I guess I'm the idiot for playing.

Canadian University final today - University of Saskatchewan beat Western yahoo!! (not because I love the Saskatchewan - but rather, I remember hating people from Western, rich spoiled WASPs who looked down on anyone who didn't go there). Would anyone else agree? Would Hazel agree? (sheesh...I wonder if anyone will ever see this damn blog).

Speaking of peckerhead Universities - scary story coming out of Kingston. A 23 year old Queens student/football player was stabbed to death at a bar this weekend (for the record, a place called AJs Hanger - been there before when I visited friends who went to peckerhead U - Queens). How in the hell does anyone get up the nerve to actually take another person's life? I mean, that's just NUTS....people are nuts. What a call for that kid's parents to get... damn.

As an aside, since I have sworn off TSN (because it's crap and they are all clowns) and I won't watch Sportsnet anymore (Hazel's departure hurt the sportsnet news show more than they probably ever anticipated) - I've been watching The Score. Adnan Virk is pretty damn good, I think he deserves some national attention, I like his enthusiasm and excitement - Caroline Frolic is pretty good too, she seems to know her stuff and seems to be a sports fan. Given the Easter Weekend, can we hope for a ressurection of Hazel up here? (I'm not being sacreligious - it was a joke - plus, like I have said before, I'm a good Catholic boy and I went to church today).

Speaking of church today, weird "non-sports" thought. There I was, with family about to sit down and I feel a tap on my arm. It's an former ex-g/f of mine - she works in same complex as me, so we are friends - but this was the first time the Mrs. and the "could have maybe been the Mrs. if not for a miscommunication" ever met. It was kinda weird, I got the eyes from both - from my part it was like "oh, so THIS is her huh? you never told me she was that goodlooking" and from the other part it was a "so this is your family...I wonder what would have happened had it been us...instead of marrying the stupid assed deadbeat I married and later divorced" (she has actually told me that). So it was a weird day, but hey, I smiled! haha

Another annoying musing - I think this is the only damn blog that doesn't make google - I must be doing something wrong, cuz it certainly can't be for lack of great I right? Seems someone in New England is kinda seeing the light , in his blog entry on the 23rd he wrote "Hazel Mae has really stepped it up this Spring Training and all you haters that mocked her hiring last summer can now eat your crow. With your hands."

My first thought was, wow, don't give her too much credit..."she stepped it up" huh? How about giving her some credit? Even up here, we know that her interviews and spots at "spring training" (notice no caps) went over very well with red sox nation - a notoriously tough crowd. But Dave, you write Boston Sports Media blog ... and we are coming to see the media down there is something else. Way to go Hazel, once again, you rise above the rest and prove that you have the "it factor".

Ok, I have to cut this short tonight - I know, I know nobody reads this so why am I writing it - hey, if you are here YOU are reading it - mission accomplished. It's Sunday night and tonight is "catch up night" with my buddy in Southern Ontario.

Hazelpeeps song of the day -

The Grass is Green - Nelly Furtado

A very insightful and spritual song. If you haven't heard it, buy the damn cd - it is easily one of the best CDs I've heard in the last 10 years - no joke. Nelly Furtado CD and a bottle of vintage port - I'll shut up now. But the offer has been made!

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae, as always, fondest regards and best wishes from north of the border - and tonight a big round of applause for "stepping it up" (what we here know to be "just being yourself"). Hope your Easter weekend was safe and happy and that you are as well as can be.

in the words of Kip (Napoleon Dynamite) "peeeese out".

Friday, March 25, 2005

A Good Friday

Today was a good Friday.

From the perspective of a good catholic boy - it's the beginning of the Easter Holiday, a time to spend with family.

I ran 8 km today, in 41 minutes - so I was pumped about that...looking forward to running a number of 10 km races this summer - not running to "race" in as much as it is to finish and feel good about it. The goal of running a 20 km (half marathon) by the end of the summer seems plausible.

Not a whole lot going on today in the world of sports - with the exception of the NCAA tournament. Duke lost if anyone outside North Carolina cares. I wonder how many brackets were messed up because of that loss.

The NHL announced that there will not be an entry draft this year - saw Roy Mlacar's big head mouthing something in the tube last night - that guy's head is the size of a pumpkin, and he really gets on my nerves. He is quite possibly the most full of shit person in the world - the guy should be selling insurance or something.

World Cup qualifying goes again this weekend and on Wednesday - not too concerned with any of the games tomorrow...but Portugal plays Slovakia on Wednesday - a win almost assures us a spot in Germany 2006 - remember, I wanna see Hazel announce that Portugal has won the world cup. *smile*

What hockey fans have been reduced to is to wonder about what happens to Sidney Crosby now - I think its pretty simple. The Maple Leafs sign him, and we say thank you very much NHLPA and the rest of the owners in the NHL. How would that look? Crosby wearing the blue and the words of Napoleon Dynamite - SWEET.

Speaking of which, I saw that movie today - it was hysterical. I'm still laughing at the "kipper" when he's all dressed in black and say "Peace Out" before heading off with "LaFAWNduh" - hahahaha. Classic. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Hazel Mae would find the movie hysterical. She seems to have a pretty wicked sense of humour, so I'm betting she'd love it. hmmmm a bottle of vintage port and Napoleon Dynamite. YESSSSSSSSS. I also finally saw the movie Ray - I didn't realized he had so many damn cool songs, it looks like a soundtrack worth picking up.

Given that today was a slow day - why not talk about last night? Went out to see a friend of mine and his band play downtown. It was a pretty good show, lots of good looking "audience members" - though I still have trouble seeing some of those women into that music - but hey, I'm out of touch, I'm an old guy.

Being out last night reminded me of a cruel irony. I swear to God..for some reason, I don't know why...Filapina girls like me. There I was in this bar with some of my friends, and why does one of my buddies notice that two cute Filipina girls were looking at me? I seem to get that, they were teasing me about one of them looking like Hazel - *sigh* not quite - and nothing happened. But how much do you want to bet that Hazel would be the one Filapina that would just look me up and down and say, "ya right it for my cousin" or something

Oh well, as I have said before, one can always dream...and if you don't dream..or have a secret crush or secret pleasure/ are probably a boring person. hahahaha

Ok, this blog is dragging, so I'm going to cut it for tonight.

Hazelspeeps song of the day today is....80's dance/house song - great back beat...the kind of song that gets your hips grinding/moving.

"Illusion" - Imagination

Could it be a fact?
it's just an illusion...
Could it be a fact?
in all this confusion...

*musing* could she be just an illusion?

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae, fondest regards and best wishes from north of the border - here's hoping that your Easter weekend is a safe and happy one, and that you were able to sneak home to spend it with family and friends.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A mid-week rant or two

Ok, the NHL is the order of the day, with stuff to wrap up, summarize, comment on and dispose of. But before I start on the NHL - a big, and I mean BIG FREAKIN' raspberry to a site called bostonsportsmedia - I'm not putting in a link (I would use much more harsh language, but I think the inspiration for this blog wouldn't approve).

The dude who writes this blog put up a poll on, you guessed it, Boston's sports media. One of the poll questions lists a number of Boston's sports TV Personalities and asks readers to choose the best and the worst. A harmless poll you might say, typical, no big deal. Well here is where I have a problem - in the "best" category, Hazel was left off the list (I guess you could make the argument she hasn't established herself yet, or been around long enough - both weak arguments...but passable). HOWEVER, why is it in the "worst" there was an option for Hazel Mae, NESN. That sucks and that is totally unfair. I think this horse's ass has an axe to grind with the Boston Globe (who owns NESN) and since he can't take on some of the more established personalities there - he goes after Hazel, the new kid on the block. If you think I'm overreacting...or making something out of nothing...he also had her show "Sportsdesk" listed under the worst TV shows. That's pretty weak "Bruce" if you have a problem with the Globe (or more specifically Steve Silva of Boston Dirt Dogs - take it up with him, take him on) don't take out your petty frustrations or try to settle your feud by hating on Hazel. Oh and for your punks that voted against her...that's just hateful and shows how small and petty you are that you voted for a worst in any with it punks, she isn't going anywhere, she'll win New England over...she won a whole country over. (Disclaimer - my rant has not be sanctioned, approved or seen by Hazel - as I have mentioned in previous entries, she's too classy to get into mudslinging - but someone has to set the record straight).

So the media and hockey fans, particularly in Boston, have been pretty silent about Joe Thornton getting suspended again. He was suspended for the third time this year (three games I think) this time for slashing a goalie like he was freakin Paul Bunyon. Thornton is a great player, but is he getting a rep for being a real A-hole? I saw a clip for one of his suspensions, he sucker punched a goalie in the back of the head as he skated up the ice. You know, I'd almost like to see him taken down and have the crap beaten out of him, just to send him a message. I mean, Lindros wasn't even this bad and he was a jerk for a good part of his career in Philly. Speaking of jerks in Philly, can anyone say Jeremy Roenick? (if you see my yahoo site, I railed on him one night). In related news (no pun intended) Bob McKenzie continues to state the obvious like it is real journalism - I think Bob needs a new job - PLEASE.

Speakiing of jerks - again. Bill Romanowski is order to pay an ex-teammate $340K for smashing his face in with a punch during a practice. HUH? you smashed your own teammates face? that has to qualify him as A-hole of the decade (can you say roid rage?). I am certain that Hazel would not approve of such actions - though watching some of the gang at Rogers Sportsnet and TSN...I would like to try to persuade her to change her mind. Kidding! I won't even speculate on who would be number 1 - though I think we could all toss in a name.

Barry Bonds is hurt - I can hear the collective "awwwwwwww". Did you not want to shed a tear when he said he was tired? that the media was out to hurt him and they finally got him? to Barry I say...NAMES...NAMES...NAMES. I laughed a little when he said "i'm tired" - I thought of the old George Thorogood song One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer - he was supposed to be looking for a job and his wife asks why he didn't find one...George whines "I say but I'm TIRED" and out the door he goes.

Steroids you say? performance enhancing drugs in sports you ask? Stephane Quintal of the Montreal Canadiens has a new one - he says 40% or NHLers are on of course. Yes of course Stephane, stimulants. In case you didn't know, a couple of years ago, when Patrice Brisebois left the team with a knee injury, and was spotted in Paris, France - Quintal was asked what he thought. His reply, was something to the effect that "the doctors told him to go for treatment in Paris Ontario - he may have gotten on the wrong flight"

The Canadian media is really backing the Blue Jays and their hot start to Grapefruit League. We'll wait and see about the Jays. Two musings on Jays, 1) I can guarantee that JZone is not going to be very good this year; 2) is it just me? or does J.P. Ricciardi remind anyone else of the little brown/red chickenhawk on Bugs Bunny...the one who was forever trying to eat Foghorn Leghorn or the dumb dog. Just wondering.

Sad news..Tedy Bruschi may sit out the NFL season. I hope he takes care of himself...he seems like a good guy.

And on that note, it's time to wrap this baby up...

Hazelspeeps (thoughts on Hazel) song of the day - in honour of Bruce of Bostonsportsmedia - title only

Shut up - Black Eyed Peas

Bruce...just shut up shut up...shut up shut up

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae, fondest regards and best wishes from north of the border, we hope you are well - don't listen to the Bruces of the world you are one of the special ones!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Hazel shines again

A quick check of today's sports news brought nothing of any great interest...more of the same old same old. So while I was on lunch today, I snuck a peek at - and FINALLY - someone in New England gets around to doing a great interview with Hazel - this is a must read.

The interview provides some insight to her views on sports happenings of the day - such as
  • how she is getting along without the NHL - I thought her answer was great, saying that it has helped her get grounded in Boston, while she tries to learn the ropes;

  • the business of sports - talking about the Expos leaving Montreal and the cities of Quebec City and Winnipeg losing hockey teams - financial reasons.
The interview also gave her a chance to talk about the transition from Toronto to Boston and how she has been handling it. She draws some interesting comparisons between Toronto and Boston (ie. level of passion for sports) especially when it comes to how the media is in both cities. She made mention of how media in Boston rips other media outlets - I wonder if there is something more to it. I read in a January article ot the Globe Magazine that some of her critics in Boston had been vocal - about her knowledge of Boston sports. But as has come to be the case with Hazel, she takes the high road - still a class act. She put up with crap up here, some of it highly publicized - some of it not quite so publicized (are you reading Jody Vance?) and she still continues to smile and shine. It's what sets her apart from her peers - especially the bitter envious ones.

As an aside, don't you hate people who try to determine their own perceived worth by trying to cast dispersions on others worth? I admire the fact that Hazel never got into mud slinging - good karma there!

The interview even allowed her to show a quick witted comedic side - you gotta read the response to the Joe Namath question - a classic! I would give her response, but I think the interview is good enough that everyone should visit it.

I will sum it all up by saying that the woman never ceases to impress. She, very modestly I might add, talks about Kathryn Humphries and Martine Gaillard being pioneers north of the border, with Hannah Storm and Jeannie Zelasko being two people she admired. I will be the first to say that with respect to the first two, with all due respect - Hazel has surpassed both, hosting a national show alone speaks volumes. As for the latter, I won't comment other than to say that I have seen both and they don't have anything on Hazel Mae - other than national exposure on major US networks - and that is in Hazel's future. Count on it!

I think New England is finally clueing in to what she brings to the table. We as Canadian sports fans can attest to what we lost when she left to go south of the border.

I am currently preparing a set of interview questions - if Hazel ever checks in and she's game...I'd like to ask her some questions from the Canadian perspective - what? I can dream can't I?

No rants tonight - I was in a good mood after reading the article about Hazel - so I'll be back tomorrow to rail on Joe Thornton, Bob McKenzie and the rest of the doofuses connected to the NHL.

The hazelspeeps (thoughts of Hazel Mae) song of the day is

The Sweetest Thing - U2

Just for the unintended meaning should be gleaned from this song of the day. :)

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae, as has become customary, fondest regards and best wishes from north of the border. We all hope you are doing well (by the interview, it would seem you are doing just fine ).

Monday, March 21, 2005

Holy Shniiikee I made it!

So I sit down to compose my initial blurb into the world of blogs. Funny, it is so easy to voice an opinion when speaking informally, but try to put things down for the world (or even one person who stumbles on this blog) to see and it becomes a whole different ball of wax. Oh well here it goes.

So the debate on "roid-gate" continues - questions abound like:
Should records be abolished?
Should so and so get into the Hall of Fame if he admits to be juiced up?
How widespread is the problem? (followed closely by "our guys isn't juiced up")
What should be done?

The most vocal fans have been those in New England (where Hazel currently calls home) - they have been quick to organize and make excuses for what can only be termed as Curt Schilling's greatest shame. When it was first announced that Schilling was to be called to testify, they all talked about how he was being called because he was such an outspoken opponent of drugs in baseball - "Schill" was gonna blow the lid off of things. Two words - yeah right. He took the easy route and backed down on what he had be so vocal about in the past - suddenly, he was mistaken and overstated how many guys were juiced. Isn't that convenient, after spending a couple of years painting a picture where at least half of the guys he was facing were juiced - what a superhuman effort it took on his part to compete against these guys being clean - now, he says he knows of maybe 5 or 10 guys on all the teams he has played for. Thanks for coming out Curt, you should have stayed in Ft. Myers - you may think you were clever, but you weren't. You, McGwire and Sosa embarrassed yourself, I don't have much to say about Palmeiro - he's been a class act his whole career, even when he got screwed over by the Cubs. As for Canseco? he may be the village idiot, but even the village idiot is right once in a while - and in this case, I think he was telling the truth in a lot of areas. The events of last week have once again damaged baseball.

Baseball fans (and I count myself as one of them) are a funny bunch - especially the hardcore fans who romanticize everything about the sport - the purity of a by-gone era, how guys did it clean, how guys didn't need to cheat, who guys were this and that. I think we sometimes forget that cheating, be it through performance enhancing drugs, spit balls, corking bats, pine tar (George Brett - haha) or anything else has always been part of the game.

I'm not condoning what these dumbasses do to their bodies in taking these drugs (and no, I don't think they should be held accountable for kids who take roids - that's up to their parents, coaches and friends) but these guys are facing competition today like never before. Major League Baseball is at a level never seen before, talk all you want about the good ol days - but a lot of guys who played 20, 30, 40 years ago wouldn't stand a chance - not with today's talent pool with players from all over the world. I guess these guys have to try to get any competitive advantage they can get - who knows?

Today's game is completely different, pitchers throw harder, relief pitchers are specialized, starters pitch every five days an often on a pitch count to ensure they are fresh, managers use match ups - should records count...even if a guy is on roids? why not...according to Curt Schilling there are a bunch of guys on roids...and those that haven't tested positive are probably using masking agents (he said on espn that there is no point in testing...guys can use masking agents).

Why do baseball fans not want records to be broken? Do we actually think that none of Babe Ruth's homeruns were hit against guys with dead arms in August? September? or that some of those guys weren't so hung over they couldn't see straight? What about Maris? if Mantle was out drinking every night...what makes us think that Maris' opposition wasn't either? I'm rambling now...but it's to make a we not see the absurdity of trying to preserve "the purity" of a game that has never been all that pure?

As for the debate on's the new millennium's now performance enhancing drugs - and you are nuts if you think the only way to tell his how buff these guys are. Take a look at soccer players over in Europe - they aren't that buff...but they are using too. Believe it or not...I think Schilling was telling the truth before...that 50%+ are juiced up (I think he should look in his own clubhouse before he starts talking).

Wow, I've rambled a whole lot about baseball..and not a whole lot about Hazel. You can count on one thing, that will change with coming blog entries. *smile* All the same thought, I would like to ask, "what would Hazel think about roid gate?"

In ending this entry for the night (the initial), I am left to think about who else in the world of sports needs a good slap...can anyone say NHL? if you happen on this (as if anyone will) and you wonder about other rants...go to yahoo groups - look up "hazelspeeps" - entries started there a week ago.

On hazelspeeps I like to nominate a song of the day - given the topic of there a more fitting song (actually title)

I want to break free - queen.

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae - fondest regards and best wishes sent from your peeps north of the 49th parallel - we hope all is well.

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