Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A somewhat productive Tuesday

*Wachoo! Cough Cough!*
I didn't make it to work today - YES, it was a mental health day after a sleepness night with the sweats and the shakes. I wasn't going to be productive today, so I decided to stay home and tie up some stuff. The "to do" list was long, and most of it got done. Hence the somewhat productive day title.

Damn Government!!!!

It was income tax day here today - for the most part, not too bad...a small refund; which to my mind is the least they could do after taking all that money from us all year. And in Ontario, we get an extra special bitch slap - we get to pay for provincial health insurance...so much for the Canada Health Act. I wonder if they are gonna get Hazel when she has to file. How do you like that? living in another country...having to buy health insurance in the U.S.A and still getting dinged by McGuinty and "the Liberals" - buggers. Hey...should I start collecting for Hazel's Ontario Health Premium contribution? Not that I'm implying she needs it...is the principle of it. *smile*

Getting older sucks sometimes
I was feeling a bit better by the afternoon, so I went out to buy myself a new pair or running shoes. As an aside, I did 7.5 KM this afternoon in 37 minutes - PUMPED. When I was waiting to be helped, I was looking at a running book...a book with all sorts of information, but nonetheless a book about running - what happened to being 20 something and just running and running (and I used to smoke - haven't in 3 years). But I felt like a geezer having to buy a book about running - oh well...the mid to late 30s is an eye-opener. But, on the bright side...a cool pair of Asics and a good time today.

More Close Encounters with Filapinas
After picking up the shoes, I stopped in at a Walmart to buy some weights...would you believe WALMART is one of the few places in this stupid city that sells free weights that aren't plastic? Anyways, I duck into a line and notice the cashier is a Filapina...but a little crabby it would seem. She quickly disposes of the people in the line, but smiles at me and asks me if I found everything I needed. She gives my visa the twice over and smiles a whole lot. Maybe my imagination...but I swear she was crabby with the people before me...I looked back as I walked away...there she was - looking and smiling.

Then, if Walmart wasn't enough - on my run this afternoon. Two more sweet looking ladies smiling at me as I ran past them...both saying hello (these two are in the neighbourhood, I see them every once in a while...but I haven't seen them say hi to anyone else who runs by).

And what would a day be without my Filapina Pharmacist? I swear...this woman is adorable, but she scares the hell out of me. I have never thought I was all that...as a matter of fact, I am quite comfortable with my "averageness" and who I am. But this woman is kind of obvious - she always takes my script, rather than let one of the assistants do it. If I'm in the aisles looking for meds, she always comes out to ask me if I need help...and if I'm walking through the store, she makes it a point to wave or say hi. Have I mentioned she was really adorable? *thinking pure thoughts*.

Filiapinas and me...I don't know what it is...Up for a glass of port "you know who"? *grin* oh..I'm KIDDING...sorta, kinda, maybe...if she evers sees this. I would be the perfect gentleman...too much respect for her to be anything but.

American Tax Dollars at Work
Today, on our afternoon sports show, I heard a Senator from North Dakota talking to the afternoon half wits (they have very aptly named their show - Two Dorks) about putting forth a motion for consideration by Congress to have the single season HR totals of Bonds, McGwire, and Sosa wiped out to keep Maris' record in tact. I won't go into his arguments, they weren't very well thought out and not very well supported. After listening to how ridiculous this guy was, I thought back to what I had read about Joseph McCarthy and his communist witch hunt in the 50s...United States of America...YOUR tax dollars at work.

The Latest on Team Canada
Yzerman isn't going (I can't believe they were considering him...but I guess given the "No" answers they have been getting from everyone else...). So with the exception of Thornton, most of the Tier 1 players are declining - for a variety of reasons. Looks like no one wants to get hurt, or maybe their heart isn't in it.

No matter how the international ice hockey federation (notice the lack of caps?) try to make the World Hockey Championships seem like a big deal...the players don't care - I don't understand why the fans care so much. As my boys from Portugal play Slovakia tomorrow in World Cup Qualifying...you can bet that NOT ONE would ever turn down an invite to play for his country - where do these NHLers get off?

I would be interested in hearing Hazel's thoughts on this...especially being around the Sox...and the pride those players have for their countries...is the "say no to your country" a hockey thing only?

It's time to say goodnight - it's been a long day...and this blog entry is dragging.

Hazelspeeps song of the day

Cars - Gary Numan (given that I spent a good portion of the afternoon driving around)

Here in my car
I feel safest of all
I can lock all my doors
It's the only way to live in cars

Here in my car
I can only receive
I can listen to you
In case you stay for four days in cars

I'll stop now...it's best for everyone (actually..ANYONE) who reads this

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae...fondest regards and best wishes...here's hoping that you are well...and that the Ontario Government doesn't take too much of a tax bite from you for last year...you are still missed!

"Peesth out"


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