Thursday, March 31, 2005

April Fools? Plenty of them in Toronto

April Fools means Hazel's birthday is a week away!
I'll start tonight's entry by doing something I haven't in previous - good evening Ms. Hazel Mae!

April Fools Abound in Hogtown
Woke up early this morning, decided that rather than lie around in bed and stare at the ceiling, I'd go downstairs to work out. I turned on Sportsnet news to see a story on Billy Koch and his bitter parting shot at the Blue Jays after they released him. Billy the Genius (don't you think he looks like Einstein?) has gone on record as saying he hopes nobody signs him, so that the Jays have to pay his salary this year - he went on a childish rant about the Jays paying to fill his car and boat up with gas...blah blah blah - whatever Billy. (He did something cool though, he honoured a promise to buy tickets to the Devils Rays and Jays game in April...thought he is going to cheer for Tampa) excuse me while I laugh - what a maroon!!!!!!

Speaking of maroons, what would a Blue Jays entry be without referring to our friend the chickenhawk - I swear, the more I see J.P Ricciardi, the more I think he's a moron....that's MORON...not maroon. When asked about Koch's comments, the chickenhawk (who is SUPPOSED to be a General Manager of a major league baseball team) answers by saying...

"I'm not going to get into a he said - she said thing" HUH? where is the "she" in this discussion J.P.? who is the she?

Chickenhawk the goes into a rant about taking the high road, saying - "We aren't going to get into mudslinging. Let's just say that there were off the field issues that haven't been discussed...but we aren't going to bring up what happened off the field" What a class act huh? He doesn't want to get into he ISN'T going to get into off the field stuff - well thanks J.P. for showing everyone what kind of class act you are. Hey, dumbass - stop being an arrogant ass and act like a General Manager, proper response would have been the last 15 seconds of your tirade when you said "We made a decision that we thoughts was best for the club." That would have been sufficient, but you proved again that you are a joke. Why Rogers keeps you employed, I'll never know...unless someone up there is doing to you...what you did to Tosca - which would serve you right.

Speaking of Rogers - the brass/decision makers there are fools as well. I read today where they have Slash (formerly of Guns N' Roses, and currently Velvet Revolver) booked to play national anthems when the Sox go to town April 8th (probably not going)...but you'd think that these dudes at Rogers would have spoken to Hazel about having her participate in some way, shape or form. After all, she did a lot for Rogers Television (she WAS sportsnet news) and for the Blue Jays - with the stuff she did for JZone. I'm sure that NESN will have her doing something, given that her B-day is the day before and she's probably gonna hang out in T.O with family and friends (I'm simply using deductive inside info here). But Rogers being Rogers has yet to announce anything - I say a Toronto-led campaign to include Hazel in the opener is in order. or to find a way to register a suggestion or complaint (whichever you prefer). Speaking of NESN, they haven't been featuring Hazel much on their site...but hey, I'm not a webmaster - so who am I to say anything. to check it out...if you haven't already.

Going back to Sportsnet - their soccer columnist continues his hating on Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho - he has been relentless in attacking and criticizing Mourinho - but I'm sure he thinks that the past outlandish comments made by Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger are ok. Mourinho is suffering from the new kid on the block syndrome (I think Hazel went through a bit of that in Beantown) - but he will overcome. He will win the Premiership and Champions League (even missing the next two games) and he will show that he is far and away the world's best manager.

Need more April Fools in Toronto? Look no further than the NHL negotiators or my favourite casts of clowns at TSN (McKenzie and Pierre "I wanna job with the Senators" McGuire). But I digress.

If anyone watches Survivor...Alabama born and bred Ibrehem was voted off tonight. I don't know if anyone watches it...but wow...Steph would scare the crap out of me - she's tough as nails.

Ok, I'm gonna tie up this by wishing everyone a Happy April Fools Day tomorrow. Do you wish people a happy AFD? *shrug* I don't know..but i guess I just did.

Hazelspeeps song of the day - in honour (in honour??? maybe) of slash playing at the Rogers Centre against the Sox...

Fall to Pieces - Velvet Revolver (a kick ass song - maybe one of the best from 2004)

Been a long year
Since you been gone
Been alone here
and I'm growing old
fall to pieces
I'm falling
fell to pieces
and I'm still fallin'

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae, fondest regards and best wishes to's hoping your Thursday ends well and that your weekend is a good one.

"peesth out"


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