Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Latest on the NHL
Where would Canadians be without Bob McKenzie and his brilliant insight. If you want to waste 5 minutes of your life that you will never get back, go to and look for Bob's thoughts on the right hand side of the page. Today's insight into the lockout is entitled "Hard To Be Optimistic" - WOW...really Bob? You mean hockey fans shouldn't be optimistic about a meeting scheduled for April 3?

Bob never ceases to awe his readers with "inside information" and informed opinions, such as:
- he doesn't see Bob "not" Goodenough going in with a proposal to Bettman to get Bettman to say "Geez, why didn't we think of that? You're right, let's get this done and let's all live happily ever after"
- I don't see Bob sitting there saying "Gary sign me up for some of that $37.5 million hard cap without linkage"

Bob McKenzie doesn't much coming from these talks, but in his own words, "maybe he's wrong". D'UUUUUUUUUUUH. There is more...but you read it for yourself - if you feel like killing brain cells. Why this man get any web space is beyond me...but hey...its TSN.

More NHL news... a new crop of players opting out of team Canada - Lecavalier and Theodore - this doesn't bode well peeps...Marty Brodeur can't do it all by himself. The world championship is becoming a joke - sad...but true.

Hope For Blue Jay Fans!!!
Blue Jay fans...take note! The chickenhawk (better known J.P. Ricciardi) has said that THIS is the best Blue Jays training camp he has seen. Aren't you impressed? In today's Toronto Star -, the chickenhawk says he's really impressed with this camp. Notice he said camp? He doesn't want his ass fired for another bad season...but he should be held accountable...this is HIS excuses...if they aren't competitive - he should be gone. No ifs, ands or BUTTS (in the chickenhawk's case).

World Cup Qualitfying
Portugal tied Slovakia today...not the result we had hoped for, but they are still in first place over Slovakia based on goal differential. Plus, Slovakia has to come to Portugal this they'll get smoked...see you all in Germany. If anyone cares...Helder Postiga scored the tying goal in the 62nd minute.'s POH-STEEE-GA. I can help with pronounciation for the Portuguese team before World Cup 2006 *smile*

Still Empty After All These Cups
I got an email today...a Tim Horton's roll up the rim email - "I peed in your cup" was the caption...for alll the winning i've done this year - Tim's staff might as well pee in my damn cup.

A Breathtaking Picture
A friend of mine sent me a pic he found on the net of Hazel with some Hamilton Ti-Cats fans in 2003 - ok..excuse me for a second but...Oh My F***ing God. That pic took my breath away, she is simply the most beautiful woman walking the face of the earth. Enough said about that...I won't ever reference a pic of hers again...I just had to say it today though...she took my damn breath away!

Time to call it a night...been working tonight - doing up a presentation for tomorrow so...

Hazelspeeps song of the day -

Try Again - Aaliyah (ft. Timberland)

What would you do
to get to me
What would you say
to have you way
Would you give up
or try again
If I hesitate
to let you in
Now would you be yourself
or play a role
Tell all the boys
or keep it low
If i say no

will you turn away
or play me off
or would you stay

if at first you don't succeed
dust yourself off and try again
you can dust it off and try again,

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae...fondest regards and best's hoping that all is well with you.

"Peesth Out"


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