Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter everyone!

A very happy easter to one and all. The long weekend up here is coming to an end - gotta love Easter Monday holiday if you get it off.

A good and bad weekend in the world of sports. Let us start with the good, four very good NCAA Basketball games if you are into the tournament - going by today's Michigan St. and Kentucky game, it would be hard not to be a little bit interested - one of three OT games... speaking of which...YES...Proline screwed me again. I picked a ticket today, and of course the stupid "liability exceeds limit" bull came up...making me change my tickets and LOSING. I hate the provincial gov't, I hate the provincial government's sports lottery - I freaked last year when I thought I won $5,000 only to find out they Proline changed the damn rules to the "hitters" match ups the day before with only a small box on the back of the game list. Needless to say I was a little pissed...but I guess I'm the idiot for playing.

Canadian University final today - University of Saskatchewan beat Western yahoo!! (not because I love the Saskatchewan - but rather, I remember hating people from Western, rich spoiled WASPs who looked down on anyone who didn't go there). Would anyone else agree? Would Hazel agree? (sheesh...I wonder if anyone will ever see this damn blog).

Speaking of peckerhead Universities - scary story coming out of Kingston. A 23 year old Queens student/football player was stabbed to death at a bar this weekend (for the record, a place called AJs Hanger - been there before when I visited friends who went to peckerhead U - Queens). How in the hell does anyone get up the nerve to actually take another person's life? I mean, that's just NUTS....people are nuts. What a call for that kid's parents to get... damn.

As an aside, since I have sworn off TSN (because it's crap and they are all clowns) and I won't watch Sportsnet anymore (Hazel's departure hurt the sportsnet news show more than they probably ever anticipated) - I've been watching The Score. Adnan Virk is pretty damn good, I think he deserves some national attention, I like his enthusiasm and excitement - Caroline Frolic is pretty good too, she seems to know her stuff and seems to be a sports fan. Given the Easter Weekend, can we hope for a ressurection of Hazel up here? (I'm not being sacreligious - it was a joke - plus, like I have said before, I'm a good Catholic boy and I went to church today).

Speaking of church today, weird "non-sports" thought. There I was, with family about to sit down and I feel a tap on my arm. It's an former ex-g/f of mine - she works in same complex as me, so we are friends - but this was the first time the Mrs. and the "could have maybe been the Mrs. if not for a miscommunication" ever met. It was kinda weird, I got the eyes from both - from my part it was like "oh, so THIS is her huh? you never told me she was that goodlooking" and from the other part it was a "so this is your family...I wonder what would have happened had it been us...instead of marrying the stupid assed deadbeat I married and later divorced" (she has actually told me that). So it was a weird day, but hey, I smiled! haha

Another annoying musing - I think this is the only damn blog that doesn't make google - I must be doing something wrong, cuz it certainly can't be for lack of great I right? Seems someone in New England is kinda seeing the light , in his blog entry on the 23rd he wrote "Hazel Mae has really stepped it up this Spring Training and all you haters that mocked her hiring last summer can now eat your crow. With your hands."

My first thought was, wow, don't give her too much credit..."she stepped it up" huh? How about giving her some credit? Even up here, we know that her interviews and spots at "spring training" (notice no caps) went over very well with red sox nation - a notoriously tough crowd. But Dave, you write Boston Sports Media blog ... and we are coming to see the media down there is something else. Way to go Hazel, once again, you rise above the rest and prove that you have the "it factor".

Ok, I have to cut this short tonight - I know, I know nobody reads this so why am I writing it - hey, if you are here YOU are reading it - mission accomplished. It's Sunday night and tonight is "catch up night" with my buddy in Southern Ontario.

Hazelpeeps song of the day -

The Grass is Green - Nelly Furtado

A very insightful and spritual song. If you haven't heard it, buy the damn cd - it is easily one of the best CDs I've heard in the last 10 years - no joke. Nelly Furtado CD and a bottle of vintage port - I'll shut up now. But the offer has been made!

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae, as always, fondest regards and best wishes from north of the border - and tonight a big round of applause for "stepping it up" (what we here know to be "just being yourself"). Hope your Easter weekend was safe and happy and that you are as well as can be.

in the words of Kip (Napoleon Dynamite) "peeeese out".


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