Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A mid-week rant or two

Ok, the NHL is the order of the day, with stuff to wrap up, summarize, comment on and dispose of. But before I start on the NHL - a big, and I mean BIG FREAKIN' raspberry to a site called bostonsportsmedia - I'm not putting in a link (I would use much more harsh language, but I think the inspiration for this blog wouldn't approve).

The dude who writes this blog put up a poll on, you guessed it, Boston's sports media. One of the poll questions lists a number of Boston's sports TV Personalities and asks readers to choose the best and the worst. A harmless poll you might say, typical, no big deal. Well here is where I have a problem - in the "best" category, Hazel was left off the list (I guess you could make the argument she hasn't established herself yet, or been around long enough - both weak arguments...but passable). HOWEVER, why is it in the "worst" there was an option for Hazel Mae, NESN. That sucks and that is totally unfair. I think this horse's ass has an axe to grind with the Boston Globe (who owns NESN) and since he can't take on some of the more established personalities there - he goes after Hazel, the new kid on the block. If you think I'm overreacting...or making something out of nothing...he also had her show "Sportsdesk" listed under the worst TV shows. That's pretty weak "Bruce" if you have a problem with the Globe (or more specifically Steve Silva of Boston Dirt Dogs - take it up with him, take him on) don't take out your petty frustrations or try to settle your feud by hating on Hazel. Oh and for your punks that voted against her...that's just hateful and shows how small and petty you are that you voted for a worst in any with it punks, she isn't going anywhere, she'll win New England over...she won a whole country over. (Disclaimer - my rant has not be sanctioned, approved or seen by Hazel - as I have mentioned in previous entries, she's too classy to get into mudslinging - but someone has to set the record straight).

So the media and hockey fans, particularly in Boston, have been pretty silent about Joe Thornton getting suspended again. He was suspended for the third time this year (three games I think) this time for slashing a goalie like he was freakin Paul Bunyon. Thornton is a great player, but is he getting a rep for being a real A-hole? I saw a clip for one of his suspensions, he sucker punched a goalie in the back of the head as he skated up the ice. You know, I'd almost like to see him taken down and have the crap beaten out of him, just to send him a message. I mean, Lindros wasn't even this bad and he was a jerk for a good part of his career in Philly. Speaking of jerks in Philly, can anyone say Jeremy Roenick? (if you see my yahoo site, I railed on him one night). In related news (no pun intended) Bob McKenzie continues to state the obvious like it is real journalism - I think Bob needs a new job - PLEASE.

Speakiing of jerks - again. Bill Romanowski is order to pay an ex-teammate $340K for smashing his face in with a punch during a practice. HUH? you smashed your own teammates face? that has to qualify him as A-hole of the decade (can you say roid rage?). I am certain that Hazel would not approve of such actions - though watching some of the gang at Rogers Sportsnet and TSN...I would like to try to persuade her to change her mind. Kidding! I won't even speculate on who would be number 1 - though I think we could all toss in a name.

Barry Bonds is hurt - I can hear the collective "awwwwwwww". Did you not want to shed a tear when he said he was tired? that the media was out to hurt him and they finally got him? to Barry I say...NAMES...NAMES...NAMES. I laughed a little when he said "i'm tired" - I thought of the old George Thorogood song One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer - he was supposed to be looking for a job and his wife asks why he didn't find one...George whines "I say but I'm TIRED" and out the door he goes.

Steroids you say? performance enhancing drugs in sports you ask? Stephane Quintal of the Montreal Canadiens has a new one - he says 40% or NHLers are on of course. Yes of course Stephane, stimulants. In case you didn't know, a couple of years ago, when Patrice Brisebois left the team with a knee injury, and was spotted in Paris, France - Quintal was asked what he thought. His reply, was something to the effect that "the doctors told him to go for treatment in Paris Ontario - he may have gotten on the wrong flight"

The Canadian media is really backing the Blue Jays and their hot start to Grapefruit League. We'll wait and see about the Jays. Two musings on Jays, 1) I can guarantee that JZone is not going to be very good this year; 2) is it just me? or does J.P. Ricciardi remind anyone else of the little brown/red chickenhawk on Bugs Bunny...the one who was forever trying to eat Foghorn Leghorn or the dumb dog. Just wondering.

Sad news..Tedy Bruschi may sit out the NFL season. I hope he takes care of himself...he seems like a good guy.

And on that note, it's time to wrap this baby up...

Hazelspeeps (thoughts on Hazel) song of the day - in honour of Bruce of Bostonsportsmedia - title only

Shut up - Black Eyed Peas

Bruce...just shut up shut up...shut up shut up

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae, fondest regards and best wishes from north of the border, we hope you are well - don't listen to the Bruces of the world you are one of the special ones!


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