Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Hazel shines again

A quick check of today's sports news brought nothing of any great interest...more of the same old same old. So while I was on lunch today, I snuck a peek at redsoxnation.net - and FINALLY - someone in New England gets around to doing a great interview with Hazel - this is a must read.

The interview provides some insight to her views on sports happenings of the day - such as
  • how she is getting along without the NHL - I thought her answer was great, saying that it has helped her get grounded in Boston, while she tries to learn the ropes;

  • the business of sports - talking about the Expos leaving Montreal and the cities of Quebec City and Winnipeg losing hockey teams - financial reasons.
The interview also gave her a chance to talk about the transition from Toronto to Boston and how she has been handling it. She draws some interesting comparisons between Toronto and Boston (ie. level of passion for sports) especially when it comes to how the media is in both cities. She made mention of how media in Boston rips other media outlets - I wonder if there is something more to it. I read in a January article ot the Globe Magazine that some of her critics in Boston had been vocal - about her knowledge of Boston sports. But as has come to be the case with Hazel, she takes the high road - still a class act. She put up with crap up here, some of it highly publicized - some of it not quite so publicized (are you reading Jody Vance?) and she still continues to smile and shine. It's what sets her apart from her peers - especially the bitter envious ones.

As an aside, don't you hate people who try to determine their own perceived worth by trying to cast dispersions on others worth? I admire the fact that Hazel never got into mud slinging - good karma there!

The interview even allowed her to show a quick witted comedic side - you gotta read the response to the Joe Namath question - a classic! I would give her response, but I think the interview is good enough that everyone should visit it.

I will sum it all up by saying that the woman never ceases to impress. She, very modestly I might add, talks about Kathryn Humphries and Martine Gaillard being pioneers north of the border, with Hannah Storm and Jeannie Zelasko being two people she admired. I will be the first to say that with respect to the first two, with all due respect - Hazel has surpassed both, hosting a national show alone speaks volumes. As for the latter, I won't comment other than to say that I have seen both and they don't have anything on Hazel Mae - other than national exposure on major US networks - and that is in Hazel's future. Count on it!

I think New England is finally clueing in to what she brings to the table. We as Canadian sports fans can attest to what we lost when she left to go south of the border.

I am currently preparing a set of interview questions - if Hazel ever checks in and she's game...I'd like to ask her some questions from the Canadian perspective - what? I can dream can't I?

No rants tonight - I was in a good mood after reading the article about Hazel - so I'll be back tomorrow to rail on Joe Thornton, Bob McKenzie and the rest of the doofuses connected to the NHL.

The hazelspeeps (thoughts of Hazel Mae) song of the day is

The Sweetest Thing - U2

Just for the title...no unintended meaning should be gleaned from this song of the day. :)

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae, as has become customary, fondest regards and best wishes from north of the border. We all hope you are doing well (by the interview, it would seem you are doing just fine ).


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