Saturday, April 09, 2005

Guess who's birthday it is today?

Happy Birthday to me... I should have been celebrating in T.O this weekend (ya ya, ok, I'm just saying that cuz spidey sense says Hazel is in T.O.) - but the family would not have approved of that. So my day was a quiet one, all asleep and me with my favourite glass of port. Since I looked up Hazel's horoscope, I thought - meh..what the hell? why not? Here it goes -

For Those Born April 9th
It will be important for you to follow through on your plans and stop second guessing yourself. When you meet with any opposition, listen and utilize any criticism (damn, I could learn a lesson or two from Hazel on this one). It's the ability to take good advice and put it to good use that will make you better than any competition you face this year (and she proved that to the gang at Sportsnet - Right Jody? hahaha). Numbers 6, 14, 22, 39, 45, 48

You react quickly and make your decisions based on what you see (yikes, this is me!). You don't hold back and you can be stubborn (says who I can be stubborn? I'm not stubborn, no I'm NOT). You are a strong contender and a loyal friend (my friends would say VERY loyal). Cynthia Nixon, Austin Peck and Keeshia Knight Pulliam (little rudi huxtable - most recently a fear factor contestant) - so Hugh Hefner and Dennis Quaid...move over the birthday gang is getting bigger - Hugh..leave the bunnies here beside me.

So who am I? Why do I write this blog?
I'm no one important, I am your average run of the mill dude. I decided to write the blog for no other reason than I think Hazel Mae is one cool woman. Actually, let me rephrase that - there is something special about her - I can't tell you what it is, but my gut says it is so. I have always been very intuitive (to the point it freaks some people out - but I can tell a lot about someone by looking into their eyes and talking to them for five minutes - I have rarely been wrong). I believe that there are "special" people in the world - some very smart, some very creative, some very inspiring, and some - like Hazel Mae - have an aura about them that brightens up their surroundings. There is an energy about her, I don't know how to say it. The woman makes me smile, and I would bet she makes others smile too - just from her presence, there is a power about her. She is a ray of sunshine, even on days when black clouds try to overshadow her.

Having said that, the blog is here to prove that a lot of sports fans like what she does and think she's great at it (if you haven't noticed before, the fact that she is beautiful has made it hard for people to see past that and acknowledge her talent and work ethic). So if Hazel Mae ever happens upon this page - props to her...she's one of the very good ones.

Before I am accused of anything - I am not into star worship, my day to day job has afforded me access to some of Canada's most influential people (notice didn't say "important" - I don't think they are...even if they do) and I am not awestruck by any of them. But Hazel? hmmm I don't know, she is different - I just know it.

My Birthday Wish
To one day have a beer with Hazel Mae - yup, that was it. Hey, I know the likelihood of it happening is a shade away from never, but that was it. It's why it's a birthday WISH - laugh if you wouldn't be the first or the last. But I would love to have a drink or two and talk to her about what makes Hazel - Hazel. I have mentioned that I'd break out the port wine...right? The vintage stuff even!

The Reign In Spain
Real Madrid's third Manager this season Vanderlei Luxemborgo has decided that Michael Owen should start this weekend in place of Luis Figo (arguably Portugal's greatest player - certainly my favourite of all time). The Manager has no reason for this move - while Owen is playing well, Figo has been one of his best players all year. I think he's too afraid to sit out that little prick Beckham - who has been a complete and utter failure in Madrid...the reign in Spain will soon end if Vanderlei doesn't smarten up. PLAY FIGO - YOU ASS!!!!! agree don't you? Tell me that you agree with me...on my birthday! hahaha

Jays Lower The Boom(er)
David Wells got rocked again - and I mean PUNKED. Back to back to back home runs have Red Sox Nation The voice of the nation is calling for Wells' nuts - the venom is spewing from Beantown. Someone went so far at to post the pitching box today with ERA numbers for each pitcher...FOR THE GAME. Lighten up Red Sox Nation - five games in...and you aren't going to win the division anyway - save it for the playoffs.

My Roto League
Hazel didn't call to offer to be a co-owner with I go to the auction tomorrow, alone and armed only with opening day rosters and a lot of opinions. I'm so dead this year... I really could have used Hazel's help - oh well, I'll draft a team with next year in mind.

I'm Growing Tired
I'm already sick of seeing Jody Vance's mug on that Quiznos' commercial with Don Cherry - I'm boycotting Quiznos. She is awful...she's so damn stiff. When I look at her, I see nothing - she's devoid of personality, there is no spark to her. I saw a bit of her hosting the Sportsnet on Opening Night at the Rogers Center - again...stiff...forced personality...very contrived. And this twit had the nerve to be hating on Hazel? Give me strength...

Also, dude named David Scott - a pompous horse's ass that writes a blog for Boston Sports Media he seems to be hatin on her a whole lot - maybe cuz she isn't paying attention to him. He took a shot the other day, recounting something that happened at Fever Pitch preview at Fenway. He intimated that she was being provocative (posting pictures of her in a black dress - damn...smokin hot)...but then winding up with a backhand. Dude needs to shut up and get over it - why are you singling her out? (oh...her and your favourite whipping boy Tom Caron), she hasn't been hatin on sit back in "your shanty shack in Hull MA" and shut your cake hole.
Time To Say "Nie Nie" (Hawaiian Term)
Long day today, so I'm wrapping it up early. Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae...fondest regards and best wishes to you...if you were in Toronto this weekend...thanks for making Canada a happier place this weekend! (p.s. Still offering to buy the beer/port - or whatever you drink)

Hazelspeeps Song Of The Day

Fiesta - The Pogues

"I'm am Francisco Vasquez Garcia
I am welcome to Almaria
We are sin gas, and con leche
We are siesta, and feria

Come on you rambling boys of pleasure
You ladies of easy leisure
We will say adios
Until we see Almaria once again"

It's a great fusion of latin rhythms and traditional's a great beer drinking song...FOR MY BIRTHDAY! hahahahaha

Peesth Out


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