Monday, April 04, 2005

Day 1 and for some season is over

Before I wish Hazel a good evening - I just lost tonight's entry. I had been working on it for 40 minutes with some kick ass stuff too and my damn computer flakes out. Damn. Oh well, that'll teach me to save my posts! So away we go

Good evening Hazel - here's hoping you survived the disaster last night - did you settle Red Sox Nation down?

The Debate Begins in Red Sox Nation
As could be expected, the Nation was all over the Sox - Yankees game last night. A quick check of the pulse of the Nation shows the members divided:

Camp 1 - "The season is over" gang - these members were quick to point out that Wells sucks...he's too old...nothing in the tank...mistake signing this guy and so on...they are already talking about trading Wells at the deadline.

Camp 2 - "The Sox will be fine" gang - these members are the rational ones, putting into perspective that it's just one game...though going a bit overboard in their defence of boomer (come on guys...he's 40 ish - he's not what he was...and last night's result is sure to happen a few more times to him. The bottom line? He is NOT an adequate replacement for Pedro or Derek Lowe - those guys were heart and soul don't just replace them (I've talked about what I think the after effect of Pedro leaving is going to be).

Camp 3 - "We hate Pedro and every ex-Sox" gang - these members offer up comments that go to Pedro's bad starts last year - GET OVER IT Nation...he's not your whipping boy anymore - and come this fall, when boomer is getting his portly can kicked in the will be wanting Theo's head for letting Pedro and Lowe go. I should say, Camp 3 was pretty vocal...but represented the views of less than 1 in 5 on the boards today.

Funny thing about the Nation - they also spent a lot of time running down Jon Miller and Joe Morgan as being useless and terrible broadcasters...BUT...they all liked Sam Ryan (cuz she's cute) - all this from a message board that wants to be seen as a forum for "the intelligent" fan. I've stated where I stand on this issue on numberous occassions...both here and hazelspeeps New Englanders are taking Hazel for granted - she's a lot more than just a beautiful face, with a killer smile, great eyes and...ooops.. never mind, I got a bit carried away - Hazel is as good, if not better than most of them if not all.

The Nation is really getting cocky - from a group of people who were reknowned for saying "Just win once...just once" (as a Leaf fan...I can relate - right Hazel? you are still a Leaf fan...right?) - the Nation is now talking like this year's season is they were suddenly annointed by God as perennial winners - wake up gang, it was a great season...a great win...but it is a new season. The distractions on this team abound

a) key members not being there...integral parts of last year's playoff run gone

b) players being over-exposed - doing TV shows and other nonsense (anyone notice that Ramirez and Ortiz were pretty quiet in the off-season? they didn't get any publicity - they know better)

c) Johnny Damon's new book isn't going over well in Boston - Johnny's been a bit of a bad boy (words of the Nation - I don't pass judgement) but I suspect part of that is that the Nation is ready to cut him loose because he has already stated he is going to test free agency this year.

Stay tuned peeps...I think things are going to get very interesting this summer...the love affair with Theo may be short-lived - it's a shame...but the masses have a taste of success and nothing less will do.

The Chickenhawk Must Be Smiling Smugly
The Jays won today - so the Chickenhawk must be right. The Jays will be fine, after all HE put this team together. I read an article by Steve Simmons from the Toronto Sun over the weekend (Simmons will always be remembered for musing "Would Hazel change her "Hazel Mae Fay" if she and Brad Fay tied the knot) - I hate to agree with Simmons, but the Jays have some major questions - not the least of which are:

a) the strength of their starting rotation - young, unproven in some cases...a lot of hype but not a lot to go on. As a lifelong Dodger fan, I saw them hype lots of young players...usually to trade them and fleece another team - I think the Chickenhawk is full of it on this one.

b) can Hinske put up 1/B type numbers - he had a good rookie year...and hasn't come close since. I think the jury is in on him - he's a decent player - but not a top 5 in American League (not at a 3/B and certainly not as a 1/B - not even close) but..he's one of the Chickenhawk's he'll get plenty of opportunity to prove how smart J.P was to get him.

No Fantasy For Me
Sorry to disappoint, this title is not a reference to Hazel - surprise, surprise. No, it was meant to tell the world I'm not a Fantasy Baseball geek - don't even know how to play. I am however a Rotisserie League player! (auction, salary cap, national league only). My nine protected players

Griffey Jr.
Craig Biggio (old but cheap)
Adam Everett
Hee Seop Choi
Mark Prior
Adam Eaton
Trevor Hoffman
Josh Beckett
Ben Sheets

Don't know who I'm going to buy this Sunday - Any thoughts Hazel? wanna be a co-owner?

Sports Radio Desperate For Hockey
Turned on sports radio on the way to work - what a mistake, what a joke. These idiots were trying to have a serious discussion about the merits of Women's national team - don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with National team...but these horse's asses in the morning spending most of their time being chauvanist dicks...AND...they have never shown any interest in women's game before - they couldn't name five players outside Cassie and Hayley.

The gang of idiots was joined, as usual, by non other than TSN's Hockey Analyst, name-dropping Pierre "I wanna work for the Ottawa Senators" MacGuire. This guy takes the cakes, when he's not dropping Scotty Bowman's name...or some other person who has actually achieved something in the NHL...he spends most of his time applying for a job with the Ottawa Senators (usually by running down the Leafs) - but there was Pierre, talking about how great the women smart they are...and how they remind him of the Ottawa Senators. He turns a conversation about the women's national team into a chance to give props to Daniel Alfredsson. Jackass.

Holy Shniiiiikeeeeee
Illinois has just gotten back into National Championship game..they were getting their asses handed to them in the first half - they've come back to tie it at 70 with 2:34. (if anyone is wondering, yes I picked the tie in Pro-line...but former Jay and Dodger blew my ticket with a meaningless hit in the ninth...the bugger). UPDATE - UNC 75-70 over Illinois

Closing It Out
I think I remembered most of the stuff I wrote about in the previous blog. (let me save this case)

Hazelpeeps Song of the Day - What else but the traditional

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

I'd take Hazel out to a ballgame...though I bet she could get better seats - so I'll buy the peanuts and crackerjacks! was either that...or going back to early nineties for the ultra cheezy

OK...BLUE JAYS...LET'S PLAY BALL. hahahahaha - or dare I say it? Maybe New York, New York by Sinatra.

With that...I will take my last sip of my favourite port wine...and say:

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae, fondest regards and best wishes to you...if you ever find this blog, I hope you have found an occassion or two to smile a little.

"Peesth out"


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