Saturday, April 09, 2005

Hazel's Birthday Weekend? hmmm I wonder

So I didn't make it to Toronto this weekend to see the Sox visit (they beat the Jays 6-5 tonight). I wonder if Hazel came up for her birthday. I taped the game tonight - I'll watch it tomorrow...I wonder if Rogers did anything for her...probably not, all they know how to do is raise our cable bills.

Pedro Smacks Sox
Yes, you read it right. Seems like Pedro Martinez has hit back at the Sox and the city of Boston for what he sees as mistreatment and disrespect. He even takes a "Schilling Shot"...Gotta luv Pedro, he doesn't take crap from anyone...just ask Don Zimmer. I remember Hazel musing that when she was asked if she knew anyone in Boston, she replied "Pedro, Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz" - I wonder what Hazel would have to say about Pedro's crack back on Boston.

Baseball Needs Some Personality In Broadcasting
I admit that at work, I occasionally check into cbssportsline to check in on scores and pitch by pitch stuff (depending on pro-line tickets). The reports are kinda boring, just giving you the pertinents - earlier this week, I was on soccernet checking in on Champions League - here was an actual game text entry from a British writer providing text commentary of AC Milan vs Inter Milan game...this is CLASSIC

"Perhaps I'm mistaken, but (Clarence) Seedorf seems to have a very large head. Maybe he has an abnormally big brain. I have a friend with a very big head - I call him Big Head." 83 minute

"The European Footballer of the Year (Shevchenko) takes off his shirt and exposes a very pale chest during his celebration. He certainly hasn't spent his two months out injured sunbathing" 73 minute.

Baseball needs some better text reports - heaven forbid you have a bit of personality. A quick check of some of the Chowdahead boards show those guys are pretty tough on anyone and everyone who is in the media - other than former players...chowdaheads can't get enough of those guys. Hang in there Hazel, reports say you are doing great. You are just what the sporting public ordered - don't let anyone tell you different.

Vicks 44D Won't Cure This One
One of the Vick boys has made the headlines again - this time, older brother Mike Vick. Good old Mike is being sued by an ex-girlfriend who claims that he knowingly gave her gential herpes. Seems like Mike didn't get the memo about wrapping the willy...and his girlfriend didn't protect the peter. Sad thing, when you are Mike Vick...getting laid isn't a problem..even with herpes. Dumbass

Growing Tired of Boston
I don't know how she does it - I swear, the more I hear from the city of Boston and their media outlets the more tired I grow of them. Some chump who writes for posted an article about the Fever Pitch was his one brush with fame. He makes it a point to talk about fans and glamour girls, including Hazel Mae of NESN fawing all over actors, Johnny Damon and Tom Brady. Bad form dude - singling out a media colleague and saying she's fawning? Dude...she WORKS FOR NESN - I don't think she needs to chase after Damon or Brady - as for fawning over Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore? I doubt it, she's probably met people who are much more important. I think you, John Collins were feeling a bit neglected and a little small - hey, you had your 1.5 seconds of fame, and you got to see Hazel...consider it a good night and shut the hell up.

The Boston media is starting to look like a damn joke - I can't believe a big city like that has media is that so bush and petty. Rise above it Hazel...Rise above - show them you are the cream of the crop.

Ok, I'm going to have a drink now...what else but a great glass of port - it's my birthday and I'm entitled! Stay tuned tomorrow to see if I can find anyone else but Hugh Hefner and Dennis Quaid who share a day with me.

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae...fondest regards and best's hoping you escaped the insanity that is Boston...for a well deserved birthday weekend at home in Toronto. Wish I had have gone to Toronto...I would have had sign in hand - that's for sure. "HAZEL, WE MISS YOU!!!"

Hazelpeeps song of the day

Don't Never Say Goodbye - Kyprios

"live your life like its last call
don't never say goodbye"

Peesth Out


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