Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Long day today

Tough day on the diamonds...sox lost again...my beloved Dodgers not only lost in San Fran - they blew my proline ticket...I'm never going to be able to yell like that idiot on the commercial.

Good evening Hazel...welcome to your birthday countdown - coming up on 48 hours til WOO HOO day!

Not much to say tonight...spent a good part of the evening working on stuff for tomorrow...

A Classic!!!!
The dumbasses at TSN finally came up with something worth reading - James Duthie has a funny article about the joys of cricket - so to speak. In a nutshell, an Australian cricket team is accusing a rival of feeding them cupcakes laced with marijuana during an afternoon tea break. Hysterical!

A "Not So Classic"
Other than the usual drivel from Bob McKenzie about all the stuff he doesn't know about and blah blah..this guy is supposed to be a hockey insider? give me a break.

A quick check on the state of the nation shows that readers are getting a little fed up with the Dirt Dogs site where the author of the site claims that boomer was out drinking all night on the Friday before opening day. Sad to say that the Dogs site is affliated with the Boston Globe newspaper site...also parent company of NESN .

Champions League Tomorrow
Chelsea "sans Jose Mourinho" squares off against Bayern. Go Chelsea!!!!

Night Night Hazel
Time to call it a night...goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae...fondest regards and best wishes to you...let's hope the Sox pull one out tomorrow. Jays are doing ok...but it's April - oh, and in case you were wondering...I'm not going to watch JZone this year.

Hazelpeeps Song of the Day

Desert Rose - Sting
just cuz I like it...and it's a pretty hot song...great lyrics...too tired to sing it tonight.

Night Hazel...and peeps

Peesth out


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