Wednesday, April 06, 2005

One more day to go

Tomorrow, April 7th, marks the birthday of Ms. Hazel I'd like to wish her a very happy birthday!

Finally...God Listened
The prayers of Red Sox Nation were answered today - as the Sox rallied in the ninth to beat the Yankees . Baseball the Sox newest bitch - Mr. Mariano Rivera. Two days in a row. I still maintain that the yankees will win the Division...and the American League - but it's fun to see Red Sox Nation excited again, rather than wanting to lynch and bench their starters (with the exception of Ortiz and Varitek).

Jays lost today...would have loved to see the Chickenhawk today.

Dodgers are in San Fran again...and I have Jeff Kent to beat Moises Alou in total bases...Kent better NOT screw me again. After 1st at bat no bases for each...grrrrrrrrrrrr

Breaking News On The Hockey Front
Bob McKenzie breaks another story!!!! The Guy is does he do it? AGAIN EVEN? Today on TSN Bob breaks the news on Team Canada, I don't know how he managed to find out...what with all of the guys who said they didn't want to did he manage to sift through the rest of the league to pick the team....*groan* God give me strength. Actually, Bob McKenzie should serve as an inspiration to useless people - with very few brain cells, a little luck, a few friends, and a bad haircut - you too can work for a national sports station. And people wonder why I think Sportsnet isn't that bad. sheesh.

Champions Indeed
Chelsea beat Bayern Munich by a score of 4 - 2 , even without their inspirational leader - Jose Mourinho, who has been banned from this round of the competition. Seems Mr. Mourinho expressed some disappointment at the lack of support given to him by his team's management - their response? offer him a three year 5.2M pound extension - gotta love the's all about money.

A Pre-Birthday Funny For Hazel
Everyone knows Hazel is a football fanatic - I don't get the whole Kansas City Chiefs thing - but hey, not everyone can be perfect, though she might be pretty close. So for Hazel..a funny about football - one that everyone has seen, but it's still amusing.

Football Terms That Sound Dirty - But Aren't
20) The hole closed on him before he could penetrate it
19) He got him from behind
18) He is off to the sidelines for a quick blow
17) It's a game of inches
16) That hole was big enough to drive a truck through it
15) When you get down in the area - you just gotta pound it in
14) He's gonna feel that one tomorrow
13) He has a good tight end (to throw to)
12) End around
11) He had to stretch to get it in
10) He penetrates the backfield - He gets penetration into the backfield
9) He blows them off (at the line)
8) He bangs it in
7) He could go all the way
6) He gets it off just in time
5) He goes deep
4) He found a hole and slid through it
3) He pounds it in
2) He beats them off (the line)
1) He's got great hands

There you have it people...from David Letterman's home office ... where ever that is these days.

With that chuckle, I will bid goodnight to Ms. Hazel Mae, fondest regards and best wishes for a very happy birthday...enjoy your day!

Hazelspeeps song of the day?

From Mariano Rivera to the Boston Red Sox

All you ever do is bring me down - The Mavericks (ya, it's country, but the song kicks ass!)

All you ever do is bring me down
Making me a fool all over town
They all wonder why I wear a frown
Thats cuz all you ever do is bring me down

That's it for me...have a great one Hazel - peesth out!


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