Sunday, April 03, 2005

Opening Night - Hazel must be hoppin'

A moment of silence for the passing of Pope John Paul II - agree with his views or not...he was an impressive man and earned the respect of all.

Good evening Ms. Hazel Mae...I guess the silly season starts tonight with the Sox and Yanks opening up the season - as I sit down to write tonight, Sox down 4-1, bases loaded in the bottom of the 5th, and Wells just got the hook - ok, Womack hit into a double play, top of 6th coming up.

Who Da Man?
Today...I'd like to think I am - yep...ME! Didn't play poker last night, but went out anyway, had a good night - but WAY too little sleep (3 - 4 hours). I haven't been out running since Thursday, but I ran 9 km today in 46 mins - I shocked the puhgeebers myself. I'm such a dufus...2/3 of my run was slightly uphill and into a 30 km wind. Seriously, the winds in Ottawa today were 30 km from the east. Speaking of Ottawa, I love my hometown, but I think the worst thing that happened to our city was the birth of Ottawa Senator fans. This city is retarded, it really is - case in point. I'm out running today, dressed in blue, with my Maple Leaf hat - would you believe that TWO idiots decided to yell out "Leafs Suck" as I run by - and it has happened before. I guess I shouldn't expect much - since most Senator fans are just former Montreal Canadien fans who jumped ship about 7 years ago when the Habs were in decline and the Senators on the rise. People in this city still openly scowl at people wear Leaf gear - crazy. I wonder if they would be hatin on Hazel if she was up here wearing Leaf gear.

MLB Is Serious About Drug Testing
I never would have believed it had I not heard it with my own ears. WOW - Alex Sanchez, outfielder for the Devil Rays was suspended for using a banned substance. I always knew he was on something...I knew it wasn't the big's those guys like know, the big numbers he puts up every's those LATIN guys. I can't believe this crap - you had to know it was going to happen, the players union said as much - that it would be a witch hunt...skeptics thought that no one of consequence would be would seem they were right - stay tuned. Hazel, your thoughts on the news? Surely it will be part of the broadcast tonight. Somewhere I'm sure Curt Schilling is preparing some comment on this suspension - I mean, after 19 years in baseball...Curt's seen a lot...right? Shyte.

Big News In European Soccer
Italian Soccer Federation cancelled all Serie A soccer matches this weekend - out of respect for the Pope.

Sir Alex Ferguson of the Red Devils of Manchester United (twin of the New York Yankees) has conceded that his team is out of contention for the English Premiership Title...he has all but conceded to Mr. Jose Mourinho and the Blues from Chelsea (aka Unofficial Portuguese National Team) - gee thanks Alex, I'm sure it means a lot to Jose and Chelsea supporters.

Jose was sanctioned by UEFA - he won't be able to be in contact with the team for the next two games in Champions League when they square off vs Bayern Munich. Mourinho is hanging tough, and was quoted as saying: "I am a man of beliefs. If I believe I have the truth in my hands I don't run away from a fight. I don't have to change my personality or my principles." I live by that credo - and I would argue that so do most of my countrymen (women) probably gets us into a lot of trouble and rubs some the wrong way - but at least there's no guessing where we are coming from. A toast to Mourinho "A tua saude". For the complete article - Mourinho stands by principles

Oh yes...I'm still Pro Line's bitch. I had 4 out of 5 on a ticket I picked yesterday (including both NCAA games - the one team that screwed me? - Barcelona...they tied 3-3 and with that tie, the Primera Liga leaders flushed 168 bucks down the drain for me. Damn.

It's Getting Ugly
Sox really getting pounded now. Poor Hazel...not the way you want to open up the MLB season...reporting on this one. If anyone can cheer New England up - it's her. Speaking of which, it would seem that Hazel is finally getting through to New England - a dude named John Molori (he writes a sports watch blog) is acknowledging the fact that she is a solid anchor and a good interviewer - *sigh* let's hope the rest of the chowdaheads clue in. I'm watching the game...and ESPN's on the field reporter Ms. Sam Ryan doesn't have anything on Hazel, neither does Suzy Kolber - I think it's only a matter of time before one of the national networks pick her up. She'll take the U.S by "Hannah" Storm - get it? Hannah Storm? haha

Speaking of getting ugly - Fat Joe is being featured on ESPN....talking about the Yankees and the house that Ruth built. Fat Joe is a dickhead.

Ok, not much else to say tonight to end has become customary -

Hazelpeeps song of the day - for last being out last night - A late 80's song by a Toronto Rockabilly Trio (Hazel probably heard them once or twice at U of T).

It's Saturday Night - The Razorbacks.

Smack dab in the middle of the night
They close these water holes down
They close them down way to soon
Yeah leave me hangin round...
That's all, it's time to go
Kiss this place goodbye
Yeah you know it's 1 o'clock
You better get outside

Don't they know that it's Saturday night
They say drink up and they flash those lights
Don't they know? I gotta go
It's Saturday night
Don't they know that it's Saturday night
It's 1 o'clock and we're standing outside
Don't they know? I gotta go
I gotta go all night.

Somehow it don't seem right
Start off here around nine
Spend my money all night long
At the end just get a hard time
Drink up, come on lets go
They're giving us the biz
Haaaay it's 1o'clock
Do you know where your booze can is?


Rockin guitar solo

Repeat Verse 1 and chorus -

By this time, you are good and pissed! enjoy peeps.

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae, fondest regards and best wishes to's hoping that your baseball season is a good one! A tough first night coming up I know...but just smile and tell it like it is - you'll be just fine.

"Peesth out"


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