Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Tense Night In Toronto

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

It was a nervy night for Leaf Nation - we won't make any references to potential heart failure, given what happened at the ACC last Saturday night, it would be in poor taste. Toronto survived a scare last night against the Philadelphia Flyers to win 3-2 in overtime, and with it keep their playoff hopes alive - with all three goals being scored being scored by defencemen; Ian White, Hal Gill and Bryan McCabe (in overtime) scored for the good guys. There isn't much to say about last night's game - Toronto didn't bring their A-game, but the got the win and that is all that matters. It looks like it is going to come down to Toronto having to beat Montreal in regulation on Saturday night.

The stinking Habs beat the Bruins last night to stay one point ahead of the Maple Leafs - Boston had a number of chances to tie the game in the third period, but couldn't seal the deal. It was a decent effort on Boston's part, but as usual this year, not even close to being enough. Thanks for nothing Boston.

So both teams have two games left, Montreal is in New York to play the Rangers on Thursday, and Toronto is in New York to play the Islanders who are hanging on by a thread. The good news for Toronto is that the Rangers should be in a surly mood after dropping one last night to the Islanders and SHOULD beat the tar out of the stinking Habs - giving the Leafs an opportunity to move ahead of Montreal with a win against the "DiPietro-less" Islanders. Leaf Nation is looking for Mats Sundin to come back to life and breakout on Thursday night - they aren't going to the playoffs unless he has a couple of monster games.

Note to my man Johnny - don't be calling me at work today to tell me we got lucky; you clowns have Lindy Ruff to thank if you make the playoffs.

Speaking of that weasel Ruff - didn't he start Ryan Miller last night against the Penguins? Jerk. Thanks for nothing Lindy - we'll make the playoffs and kick your ass for that decision to play Conklin against Montreal. Think Ruff wants the Penguins to take on the SenaTards in the opening round of the playoffs?

The Carolina Hurricanes made history last night with their loss in Tampa Bay - the Canes became the first defending Stanley Cup Champions to miss the playoffs; guess the rednecks down there can concentrate on NASCAR or possum hunting or something.


Toronto Maple Leafs D Bryan McCabe scored the winner in overtime and added an assist in Toronto's 3-2 over the Flyers last night. We are going to ignore the fact that the Flyers tying goal in the third was a result of McCabe taking a girl-like swat (and missing) a puck that came into Toronto's zone. Jeezus McCabe, come on - Hazel would have swatted that puck out of the air and out of the zone.

New York Islanders G Wade Dubeilewicz (I checked the spelling) stopped 36 of 38 shots (plus all three in the shootout) to lead the Islanders to a 3-2 win over the Rangers. We like Wade today, because we are hoping the Rangers are sufficiently pissed off after tonight to take it out on the Habs on Thursday.

New Jersey Devils C John Madden had a goal in regulation and the winner in the shootout over the Tards to give Lou Lamoriello a win in his return to coaching. Man, the decision to fire Claude Julien really paid off for Lou's Devils - we'll discuss Lou a little more tonight; its Wednesday after all.


Ouch! Another tough night going 1-2 and winding up at - $475 on the night after the Predators dropped a game in a shootout to the awful Chicago Blackhawks. Our total for the week is an ugly - $1,165. We will recover.

Atlanta over Washington - The Thrashers are looking to finish as the third seed in the conference, so you can bet they won't let up on Washington tonight. Lay $100 on Atlanta - $340.

Yankees over Devil Rays - I'll take Andy Pettitte over Seo. Lay $100 on New York - $300.

Red Sox over Kansas City - Josh Beckett has something to prove this year, he might as well start tonight. Lay $100 on Boston - $165.0

That's about it for today - have a great one peeps.


For ONCE we agree with Damien Cox - did he break into our blogger account overnight?

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