Thursday, March 29, 2007

Donkey Play

We're all guilty of it in one way or another. But there is a difference between playing like a donkey and actually being a donkey. Playing like a donkey, tends to happen post-flop. It could be hands where you've flopped a board that gives you more outs then you can count on your hands (i.e. open ended straight draw/flush draw). You call to see the following cards in the hopes of catching the card that will win you the hand. To be more specific, a true donkey play is when a bet is made that prices you out of a hand (i.e. calling an all in by a player with an equal stack on an open ended straight draw/flush draw). It is what most players a "bad call that went right". Being a donkey for me, is someone who is simply willing to gamble away their chips - pre-flop, post flop, etc. Last night I was playing in a freeroll tournament (Something called the Red Hot Poker Tour, sponsored by Party Poker) and I pushed all in with AT suited (after a raise). I had one caller and then a second caller. When all the cards were dealt, I ended up with a full house (eights full of tens) which beat out the first caller (who called with a small pocket pair), leaving me to think that I had won the hand...then the donkey showed his hand. The fantastic 10-7 suited, which lead to me splitting the pot that was rightfully mine.

I commented about how horrible of a call that was...considering that he saw a raise, a re-raise (all in) and a call of the all in. His comment back was "I had both of you covered..." to which I said "please come play at my home games...I need donkeys like you to increase the prize pool". While some might say he made the right play...considering the action in front of him, the guy should have been well aware that all the players who acted before him had much better hands then he did. He pulled the classic "I feel lucky" move and was rewarded for it. Who says luck isn't part of this game...but as most will say...luck won't win for you in the long run...skill and knowledge of the game will.


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