Friday, December 09, 2005

Gearing Up For Draw

Here we go everyone...the 2006 World Cup draw is about to 3:20 eastern time!!!!!

I went over to today - seems that some of our friends are reading the page...thank you! So the possibility of a 3-4-5 combo of Manny-Papi-Miggy is being discussed. Keep discussing it guys and gals - you gotta know the Sox Management is peeking. While there are some naysayers claiming that Baltimore and Boston would never deal within the division - I have one question for them.

If they would never deal "in the division" - what in the hell makes you think they would do it as part of a three-way deal? Seriously...if you think that the rebuilding O's wouldn't take Marte and another blue chipper - ie. Papelbon or Dustin Pedroia for a guy who wants to leave anyways (Tejada) you are nuts...they would take it - they aren't going to be in contention for a few years. If you are a Red Sox fan who wouldn't make the deal because of the promise these two hold - I have one thing for you to think about - your own Boston Bruins. The Bruins always operated under the philosophy of just making the playoffs...they never won anything.

If you are a Sox fan...and you are this close - you have to demand that the team's management make the moves necessary to win waited 86 years for one championship - you can certain mortgage a few years down the road for a championship this upcoming year and the 2007 season.

For those who are pointing to money...I say only this. Trading for Tejada and his salary is almost offset by letting Renteria go. Manny is in the budget anyways...and so is approx $10M+ per year to sign Damon. They can do it...I bet the fans at Fenway would pay a few extra bucks for their tickets if it meant getting Damon and Tejada...PLUS keep Manny. Come on now.

If all this seems a bit much for you - I will say this. There are some members of the Nation that think that Theo Epstein is pulling all these strings - ie. planting a bug in Tejada's ear to go to that they could trade Renteria...and that after the Sox get Tejada...Theo comes back.

Didn't I say a while back that I think Theo isn't gone? ...that he will be back eventually.

All this without inside info...Thoughts of Hazel Mae may have a point once in a while...huh?

Song of the Afternoon on Hazelspeeps...because I heard it when I was out at lunch

What's Its Like - Everlast - he is from New England...

Time to go to soccernet to keep track of the draw! Back later... Red Sox Nation...keep up the discussion...Tejada for Marte and prospects. Ramirez, Papi and explosive middle of the order.

Peesth out!

Peesth out.


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