Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Weird Whacked (Whiskey) Wednesday

Hey Peeps, and anyone else checking - from those of you that have been here before to those of you that have happened upon this page for the first time. A special hey goes out to Ms. Hazel Mae.

For those of you that haven't been here before, Wednesday entries look back at the weird, the whacked and the downright silly from the world of sports over the past seven days or so. For anyone keeping track - no Port tonight...mixing things up with a bit of Bushmill's Single Malt Irish Whiskey...nice.

Deep End - Swollen Members

Once again the mighty Red Devils from Manchester fall to a Portuguese club team in Champions League play. Two years ago it was FC Porto, lead by Jose Mourinho, that ousted the European Giants - today it was the Eagles of Benfica from Lisbon at the Estadio da Luz (Stadium of Light) . Benfica, needing a win to progress to the knockout phase of the tournament (what Americans would refer to as the Sweet 16), beat Manchester United 2 - 1 tonight on goals by Geovanni and Beto.

While the prospects of Benfica equalling FC Porto's achievement of two years ago is unlikely...beating a European powerhouse (or once-powerhouse) like Malcolm Glazer's Red Devils, and picking up some extra money from UEFA is pretty sweet.

Everyone's a Winner - Hot Chocolate...none more so than the Chickenhawk.


Toronto Blue Jays President Paul Godfrey announced today that the Toronto Blue Jays were signing the 'Hawk J.P. Ricciardi to a 3 year contract extension...because as Godfrey said "Free-agents were asking if he was going to be around." That might be the biggest load of crap I have heard in a long time. I can't believe Godfrey expects people to believe that free-agents who are seeking long term GUARANTEED money are worried about a GM sticking around. Damn, I thought Theo Epstein was special...but Johnny Damon is still talking to the Sox long after Epstein left.

Steve Simmons, resident Toronto sports team hater at the Toronto Sun, wrote about the 'Hawks more notable moves - trading Cesar Izturis and Felipe Lopez...signing guys like Eric Hinske...while highlighting a couple of good moves. Simmons summed J.P.'s tenure up as one step forward and one step back. I'd say with this last dive into free-agency, J.P. is taking two steps back...acting more like a spoiled kid who didn't know how to manage his allowance. Rumours persist that Ricciardi is still holding out hope he can get Manny from the Red Sox - he is offering to go $12M per year with the Sox picking up the rest. Ya...the Sox are going to trade him to the Jays AND pick up part of the salary...gee J.P. maybe you can get them to take Eric Hinske while you are dreaming in technicolour.

Newsflash for the Jays - San Diego signed Trevor Hoffman - a proven closer - for $13M over two years, with an option...I'm sure B.J. Ryan will prove that he is worth much more than Hoffman's deal.

Desert Rose (Remix) - Sting

The Florida Marlins have now traded Josh Beckett, Guillermo Mota, Paul LoDuca, Carlos Delgado, Luis Castillo, Mike Lowell, Juan Pierre (to the Cubs today), and have allowed A.J. Burnett to go - how do they sell this to fans? How does MLB allow this to happen? What does it say to their fans? How will this impact Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis who are now doomed to years of losing...this is going to mess with these guys. Its a sad day in Florida when the D-Rays are king. Enjoy spring training I guess...speaking of spring training - Will Hazel be filing reports again? New Englanders...keep us posted.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are determined to be in the headlines each and every day - I keep hearing "Co-Stan-Zaaaaa". They sign Rafael Furcal for huge bucks, a little much if you ask me - but hey, I'm just a poor working stiff from Canada. They sign Grady Little, I'll pause for a moment while Red Sox Nation laughs... and now they want to get rid of OF Milton Bradley. Last year they let MVP Candidate Adrian Beltre order to sign Jeff Kent and J.D. Drew...this year, they are getting rid of Bradley because he doesn't get along with Jeff Kent - racial tension in the clubhouse has been speculated and reported on. Dodgers are going to look like an oatmeal cookie with "flavoured chips" in it...Furcal and Izturis are going to be pretty noticeable on that field.

Hey, how in the hell do the Boston Red Sox do it? They get a very good player in Mark Loretta for a back up catcher Doug Mirabelli. Geezus, that looks like another steal for the Sox. The Sox only question this year may be team chemistry - a lot of new players...over a 20% turnover.

I don't even know how to classify this...but it is the epitome of why there is a Weird and Whacked Wednesday entry. The National Hockey League announced earlier this week that David Frost has resigned as a registered player agent - this is the same David Frost who's one and only client (Mike Danton) was charged and convicted of trying to have Frost killed. Oh yeah, forgot to mention - Frost currently has NO NHL clients. Good of him to file paper work with the NHL so future stars know he isn't an agent anymore. Give me strength.

Three Cheers for Ottawa - Fan 590 in Toronto "You're about to get your ass kicked by the Toronto Maple Leafs!"

How would you like to be Eric Moulds of the Bills? Moulds, who has never been known to be a trouble maker, is probably going to be suspended by the Bills - for having an informed opinion. A source close to the Bills (on condition of anonymity of course) says that the Bills were upset with the fact that Mould questioned the Bills play calling after building up a 21-0 lead. Moulds comments were dead on...

Authority Song - John Cougar Mellencamp - Moulds fought authority...we'll see who wins.

Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger is going to continue playing with an injured thumb that will require surgery. Why? because they are still in it. What does this say to his fellow teammates? I am still better than you even when I can't throw the ball? I don't get this...but I'm not paid to.

Wow..have you noticed that there have been no arrests in the NFL this week? These guys must be hunkering down for the playoffs huh?

The Middle - Jimmy Eats World

Ok. My whiskey is done and so am I. Have a great one peeps...thanks to those of you that have gone to the yahoo site to vote on the poll question - results to be shared in a few weeks...but the initial returns are very positive.

Hazel, if you are reading this...hope things are groovy in your world - visit the yahoo site...some changes over the last'd like.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - with the nonsense that is going on at the winter meetings in baseball...with the fire sale in Florida...the cash the Jays are throwing around...

Koteja (Oh Bolilla) - Stewart it...listen to it. If you ask yourself what in the hell is the singer saying..what's he talking about...what's he doing? Then think of MLB Meetings.

Seriously though, its a good song (grounded in African beats)...and "Thoughts of Hazel Mae" is meant to be entertaining and informative - sports and music, this blog is a complete package - like its namesake!

NFL Picks tomorrow...Friday...Saturday - or whenever Hazel decides to wade in for a week! Hot tip of the week...Take my Cowboys to beat Hazel's Chiefs!

Peesth Out!


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