Tuesday, December 06, 2005

An Addendum to Monday's Weekend Recap

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in...a special "hey" goes to Ms. Hazel Mae if she is checking in. After watching the spanking of the Eagles last night...I had to add someone for a "Hazie".

Andre Dyson of the Seattle Seahawks gets a Hazie for his performance against the Eagles last night – Dyson had a 72 yard interception for a TD and added a 25 yard fumble return for another TD. I said it weeks ago, after Dallas crushed the Philadelphia – the Eagles are done…and I’m not just talking this year. This is the beginning of the end for them, they have no wideouts, their commitment to anything resembling a running game is tenuous at best, and their once vaunted defence has been hurt by age and free agency. To quote Hazel - … “Buh-bye” Philadelphia…back to being NFC East chumps.

I think the Blue Jays must have won the Powerball draw in the U.S. or something - Scott Miller of CBS Sportsline is reporting that the Jays signed A.J. Burnett to a 5 year/$55M deal. Burnett is the second high priced free-agent signed by the Chickenhawk…coincidentally also the second suspect signing. While Ryan had no real history as a closer (save for his great 1st half of 2005), A.J. Burnett has a history of frustrating his management and teammates. Burnett has been an enigma his whole career – world beater stuff, but little league control problems (he once walked 7 batter in pitching a no-hitter – yes, he was once part of Hazel’s Heroes rotisserie team).

Burnett represents a very big risk to the Jays, in addition to being inconsistent, Burnett has had a history of arm problems - he is benefiting from being a good pitcher in a weak free-agent class. The Jays might find themselves in the same position the Dodgers are in with Darren Dreifort – a pitcher with world class stuff who can’t seem to pull it all together.

Rumour persist that J.P. wants Manny Ramirez…more on that later.

It looks like Tuesday should be a good day for Hazel and anyone else who is an Aries. According to Canoe…

You will blow everyone away with the powerful way you take charge. You will have the chance to start something new, and it is essential that you promote it. It’s time to rebuild and step back into the fast lane. 4 stars

Song of the Morning on Hazelspeeps, for Hazel herself – going back to the eighties for this one…gotta love the “playing what we want, when we want it” radio stations – and if you are over 30, don’t pretend like you don’t know it…you know it, you loved it

Venus - Bananarama

“She’s got it…ya baby she’s got it.”

Peesth out


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