Monday, December 05, 2005

Monday's Heroes

Hey Peeps, and anyone else checking in to see who is being saluted this week on Hazel's Monday's Heroes and "the Not-So-Heroic". For those of you who have happened by here for the first time - Monday's are weekend recap entries...where a few of the more notable performances over the past week are highlighted and awarded a "Hazie." Before I get started, as always, a special "hey" goes to Ms. Hazel Mae if she is checking in to see who we would have her presenting awards to.


Given that as far as we know (or hope) Hazel is still a card carrying member of Leaf Nation, and as such, I am sure she would want to recognize the accomplishment of Mats Sundin - Captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs. This past weekend, Mats assisted on a goal by Darcy Tucker to move into 3rd place on the Maple Leafs all-time scoring list - surpassing his boyhood hero (and mine for that matter) the Borje Salming. As has come to be expected, Sundin was humble and the epitome of class when speaking to the media about passing his hero.

Lets all call a group hug for Joe Thornton, Marco Sturm, Brad Stuart and Wayne Primeau...the principles in the NHL's first shocker trade of the year. Thornton has helped San Jose to two wins (one vs the Leafs...thanks for nothing Patrick Marleau); while the others have helped the Bruins to wins in 2 of their first 3 games.

Wow, the Seahawks just returned a second INT for a TD against the Eagles...have I told you how much I really hate the Lions right now? Check yesterday's entry for more info on that...not looking forward to seeing how much I would have won had I picked the Vikes.

Carson Palmer of the Bengals (and Hazel Mae's Cowboys), in what many called a statement game, turned in a very good performance in leading his team to a 38-31 victory over the Steelers in Pittsburgh. Palmer's numbers weren't outstanding...but 3 TD passes and no INTs against that Steeler D deserves some credit. Honourable mention goes to another one of Hazel's Cowboys - T.J. Houshmanzadeh who caught 2 TD passes. Didn't I say they would have good games? Cowher must have spit up a hurricane of a storm on that sideline.

Miami backup QB Sage Rosenfels came in to replace starter Gus Frerotte, leading the Dolphins back from a 20 point deficit...what made the comeback even more impressive is that he overcame a late 4th quarter interception which looked like it had sealed Miami's fate. Rosenfels threw for 272 yards and 2 TDs. I still hate them for not covering...but it was a great story. Honourable mention goes to WR Chris Chambers who caught 15 passes for 238 yards and the game winning touchdown - I say honourable mention because he had at least 3 drops that could have put him over 300 yards and COVERED the spread.

Ronde Barber of the Tampa Bay Bucs had 3 INT against Aaron Brooks of the New "Nomad" Orleans Saints on Sunday. While the Saints are having a brutal is still an impressive feat. For anyone wondering - no New Orleans Saints player will be listed in the "Not-So-Heroic" category for the year...they have gone through enough this year.

Clinton Portis of the much hated Washington Redskins ran for 136 on 27 carries and had two TDs.

Deshaun Foster of the Carolina Panthers also had a very good game on Sunday - running for 131 yards on 24 carries and adding 49 yards on 3 receptions - for good measure he had 2 TDs - one on the ground and one through the air.

Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin of the Cardinals (and you guessed it - Hazel Mae's Cowboys) both had very very good games on Sunday - the thing was against the 49ers - and it seems like everyone beats up on my question is, do they get an award? or honourable mention?

Hazel's Kansas City Chiefs get a collective award for beating the Denver Broncos - while no one had a great game...everyone contributed with something. You gotta know there has to be footage of Vermeil crying after the game.

Funny thing...all four teams that played on Thanksgiving Thursday lost yesterday after a 10 day layoff.

Have I told you that I am really really hating the Detroit Lions? 28-0 and no signs of an Eagles comeback.

My anger with a few NFL teams this past weekend has already been documented. So I'm going to keep this one short and sweet (alright, keep it down peeps...stop the mock applause).

Our old friend Vanderlei Luxembourgo, Manager of the Galacticos of Real Madrid, was fired yesterday by the Spanish giants. Why is this getting mention here? Well, in last year's campaign, the arrogant Brazilian benched Luis Figo midway through the season...with no rhyme or reason. The Manager claimed that Figo couldn't cut it anymore...when most observers noted that he had been Real's best player over the past two seasons. Luxembourgo instead kept playing uber-disappointing David Beckham (who was making the team money...but playing like crap.

So Vanderlei, Figo is enjoying a good season at Inter...he will lead Portugal to glory in 2006 (which Hazel will of course broadcast to all of New England)...and you were canned. Nice knowing ya.

That's about it for the weekend recap...given that Hazel is a nighthawk (doing sportsdesk) its not too late to post her horoscope for today...from

You can do anything you set your mind to. Make a point of letting the people in your life know how you feel and what your intentions are. A financial opportunity looks promising. 4 stars

I hope Hazel's day and evening has been that good.

So that's about it for me tonight...have a great one peeps and anyone else checking in; thanks for taking the time to stop by. Hazel, if you are checking in...I hope things are groovy in your world.

35-0 for the Seahawks after another defensive TD. I love watching the Eagles suffer.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - no real theme tonight, but on the drive into work today...I heard a song by one of Hazel's favourites

I Go Blind - Hootie and the Blowfish (song originally penned by 54/40 from Vancouver).

Peesth out.


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