Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Weird Wednesday Part I

Hey Peeps, and anyone else checking into to get an early glimpse of the Wednesday’s edition of the Weird, Whacked and Silly in the world of sports over the past seven days. A special hey goes to Ms. Hazel Mae if she has taken a few minutes out of her day to stop by.

Before the season started, I had joked about Hazel stepping in to convince Joe Thornton and John Ferguson Jr. that Joe would be a great fit in Toronto…at a discounted price…for the love of the Leafs (ya, I’m crazy…but that’s the beauty of being a member of Leaf Nation – it makes perfect sense to us…Red Sox Nation understands this logic). Well, we didn’t get Joe…but:

According to a hockey leaks blogger, the Bruins and the Leafs are discussing a trade that would see B’s winger Glen Murray go to Toronto for Nik Antropov and Ken Klee – while I would love to see this trade made, I can’t see it happening for a number of reasons:

1) O’Connoll wouldn’t deal a power-forward like Murray to a team in the division – it would come back to haunt him…and Bruins’ fans would never let him forget it.

2) Can the Leafs really afford to give up their number 3 or 4 D-man in Klee to a division rival? Same thing with Murray going to Toronto…the trade could haunt Ferguson Jr.

3) Salary cap issues for Toronto…adding Murray would up their payroll by about $1.1M … can’t see them doing that this early in the season.

4) His last name is O’Connoll…not Milbury.

So I don’t see it happening…but if you told me a couple of weeks ago that the Bruins would trade Joe Thornton to the Sharks for Sturm, Stuart and Primeau…I would have said you were nuts, so who knows – after all, its Wednesday! Hazel if you can swing this would be great.

The Florida fire sale continues.

The Blue Jays’ J.P. Ricciardi is acting like he’s Richard Pryor in that movie “Brewster’s Millions” - and he is being taken to task by Scott Miller of CBS.

The Dodgers (yes, my dodgers) are doing their best to be the least diverse team in MLB.

The Yankees and Red Sox have been relatively quiet for a week or so…Things that make you go “hmmmm”.

Money is coming your way. You’ve been through a lot in the past, and now it’s time to say enough is enough, I want things my way. Attend events that will allow you to network with people who can help you get ahead. 3 stars –

Don’t know about Hazel…but this works for me today, new job starting soon, new digs…though I'm not sure on the "networking" thing.

That’s about it for now…heading out of here for the day – more to come tonight. Hazel, I hope you are having a groovy day.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps…talking about NHL Salary Cap implications...The Chickenhawk throwing it the Florida Marlins trying to save it...and the Sox and Yankees sitting on it.

Money - Pink Floyd

"Money, it's a hit - don't give me that
do goody good - bullshit."

Peesth Out!


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