Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wednesday Morning Hangover

Hey peeps and anyone checking in this Wednesday morning or whenever - thanks for stopping by.

Suffering this morning - Nyquil hangovers are always tough to wake up from (yes I had Nyquil after my moonshine-laced lemon tea).

I've had some interesting/funny stuff mailed to me (at my work address - in my real life) about some of the happenings in the world of sports. One of the topics of discussion is whether or not ping pong (sorry...."table tennis") is a real sport - I won't bore everyone with the details of the discussion. My position on this is, if table tennis is a sport - then so is golf, so is bowling etc - which is NOT scoring points with me 20-something co-workers/colleagues/friends. Hazel, if you are peeking in...what do you think? Is table tennis a sport? What about golf? (I'm guessing you would say "hell ya" to golf).

Of note for tonight - the headline you won't read oin Canadian sports pages, or even New England for that matter "What the Foulke happened to Hinske's nipple?" CBS sportsline had a recap of the Sox-Jays game (I have to say again, gotta love when Ortiz hits those HRs/Dongs) - the recap included a report about a heated exchange between Eric Hinske and Keith Foulke...after Foulke plunked Hinske in the 7th. During post game interviews, it was reported that Hinske had a bag of ice taped to his nipple - I'll shut up now...but more to come later on Hinske.

Shaq lives up to his branding! Shaq's off-season job is that of modern-day Superman.

Another one of Hazel's boys in trouble - Larry Johnson of the Kansas City Chiefs got himself in some trouble with police, a case of domestic violence. The theme song for the K.C. Chiefs this year should be "I fought the law" by the Clash (yes, yes, a remake of the original...but you can't beat Joe Strummer's edgy voice and Mick Jones' powerful guitar - LOVE THE CLASH).

Something I didn't need this morning - with my head all clouded up...a phone call to talk to me about a job offer - tomorrow. I soooo can't do this...but, being a typical male - the woman who called to talk to me is very nice...and she's pretty hot (we've worked together before) I accepted. You can all groan now...what can I say, a Nyquil hangover kind of day.

New addition to Thoughts of Hazel Mae...Hazel's Horoscope (see what Nyquil does to your judgement?) - for Wednesday (though she probably won't see it in time...if at all).

"Get involved. Be a participant - active and agressive in going after your goals. You will get the help you need in going after your goals." 4 star day.

Given that this is also my horoscope...I should be a little bit more enthusiastic about the call I got this morning...operative word "should" gets trumped by the after effects of Nyquil.

On the drive in this morning...a great song...listen to it - no explanation needed.

Iris - Goo Goo Dolls

Have a groovy day gang (especially you Hazel).

Peesth Out.


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