Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Monday Night Recap - Tuesday Trophies from Hazel

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in - whether you are a regular, semi-regular, a first timer...or Ms. Hazel Mae herself (stranger things have happened) - thank you for taking a few minutes to stop by.

So on Mondays I highlight some of the more notable performances in the world of sports - from those that deserve applause and kudos...to those that leave you wondering "what in the hell were they thinking or doing?" So if there were actual awards for Hazel to hand out...she'd be doing it on Mondays; but since I didn't get back last night (wow the Chiefs got smoked) I'm doing it Tuesday.

Over the last few years, the NFL and its players seem to make headlines for the off-field activities almost as often as their on-field accomplishments; often for the wrong reasons, with players being arrested for a variety of offences from assault and batter to reckless driving, to drug abuse and worse.

I don't know if you caught this or not, I would suspect that anyone checking in from New England would know this, but Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis (former Patriots offensive coordinator) did a truly great thing for a young fan. The coles notes version of the story is that Weis visited a family who had a son that was dying of cancer - this little boy was a huge Fighting Irish fan and was thrilled to see Weis show up. Weis regaled the boy with stories of his days at Notre Dame with Joe Montana (the boy's name was Montana...after the 49ers QB) and talked football with the young boy. Weis promised the boy that he would allow the boy to call the first play of last weekend's game - pass right. Weis kept his promise to the boy, calling pass right on the Fighting Irish's first play of the game...the sad part is that the young boy died Friday night. Weis of course downplayed the incident, not wanting to draw too much attention to it (avoiding any "win one for the gipper" like stories) - for those that don't know, Mr. Weis has a severely challenged- child with an affliction very similar to autism. What a class act Charlie Weis is...what the NFL, past and present, should be about. Weis is definitely a Monday (Tuesday) Hero.

I gotta think Hazel would have covered that story on her nightly newscast...right? Can I get some confirmation on that?

This past weekend in the NFL was highlighted by some "heroic" performances at the RB position - it seems that most of this weeks headlines makers started in backfields across the league.

Shaun Alexander of the Seahawks - he rushes for 140 yards and FOUR freakin' TDs. You can pass it off by saying it was the Cardinals...but FOUR FREAKIN' TIMES? Great performance.

LaDanian Tomlinson of the Chargers - he rushes 21 times for 192 yards, scores two TDs and even throws for one. The Giants had no answer for him...memo to Drew Brees, if you think you can go out and chase Free Agents bucks next year without LT...think again.

Corey Dillon of the Patriots - his numbers weren't staggering; 61 yards on 21 carries - but he had two TDs (one great 7 yd run) and the threw THREE great blocks while picking up Steeler blitzes, saving Brady's can and allowing Brady to complete passes to keep drives alive. Dillon was seen as a bad apple in Cincinnati...bet Boston doesn't agree. Hazel had to be all over Dillon's performance...I'm sure she likes hard-nosed football.

Brian Westbrook of the Eagles - he rushes for 68 yards and a TD, he cathes 6 passes for 140 yds and a TD...and T.O thinks HE is worth more than $7M...I think Westbrook will have something to say about that before its all said and done...in case you are wondering - yes I hate the damn Eagles.

Cadillac Williams of the Buccaneers - rushed for 158 yards (on a sprained foot) and sets a record for most rushing yards in first three games of his career. The kid has heart...Mike Alstott is becoming an afterthought Tampa Bay...Warrick Dunn may already be.

Adam Vinatieri of the Patriots - the only kicker that will get Hero mention on this page...he just does it too often and rarely if ever with a gimme...the guy is money...from 30, 40 or even 48! Wish the Cowboys had him.

There were some guys who get honourable mention - Steve Smith of the Panthers and Thomas Jones of the Bears come to mind...but they didn't win. Enough said.

David Ortiz - why? Just because he is Big Papi. Seriously...I saw a stat on him the other day - at time, he had 42 HRs (buh bye Mr. Spalding as Hazel would say) - 17 of them came in the 7th inning or later, 4 of them were walkoffs -that my friends and fellow Hazelspeeps is MONEY.

Manny Ramirez - on another HR tear...had hit 5 HRs in 4 games last week...pickin up for Big Papi.

Jimmy Rollins of the Phillies - 31 game hitting streak, hitting HRs every couple of games...putting the Phillies on his back as they compete for a wild-card.

Who else but Luis Figo of Inter Milan - last year, Milan had trouble winning games - at one point they were undefeated with something like 8 or 10 ties to go along with 6 wins...this year is a different story...Inter won two games this past week, by a score of 1-0. Figo set up both game winning goals with crosses from the wing...something Inter lacked last year. Inter and Chelsea in Champions League final...and Portugal in 2006 - right Hazel?

These were some of the more notable sports figures to catch my attention this week...feel free to agree...to disagree...to dispute or submit a few of your own.

As always, there were a few that didn't quite make the grade...the "not so heroic".

Remember how I started off by saying NFL players make headlines for the wrong reasons...this week's NFL Round-up/Wrap Sheet.

John Henderson of the Jags - domestic battery against his girlfriend

Bryant McKinnie and Marcus Johnson of the Vikings - "a scuffle at a gas station early (3 am) in the morning" think about it... a "scuffle" at a gas station...roid rage maybe?

If you have read the page...you know that I wasn't one to jump all over Rafael Palmeiro and the mess he got himself into this season. I was never about kicking a man when he is down...but Raffy's crossed the line when he talked about Miguel Tejada giving him a B-12 injection...bad form Raffy...very bad form. No more support from "Thoughts of Hazel Mae".

A.J. Burnett and Miguel Cabrera of the Marlins - both of whom for all intents and purposes gave up on their team down the stretch. Burnett has gone on record as saying he won't resign cuz he can't stand Manager Jack McKeon...Cabrera was suspended for conduct detrimental to team.

Erik Hinske...just for being Hinske. Ok, I'm being hard on him now.

Jeremy Roenick, is out again with another concussion after a clean but very hard hit by Denis Gauthier of the Coyotes. Roenick complained about there being a lack of respect in the NHL..how the hit should never have been delivered "cuz you don't do that in pre-season". This is the dumbest thing I have heard him say...and you know how freakin dumb he is. Jeremy is angry cuz the guy delivered a hit in pre-season - to follow Roenick's logic, it would be ok to do it in regular season or playoffs. Roenick is famous for never letting up...having delivered some bone-crunching and borderline vicious hits in his career. Some of Roenick's hits have been delivered with the clear intent to injure...and somehow that is ok because it is the regular season? I don't see the logic...think about it...

Well, that is about it for tonight...going to catch the very end of the Jays/Sox game...the Jays came back and have the lead in the bottom of the eighth...can anyone say walk off HR in the ninth by Big Papi?

Goodnight peeps...here's hoping that things are good with one and all...goodnight to anyone who isn't a "peep" (check it out...and show your support for Hazel)...and finally a shout out to Hazel herself (if she's peeking in)...here's hoping that things are groovy in your world, must be a really exciting time for you in Boston (this page will keep you up to date on the Leafs and Leaf Nation this winter).

The Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps...to highlight the game winning crosses by my man Figo...to mark the slashing running style of LaDanian Tomlinson, and Carnell "Cadillac" Williamson...to what pitchers must be thinking when they see Big Papi and "Manny Rrrrrrameeerrrrez", to Jeremy Roenick's eyesight after Denis Gauthier's hit...the one...the only

Kriss Kross and their one hit - Jump Jump

The mack daddy make ya
Jump Jump
Kriss Kross make ya
Jump Jump

Have a great one...thanks for stopping by.

Peesth out.


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