Thursday, September 29, 2005

A Week's Worth Of Thought - Or Not

Hey peeps, and anyone checking in - whether you are a semi-regular or a first time visitor...a special "hey" if you happen to be Hazel Mae.

It's been a while since I have posted, which brings to mind "Try Again" by Aaliyah, ft. Timberland -
"Been a long time,
I shouldn't have left you
Without a dope beat to
Step to, step to"

Busy week in my world...but hey, none of you really care, so lets get at it. Since I missed last Wednesday's recap of the weird, whacked and downright silly in the world of sports, I'll start off with that.

You Can't Hide Your Lyin' Eyes
Last Wednesday's CFL game between the Ottawa Renegades and Hazel's hometown Toronto Argonauts was, from an officiating standpoint, at best a joke - in reality a farce. As usual, the game was chock-full of suspect calls from referees...with most of the questionable and downright retarded calls going against Ottawa - one really took the damn cake. In the third quarter, with the Argos driving, John Avery fumbles the ball deep in Ottawa territory; the ball is picked up by Ottawa DB Greg Moss who returns it for a touchdown. The Renegades are lining up to kick the extra point, when the Argos start pointing to the Jumbotron at the Rogers Centre (Hazel's old stomping grounds for Blue Jays games) - the referees watch the replay, confer amongst themselves and then claim Avery was down by contact and take 6 points off the board. Replays were inconclusive - though TSN analysts thought Avery was down, and therefore the right call was made. The point is that there is no replay call in the CFL...and they had originally called it a touchdown (no whistle was heard during the play).

The CFL's slogan used to be "Our Balls Are Bigger" - the referees proved that last night...cuz they had to have a set of bowling balls to make the call they did...only in the CFL.

Speaking of the CFL, Edmonton gets their cans handed to them by the woeful Hamilton Tiger Cats, and the BC Lions lose another game...this time to Saskatchewan. And Ottawa couldn't beat the Argos, ever hear of things coming in 3's - unfortunately not in the CFL this past week.

Under the category of "Maybe you would be better off without him..." Another one of Hazel's K.C. Chiefs is in trouble again...this time its the coaching staff. No, Vermeil hasn't be cited for public crying or anything like that...this one is even better. Tight Ends coach Jason Verduzco, had a run in with K.C's finest (no, not Danni from what abs) and was sprayed with mace when he became aggressive after being refused entry to the stadium. Verduzco is said to have bumped an officer with the bumper of his SUV. Given Tony Gonzalez's numbers over the first four weeks of the season...I wonder if Vermeil had Verduzco stopped outside. Note to Hazel...your Chiefs could use your could your Cowboys - cuz Green and Gonzalez aren't doing a damn thing for the team named after you...

Just wondering...if the NFL wants to sell the game outside of North America...just what in the hell where they thinking when they came up with San Francisco and Arizona matchup. Someone deserves to be canned for that one...don't you think? Hazel...who would you have scheduled for a game in Mexico? An afterthought on the game...Suzy Kolber's delivery leaves a hell of a lot to be desired - she comes off as trying to hard to sound like a football coach, every story sounds like a "Win one for the Gipper" deal... I know Hazel has a lot of respect for Suzy...but all the same, I'd rather see Hazel on the ESPN or ABC sidelines...but that's just me...can I get a "Whoooooooooooooa Hazel!!!!!!!!!!"

Hazel, if you are checking or peeking in...can you (or anyone else for that matter) answer each or any of the following questions:
  • When did Brett Favre get so damn old?
  • What happened to K.C.'s week 1 and 2 defence
  • Where is Dallas' secondary?
  • Who kidnapped Priest Holmes?
  • What made anyone think that Minnesota would be better WITH Culpepper and WITHOUT Moss?
  • What makes anyone think a Marty Schottenheimer coached team will win anything? (ask Cleveland Brown fans).
Just a few of the questions that I'm asking myself four weeks into the NFL season...I'm not going to ask anything about the Patriots...they have 13 weeks to right themselves in a week division.

Da DaDa - Da Da DaDaDaDaDaDaDaDaDa - Theme From Pink Panther
A law professor at the University of Iowa has received death threats - why you ask? Well, it seems the professor had criticized his university for having the visiting team's locker room painted in pink - claiming that it demeans women and perpetuates negative stereotypes against homosexuals... Hazel has on occasion worn pink, and it sure as hell doesn't demean her in any way shape or form (someone posted a picture of her on the yahoo pink...breathtaking is an understatement).

So last week, earlier in the week, the Indians looked like a lock for the Wild Card in the American League - they were on fire, playing great, getting good pitching and timely hitting (Hafner was unconscious a couple of weeks ago) and it all falls apart. The Indians blew it by losing to the White Sox, the same Sox who had already clinched the Central....the Red Sox lose the Division to the Yankees, but win the Wild Card the next day. Go figure.

More to come on baseball heard it here first...Angels and Red Sox in the American League Championship Series. Cards and Astros in the National League.

The season hasn't started and "the experts" are picking the Ottawa "Senatards" to win the Cup...and the Leafs to miss the playoffs - don't you love "experts". Dominic Hasek wouldn't inspire a lot of confidence in me; and the fact that some of Ottawa's defencemen are whining about the rules (Chara and Phillips), tells me this isn't going to be a Cup year for Ottawa. You can feel free to sing "Three Cheers for Ottawa".

Non-Sports Related
Found a funny link related to Jim Rome, in "non-sports related" cuz Rome is just that. I was out at lunch and had to listen to him talk to the city of Philadelphia...the same crap he was peddling to Boston a couple of months ago...who in the hell "Doesn't get a sports show"? If you have to explain it to them...or beg listeners to keep listening...well...Jim Rome breaks his cardinal rule...HE SUCKS.

Alright all, that is about it for tonight...Monday's recap will come tomorrow...a day late and a few brain cells short. Have a great and all. Hazel, if you are peeking in...have a groovy week, I'm sure it'll be a wild week in Boston - I think Hazel Karma will definitely be a factor in this year's run.

The Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps at yahoo... I started off with "Try Again" by Aaliyah...which would fit tonight's entry. So now it's editor's choice...for the MLB playoffs...

Centerfield - John Fogarty

"Put me in coach
I'm ready to play"

Hazel in her Jays hat...I'd put her in Centerfield (though she is renowned to be quite the pitcher).
Peesth out peeps.


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