Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Whacked Wednesday = My Pool Picks

Hey peeps and anyone else checking in (especially if your name happens to be Hazel Mae) - thanks for stopping by.

If this is your first time here, Wednesday entries take a look back at the weird, whacked and downright silly events of the last seven days in the world of sports - with Week 1 of the NFL about to kick off in Hazel's backyard... I thought it fitting that my pool picks for this upcoming week be featured here. (Memo to Hazel Mae if she's peeking...if you want in on any of these "Canadian" pools...I'll enter you, I'll cover your entry fee, I'll even register your weekly picks...Hell, I'd be more than willing to take your expert advice for my own picks).

It was a relatively sane week in the world of sports - nothing that would really be considered outrageous or really whacked...but some strange and silly occurances nonetheless.

Barry Bonds "might" be back tonight for the Giants - I find this a little strange. I wonder how his teammates will welcome him back...while the Giants were floundering, Bonds never talked about returning - he didn't even rehab with the team. With the Giants clinging to a slim hope of catching San Diego - he announces he may make it back this year. This promises to be entertaining...especially if they fall out of the race with him in the lineup.

Baltimore Orioles called up prospect Walter Young - in and of itself, calling up a prospect in September isn't whacked, weird or silly...but young Walter stands 6'5" and "tips" the scales at 322 lbs (Walter was a favourite of the Ottawa media when he was with the Lynx this year). Watching Young hit against the Jays tonight...he looked like a Raven's OL up there.

I heard yesterday that going into tonight's game vs. the Yankees, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays had won 10 or 14 against the Bronx Bombers - after tonight, make it 10 of 15...I don't think I can come up with anything that you haven't come up with yourself. Maybe that's why Tampa wouldn't fire Sweet Lou - he knew how to beat the Yankees...Maybe John Henry covered Lou's salary to keep him down there.

Lloyd McClendon was fired by the Pittsburgh Pirates - why I don't really's not like he had anything to work with. From what I have read about Lloyd, and what I have heard, he was by all accounts a solid manager...good tactitian...he just had a bad team. Good luck to whoever takes the job - first order of business maybe be to kick the crap out of Dave Duncan of the Cardinals.

Unrestricted Free Agent Peter Bondra has a whole new take on the NHL's collective bargaining agreement and salary cap. Bondra has taken the term "collective bargaining" literally - reports indicate that 37 year old Bondra rejected Washington's offer of a 1 year/ $1.5 M contract - and is countering with a 2 year/$5-6 Million contract with a no trade clause included. Bondra and his agent think this is a good deal for Washington...comparing him to Ziggy Palffy. I'll let you figure that one out.

The NFL in its infinite wisdom has accepted the New York Giants offer to let the New Orleans Saints use Giants Stadium to host their scheduled Week 2 matchup (which was to take place in the Superdome) - the only thing is the game is against the damn essence giving them 9 freaking home dates this year. Parcells was fuming, but reserved comment on the word if he suffered a mild stroke or not.

In the continuing saga of the Philadelphia Eagles...T.O is ready to kiss and make up with Chunky Soup man Donovan McNabb. You know this has more to do with the fact that T.O hasn't seen himself on tv for the last few days...than with Eagles' team harmony. Maybe T.O just wants to hear Hazel talk about never know, he may have buddies in Boston.

World Cup Qualifying today - Portugal and Russia ended in a scoreless draw today (in Russia), meaning that Portugal now needs 1 win in its final two games (against minnows in UEFA) to move on to Germany...I'm guessing Hazel didn't report on UEFA tonight.

Of note in today's action - England lost against 116th ranked Northern Ireland. That has to merit mention on a Wednesday...this loss was particularly hard to take as England's Manager, Sven-Goran Eriksson, has gone on record as saying England can compete with Mike Myers (Wayne's World) used to say...SHAAAAAA RIIIIIIGHT. The reaction of the English media and fans over the next few days promises to be entertaining.

And now for the really NFL picks for the week...for various pools -

Fantasy Football -
Hazel Mae's Cowboys'
QB - Trent Green, Chiefs
RB - Stephan Jackson, Rams
WR - Javon Walker, Packers
WR - Plaxico Burress, Giants
WR - Larry Fitzgerald, Cards
WR - T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Bengals

K - John Kasay, Panthers

D - Roy Williams, Cowboys
D - Julian Peterson, 49ers
D - Simeon Rice, Bucs

No Spreads - ranked with negatives attributed for wrong picks
New England - 16
Minnesota - 15
Washington - 14
St. Louis - 13
Carolina - 12
Cincinnati - 11
Pittsburgh - 10
Indianapolis - 9
Denver - 8
Jacksonville - 7
Kansas City - 6 (not putting too much faith in Hazel's boys this early)
Green Bay - 5
Dallas - 4
NY Giants - 3
Houston - 2
Atlanta - 1

Update to come on Monday.

Spread - ranked (no negatives)
16 - Cincinnati -3.5
15 - St. Louis -4.5
14 - Washington -6.5
13 - Indianapolis -3.5
12 - New England -7.5
11 - Denver -4.5
10 - Jacksonville -3.5
9 - Panthers -6.5
8 - Steelers -7.5
7 - Vikings -6.5
6 - Packers +2.5
5 - Cowboys +4.5
4 - Cards +2.5
3 - Chiefs -3.5
2 - Texans +4.5
1- Atlanta +1.5

and there you have can start laughing now...or provide suggestions before 8 pm on Thursday. I'm open to suggestions.

With Week 1 of the NFL coming up...with my pool picks out there for all to see and laugh at (last chance to join the pool Hazel...your opinion is welcome throughout the year)...The Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps at Yahoo is

Gimme Hope Johanna - Eddie Grant
(a reggae hit from the 80's)

Gimme Hope Johanna
Gimme Hope Johanna
Gimme Hope Johanne
Before the morning comes.

Have a great one peeps...hope things are groovy in your world.

Peesth out.


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