Friday, September 02, 2005

Here Comes The Weekend

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in - from those of you are that regulars or semi-regulars to those of you that have happened on this page for this first time...thanks for taking the time to stop by.

Ok... I gotta say one the latest member of the peeps (joined tonight) - man...I don't even wanna know what your handle means (you say you are a big Hazel Mae I'll take your word for it) but do you really wanna keep that handle? Even with the "mullet" in it? I just don't know...but hey, the peeps are a diverse and varied bunch of characters (witnessed by their emails).

A long weekend ahead of us...why is it that long weekends always start off with exhausting days? Why is it that a long weekend gives everyone a right to stir up a hornet's nest...because "we have to get this done today...since it is a long weekend and we won't be back til Tuesday." ummm YA...ok? and? It's not important I guess - on a personal note, found out that this fall is gonna be freaking busy...with me having two major deliverables to go to freakin Parliament (in less than 10 weeks no less) - so that means the updates might be spaced out a bit more - oh I can hear you all crying right now (all three of you that keep checking back here and increasing the views - hahahaha).

Ok...a sip of tonight's Port (W&J Graham's 20 Year Old Tawny Port...nice) and away we go.

The Labour Day weekend didn't start off that well - the Renegades had their cans handed to them by Montreal. They looked awful against Winnipeg going into their bye week a couple of weeks ago...and they looked just as bad tonight, if not the second half anyways.

The extent of my NFL update for tonight is the result of my fantasy football draft from last night - my team, a.k.a Hazel Mae's Cowboys made out pretty good for an expansion team. For those of you that don't know, Hazel's favourite NFL team was the Chiefs - no word on whether or not she is a Pats convert (maybe she'll peak in and give us a hint - maybe not)...anyways, the "Cowboys" is for my favourite team - I had to strike a compromise. So Hazel Mae's Cowboys look like this for the upcoming season:

Trent Green - KC ...Yes I heard about the stent put in his leg....but if Trent himself isn't worried, and if Hazel isn't worried, neither am I.

Carson Palmer - Cincinnati...supposed to be a breakout year for him...we'll see.

Stephen Jackson - St. Louis...He takes over the full-time duties for Marshall Faulk...looks like the real deal...a faster version of Eric Dickerson

Duce Staley - Pittsburgh...Pains me to take a Steeler who happens to be a former Eagle...but there wasn't many RBs left when I got him

Tony Gonzalez - KC...what can you say? The best TE in the league...again. Right Hazel? (feel free to chime in anytime if you are reading this)

Randy McMichael - Miami...If the Dolphins are half as bad as people think they are going to be...Frerotte will be looking to dump plenty of balls off to Randy...before getting killed by the oncoming rush.

Javon Walker - Green Bay...Just sign the Packers you are worth the money you are asking for. Give them another monster year...don't go T.O on me

Larry Fitzgerald & Anquan Boldin - Arizona...These two should build on last year's season, especially with scruffy Kurt Warner throwing to them. Let's hope these two are thunder and lightning.

Plaxico Burress - NY Giants...I can't believe I picked a former Steeler who is a current Giant. He was a big free-agent signing - he had better live up to it. He's going to start the year on the bench I think - but he's big, he's strong, he's got great hands...he's gotta get some TDs...doesn't he?

T.J. Houshmandzadeh - Cincinnati...A steal where I got him, he should benefit from Palmer's breakout year and a lot of attention being paid to Chad "T.O Jr." Johnson. Hazel, better brush up on T.J's name and pronounciation - sorry, but I hope its a name you have to repeat over and over on your Sunday night anyone else reading...say his name five times - come on, try it.

Lawrence Tynes - KC...Former Renegade for my liking, current Chief for Hazel's liking...and he beat up a bouncer outside a bar...gotta be to everyone's liking...doesn't it?

Defensive Players
Roy Williams - Dallas...The man! Does anyone hit harder than this guy? Does anyone else look better exploding into a guy? Roy is the real deal...with this year's defense...WATCH OUT McNabb and T.O.

Simeon Rice - TB ...A sack machine again...we hope. Maybe he will be inspired by Chuckie! Chuckie! Chuckie!

Julian Peterson - San Francisco...Again it hurts to take a 49er...but he is a franchise player and a difference maker on D.

Bertrand Berry - Arizona...A steal in the last round I would say. 14.5 sacks last's hoping for a repeat.

Ok...I think that's it for tonight. It's been a freaking long day and I want to go download Stain'd new song..."Right Here Waiting" I think its called. Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by...let me know what you think of Hazel's Cowboys (if you want)...and have yourself a great weekend. Hazel, if you are checking in...Have yourself a groovy long've earned it!

The Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps, since there isn't really a theme tonight - I guess I could have went with the old instrumental - NFL Round UP...with my analysis/justification/hopes serving as the John Facenda voice over. I give you

Here Comes The Weekend - The Jam
(a great song from the 80's...if you don't know The Jam...find some of their music...its worth it. The Lead Singer for the British Mod/Punk band - Paul Weller - went on to front Style Council...they got a bit more acclaim in the U.S.) If Hazel hasn't heard the Jam...I pull something together.

Peesth Out.


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