Thursday, September 01, 2005

An Addendum To Wacked Wednesday

Hey peeps, don't know if anyone is checking into today... Thursdays aren't normally a post day (hey wait, that would assume that people check in here every day...could it be?)

A few events that were overlooked yesterday that merit some mention for a weird Wednesday. Let's start with the centre of the universe (summer only) Boston and the Red Sox (I can see Red Sox Nation nodding in agreement - the centre of the universe in winter is Toronto - home of the Maple Leafs).

Kevin Milar hits two HRs last night against Tampa Bay, the second one being the eventual game winner. The same Kevin Millar who has been having a miserable season, the same Kevin Millar that Sox fans have been railing on, the same Kevin Millar who told a Boston newspaper that he understood that Olerud should be playing ahead of him...bear with me here for a second.

Millar is having a bad season, he gets mention on this page for putting the team's interests ahead of his own...being nominated one of the Monday Morning Heroes on "Thoughts of Hazel Mae" and he goes on a mini-tear hitting three HRs and is contributing to some wins...coincidence? or Hazel Karma (albeit indirectly)...I'll go with the latter. On the subject of HRs...does anyone look better hitting a HR than David Ortiz? You can almost feel the power when he does that little hop - actually Jr.'s still got a sweet swing too...He's a big reason why Hazel's Heroes are leading my roto league in HRs.

Doug Mirabelli steals his second base of the season last night against Tampa - his SECOND base. Jaaayzus, it's been years since I have caught...but I could throw Mirabelli out for chrysss sakes. I bet Hazel could throw him out too...Mike Toth from Sportsnet used to brag about Hazel's pitching arm (who cares if it was softball).

Boomer Wells apologizes to MLB...I'll let you decide how sincere it was (for the record...I don't mind the fact that is he outspoken when he calls his shots - MLB is a farce)

Rafael Palmeiro uses earplugs and somehow it becomes a major news item...I don't get it. He used earplugs...I don't blame him...why would he want to listen to the boos and catcalls. I'm not condoning what he did...but if you are going to try to humiliate the guy for earplugs...damn, go look for a story - leave the guy alone...criminals don't get this much attention.

K..that's it for now. While it isn't a song of the day I wrap up this entry...I'm groovin at my desk to

Fresh Off The Boat - Nelly Furtado
(a great song that any 1st generation immigrant or immigrant kid in the 70's and early 80's would appreciate).

Hazel, if you are checking in...hope things are groovy in your world.

Peesth out.


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