Monday, September 05, 2005

Recapping a Long Weekend

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in (especially if you happen to be Hazel Mae) - welcome and thank you for taking the time to stop by. I hope your long weekend was a safe and happy one - it was a glorious weekend here...could have asked for a better weekend weather wise.

So, Mondays are now "taking stock" days...where we look at who has made headlines for the right and wrong reasons? I started out calling it Hazel's Heroes and Zeros - but "Zeros" is a bit of a harsh we'll look at the week's Heroes...and the "not so heroic" (Note to the peeps - is that better? See? I'm listening...though I'm not sure I agree that Hazel would object to the term Zeros being used...she's supposed to have a sense of humour...remember?)

There is one person who really stood head and shoulders above everyone else this past week - Joe Horn of the New Orleans Saints. There have been a number of stories about athletes going to help survivors of Hurricane Katrina - the most notable may be the Manning brothers, Peyton and Eli...who help distribute food and supplies to those in need. But I read a story about Joe Horn, who went down to see survivors and spent time with them. Horn was quoted as saying "they need to feel me...they need to see and feel that we's why I'm down here." Horn spent the day playing with kids, spending time listening to survivors stories...and just being there.

I think what I was most impressed with was that Horn was down there amongst the masses...he got right in there. You get so used to seeing "spokespersons" - who do a lot to raise awareness of events and injustices...but Horn spent time with those people...his presence lifted their spirits. Big time props to Joe Horn... I'm sure Hazel would concur.

This past weekend saw UEFA playing World Cup Qualifiers - Portugal beat Luxembourg 6 - 0 on Saturday (game played in southern resort city of Faro). The "notables" were of course...Luis Figo, who has made quite the impression since returning to the National Team - setting up the first two goals and controlling the early part of the game. Figo imposed his will in the early part of the game...backing off when the game was well in hand.

Also on Saturday, Pauleta scored twice in the victory - bringing his international total to 41 goals...two short of Portuguese legend Eusebio (one the the World's best strikers in the late 60's and early 70's - he was legendary...Europe's answer to Pele). So, for the striker from the little island of Sao Miguel, Acores...a shout out from across the ocean - Hazel's gotta like a guy like Pauleta...he's works hard, he's humble...and he's from an island - what's not to like?

For Canadian readers - Milt Steagall of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers set a CFL record for touchdown receptions. Steagall has always been a pretty classy guy, so you have to give him his due, he is now officially one of the CFL's greatest receivers.

We'll leave it at that for now...I won't even mention that Kevin Millar hit another HR this weekend...nope, not me.

The "Not So Heroic" (ZEROS)
Did anyone get a load of Barry Bonds today? I just saw Bonds talking about how great it is to be back working out with his teammates...being out on the field...talking about how he is happy to be back in a S.F Giant uniform. Being back with teammates? HUH? Bonds is noted for being a loner...a guy who turned his locker into his own personal little bachelor style pad. Give me a break...back with teammates - tell that to Jeff Kent, a former Giant.

The Baltimore Orioles and the cover up for sending Rafael Palmeiro home to Texas - the O's management was in fine form, talking about his injured knee and ankle...and how they hope to have him back for the last 10 games or so - that is so insulting, that it is offensive. The fact that they commented on it at all shows that they must think fans are complete idiots. I'm not letting Palmeiro off the hook either - for going along with this charade.

There are a few people I'd like to nominate here - but their only crime was to screw up my pro-line tickets...and it would be petty to put them in this category for that.

In a non-related sports nomination - one of the guys from Hazelspeeps sent me a link to a message board where it would seem that its ok to take someone's picture and desecrate it for some very cheap laughs...and sprinkle that in with some remarks made with racist undertones - all in the name of meaningful dialogue - very weak should be ashamed of yourselves - for responding to it, or not calling for it to be pulled. For the administrator of the site - that thread should have been doesn't show well for the site, the content or the city its based in.

Not Sure Where To Fit Them
So the sports world is lining up to congratulate Denver's (49ers', Raiders', Seahawks') Jerry Rice on his retirement after a great career. Ok, being a Cowboy fan...I had a big time hate on for Rice and everything 49er - but I can respect the numbers the man put up. What I don't get is how he is being congratulated for seeing that his time was over and doing the "big thing" and retiring.

Maybe it's just me, but I didn't see it as Rice retiring as much as it was Rice realizing that he wasn't a number 3 receiver anymore - he really hasn't been a legitimate number 3 receiver for at least 3 years...and did his team more harm than good by sticking around. I don't mean to be overly harsh on him - but come on now...congratulate him for a great career, but don't laud him for realizing that it was time to hang them up, that decision was made for him by Mike Shanahan.

Ted Saskin - newly appointed (maybe not now) head of the NHLPA. It would seem that Saskin slipped in there without proper approval of the membership - the kicker here is that he helps negotiate a deal with the NHL owners that sees a salary cap implemented...the players taking a 24% rollback in salaries...and he gets the same salary his predecessor was getting $2 Million per year. Not sure where you would fit him...I think I'm being nice by putting him here.

Ok, I think that's it for me tonight - its going to be a busy someone once told me "A long weekend just means that you have to cram five days of work into four." Alright's hoping you have a groovy week ahead of you (that goes double for Hazel if she's taking a peek). Thanks for taking the time to stop by...hope you'll come back again.

The Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - given that the Hero was Joe Horn...for his work with survivors of Katrina.

Listen to Your Heart - don't know who does it, but it is a remake of a Roxette song...with a voice over of Katrina's survivors mixed in. It's really a heart wrenching song...I'm not gonna get sappy though. Support those people...

Peesth Out.


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