Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Feeling Like Hell Tonight

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in (especially if your name happens to be Hazel Mae) - thanks for taking the time to stop by.

I think I have my first summer/fall cold - and this one really bites - so no glass of Port tonight; instead it is cup of lemon tea with Portuguese moonshine (I'm giving some serious consideration to having a Nyquil chaser). Even with this cold, after a long day of work...my running buddy came knocking on the door today - damn her; it was a short run 5 km with a 1.5 km walk (never mind the time...I was sick...and yes she kicked my can). I was entitled to a short run tonight, we did 8.5 km in 41 minutes on Saturday and a freaking 20 km bike ride and 4 km walk on Sunday (yes, before the NFL). I can't wait til her damn friend's ankle heals and is ready to rejoin her - maybe I can take the occasional night off...but maybe I'm just a suck with a big mouth who is afraid of my "buddy" kicking my can...so I run (thank God my work pays for Life Insurance).

So how many of you got spanked in your NFL pools this week? Was this a messed up week or what? I fared relatively ok in both pools...though on first glance it wouldn't seem that way.

In the "spreads" pool I wound up with 71 points...enough to slot me in at 20 out of 80. There were some very low scores this week. My suicide pick of New England -7.5 came through. Biggest disappointments were St. Louis and Denver not covering...so I'm hating on both of them.
In the "non-spreads" pool I wound up with 26 points...enough to slot me in at 6 out of 25. A bunch of people finished in the negatives. New England came through for me in that suicide pool. Biggest disappointments were Minnesota, St. Louis and Denver.

For anyone wondering...Hazel did not take me up on the offer to join either pool - but comments and picks will be welcomes throughout the year.

In fantasy land...FOOTBALL...fantasy FOOTBALL - what were you thinking? Hazel Mae's Cowboys tied this week scoring 80 points to opponents 80. Trent Green and Tony Gonzalez were disappointments this week (thank alot Hazel...the Chiefs...grrrrrrrrr) - but Larry Fitzgerald, Plaxico Burress and Julian Peterson saved my bacon.

I said it last week...mark my words...the Minnesota Vikings are going to suffer big time without Moss - they may have been the biggest disappointment of the week. Minnesota traditionally comes out of the gate hard (5-0, 6-0, 7-1 etc) for them to start off like this...against Chuckie's Bucs? Big trouble - Culpepper will lead the league in fumbles (yes, even more than Pennington) and may set a new record - teams are gonna pin their ears back and come after him; they won't be afraid of the home run toss to Moss.

Nice to see the Eagles lose last night too. If you read last night's entry...Terrell has a free pass for a while...but it was nice to see McNabb frustrated, confused and over-matched at times. Jeremiah Trotter got his can tossed before the game for throwing a punch at back up CB Terrence Mathis. Way to go Trotter.

Indianapolis - the Pats main rival - was their defence that good on Sunday night? or was Baltimore's offence just that bad and predictable?

Hazel's boys in K.C. played defence on Sunday (even after trading Scott Fujita to the Cowboys) - now if Green is ok...they might do something - then again, this is the Cowboys year...sorry Hazel.
Not a lot more to say...David Ortiz hit another bomb against Toronto...he hits the nicest moon shots. For those of you that watch TSN...I have the television on in the background - I want to punch Darren and Hedger. They were recapping the action in Champions League today...they keep calling Real (Ray-awl) Madrid "Ree-al" - it is really really annoying...geezus, say it right for crysssakes. Hazel, if you are peeking, don't say "ree-al" - you know better. Pronounciation coaching available...but you don't need it...you can roll the "R" like those of us from the Iberian peninsula...now if we can get you to say "lu'eesh feeeeeeegou" - we're golden!

Ok, I'm calling it a night...I had my tea...said my peace - feel free to leave your thoughts...comments...picks or suggestions. For the "peeps" if you haven't checked in to the Yahoo page...please go - there is a message about possible changes to "Hazelspeeps".

Ok the Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps for the NFL teams that have some hope after Sunday's games - teams that may have a breakthrough season (Dallas Cowboys anyone?)...and because I heard it this morning on the way to work and I love it...

Break On Through - The Doors

A very good night/day to one and all...Hazel, if you are peeking in...hope things are groovy in your world...go to yahoo sometime, check out the growing number of "peeps" who are in your corner...hope things are groovy in your world!

Peesth Out!


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