Friday, September 09, 2005

Charging Into The Weekend

Evenin' peeps, and anyone else checking in from the semi-regulars, to those finding this page for the first time, to of course Ms. Hazel Mae (if she is peeking in) thanks for stopping by.

Plenty happening this weekend - I wonder what is catching Hazel's attention this weekend?
  • The Red Sox visiting the Yankees this weekend?
  • Week 1 of the NFL, where the Patriots kicked things off with a win over the Raiders?
  • The US Open Tennis Championships (she has been known to swing a racquet)?
  • The PGA's Canadian Open? (maybe not...but since we can't ask her, I'll speculate).
It is September, the Sox and Yankees neck and neck in the A.L. East - Hazel's gotta be watching. The series got off to a bad start for the Sox - if Hazel wasn't at Yankee stadium, they had better get her over there; judging by tonight's highlights, they could have used some Hazel Karma. They did their best to throw and boot the game away...though I'm sure that Red Sox Nation was all over Dale Sveum for sending Varitek home early in the game (he was thrown out by a mile, but he plowed Posada).

So as things stand now, the Sox lead is three games - I still don't think the Yankees have what it takes to catch Boston...that pitching staff isn't going to do it (though Shawn Chacon is throwing for Hazel's Heroes tomorrow...and we could really use a good start). The Yankees won't sweep Boston - though I'm calling for Boston to win tomorrow afternoon, and the Yankees to buckle on Sunday...Boston leaves New York with a 5 game lead.

For Canadian viewers, we were treated to another night of Jamie Campbell and Tom Candiotti talking about the "what ifs" of the Blue Jays season. I'm not a fan of Campbell (though my opinion doesn't matter) he reminds me too much of Dave Van Horne (former Expos broadcaster). Campbell's whole night is making excuses for the Jays, musing about the "one or two unlucky bounces or pitches." Van Horne used to talk about the Expos like they were in first place or had that potential...when in reality they were a 60 - 70 win team...I remember those awful season wrap ups where he would go through the'd swear they won the World Series. Campbell is a lot like that...he's too much of a fan...and comes off as being a Jays schill. I don't think Campbell is overly knowledgeable about the game either.

The Patriots beat the Raiders last night - I wonder if Hazel sneaked over to Foxboro to ring in the NFL's season opener. The Patriots looked good last night - though they scared the "bajeezus" out of me near the end when they couldn't seem to put Oakland away. There were a couple of times where Moss had that secondary looking shaky (I know Moss does that to almost everyone...just not used to seeing it happen to New England). Tom Brady - the more I see this guy, the more I like his style - he reminds me a lot of Troy Aikman (though I think Aikman had more natural ability).

Note: if you checked out my football picks - I ended up changing New England in the "spread pool" bumping them up to my 16 point pick. I also picked New England in both of the suicide pools I entered. That's why I was a bit shaky last night.

Things in the land of the Eagles are getting interesting - Brian Westbrook is now unhappy with the Eagles, feeling that the team has disrespected him by not talking contract extension.
  • Westbrook is unhappy
  • T.O is telling anyone that will listen that he is unhappy but that he and Donovan are ok...that they understand where each went wrong (huh?)
  • Todd Pinkston goes down for the season
  • Hugh Douglas gets shipped out
  • Andy Reid starting to look like a dictator
ya...this team is going to win the Super Bowl...with all these distractions they are going to overcome it all and win a Super Bowl. I'm not seeing it.

Watch Parcells get the Cowboys into shape and surprise the Eagles and the rest of the NFL - Dallas' D is going to kick this year:
  • Roy Williams is ready to have his breakout year
  • Terence Newman is going to re-establish himself as a shut down cover guy, and Anthony Henry is only going to make them better
  • DeMarcus Ware is going to be an impact player
  • La'Roi Glover is going to anchor that Defensive line...

the offense is better than it has been in years with
  • Julius Jones there for a full season
  • Bledsoe is an upgrade on Vinny T
  • Four good wideouts - Glenn, Keyshawn, Peerless Price and Patrick Crayton
I'm seeing 10 and 6 (maybe even 11 and 5) for Dallas this year. It's going to be a good year to be a Cowboy fan...still time and room on our bandwagon for Hazel.

Not much to say about Golf and Tennis, not really watching them this weekend - but maybe someone is...contributions are welcome.

Well, that's about it for tonight...more to come this weekend (probably some NHL stuff..since Rogers and TSN are reporting that the Flyers have encountered some injury problems...and it seems like everyone is retiring these days).

I wonder if these are the thoughts of Hazel Mae...

Wow...looking back at this entry, there wasn't much rhyme or reason to it..I must be freaking tired tonight - oh well, some people get paid lots of bucks to write columns with less content/opinions than my entry (no smart remarks!).

The Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - for the "idiots" who will pull things together tomorrow against New the Patriots who, despite the changes, are looking a lot like they did last the Cowboys, who keep adding former Parcell's (tongue in cheek) the happy bunch of Philadelphia Eagles...

We Are Family - Sister Sledge

Have a great one everybody...Hazel if you are checking in, hope things are groovy in your world.

Peesth out.


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