Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Week 2 Recap

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

We had some technical problems yesterday - so we'll go back (again) and look at the weekend that was in the NFL.

What can you say about the way the New England Patriots responded to charges of cheating and questions about the validity of their three Super Bowls? Patriots LB Rosie Colvin said something to the effect that "you don't wave a red flag in front of this team" - that is an understatement. Tom Brady led the charge with a nearly flawless game, helped in large part by the "disruptive troublemaker" Randy Moss who caught two more TDs and toyed with the Chargers for most of the game. The Patriots made one of the league's best defenses look ordinary and over-matched; they shut down the league's best RB, and they frustrated and demoralized one of the league's up and coming QBs. Roger Goodell should get a Super Bowl ring from the Patriots in February - he may have provided all the motivation they need to win their fourth championship this decade.


"Our" Dallas Cowboys start the season 2-0 for the first time since 1999 - while the wins haven't been as dominant as they should have been (read "as dominant" as New England) Cowboys fans will take it as the Boys head to Chicago. Cowboys D has been soft, giving up big pass plays - the return of shutdown CB Terrence Newman should improve things and give the guys up front an extra second or two to get to the QB. Tony Romo was efficient (read got the ball to T.O. early) and didn't make any grievous mistakes; Marion Barber is starting to look more and more like the number one back; and the offensive line is playing well. We're calling for a 3-0 start with a win over the Bears in Week 3.

The Houston Texans showed yesterday that they are for real - beating Kansas City at home in Week 1 was a good way to start the season; coming from behind to beat the Panthers in Carolina is a statement that they ready to take the next step...playoffs. Andre Johnson is asserting himself as a legit superstar at WR, Matt Schaub is making plays that David Carr didn't (couldn't), and the D is coming up with momentum shifting plays.

We'll grudgingly give it up for the Pittsburgh Steelers - a convincing win over the Browns didn't say much (tell that to Marvin Lewis and the Bengals), but another convincing win over a very good Bills D might be a sign that these guys could win the division. Enjoy it while you can Pittsburgh - the road to the Super Bowl goes through Hazel's backyard.

We're not buying the good start the Detroit Lions are off to - we've already had enough of seeing Jon Kitna's mug talking about how this year is going to be different. They almost blew it against Oakland and they needed overtime to beat a Vikings team that had trouble moving the ball - ok, Kitna was on the sidelines for a good part of the game...but c'mon, it was the Raiders and the Vikings.

Brett Favre set a record with his 149th win as the Green Bay Packers beat the Giants yesterday - good for him; but anyone that thinks these guys are going to make the playoffs has to be dreaming in technicolour. While we, as fans of the Dallas Cowboys, are grateful to the Pack for beating the Eagles and the Giants - the Eagles fumbled the game away, and the Giants (as injured as they are) are just awful. The clock is about to strike twelve on these jokers - Cheeseheads suck.

The San Francisco 49ers are off to their first 2-0 start since 1998 - they should have lost both games. The Cardinals blew a game they should have won - Matt Leinhart was awful; and the St. Louis Rams handed the game to the Niners - with Mark Bulger doing what he does best, piling up big numbers and with minimal results.

The Washington Redskins are going to put their faith in their defense and look to Jason Campbell to manage games for them - that works early on, but eventually teams are going to stack eight in the box and come after the young guy. By week 8 good teams will be playing field position football and beating them. Have we mentioned lately that we hate the Redskins?

The Denver Broncos have put their faith in QB Jay Cutler - and Mike Shanahan looks like a genius for making the decision to get rid of Jake Plummer (ok, maybe not a genius like Belichick, but...). A last second win against Buffalo and an OT win against the Raiders isn't enough for us to think these guys are legit. They're due for a beatdown...soon.

The New Orleans Saints lost their first game to Indy - ok, that was to be expected; but losing to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is inexcusable. Their defense has been getting shredded through the air - and last year's wonderkid, Sean Payton, refuses to put his faith in their running game to keep the other team off the field. They better get their act together if they are going to make the playoffs.

The Cincinnati Bengals give up 51 points to a Cleveland Browns team starting their number 2 QB - there were questions about the D last year; those questions have been answered, they SUCK. It is going to be a long and frustrating season in Cincy this year.

The New York Giants are horrible - no explanation needed. Let's just say we like it a lot.

The Philadelphia Eagles are horrible - losses to the Pack and the Redskins is not the way a championship caliber team wants to start the season. We've been saying it for two years that they were counterfeit - now we can just say they suck.

We won't talk about the MLB - we still think Boston will win the division.

Toronto Blue Jays P Dustin McGowan pitched a complete game yesterday - unfortunately it was against Boston. The kid gave up one run on five hits and no walks while striking out nine. We are going to "Glaus" over Frank Thomas (aka ARod light) - too little, too late from the $20M man.

Seattle Mariners P Miguel Batista pitched 6.1 shutout innings last night despite giving up five hits and four walks - he finished the night with six strikeouts. Told you it was our upset special.

Milwaukee Brewers P Yovanni Gallardo threw eight shutout innings against the Astros last night - the rookie gave up seven hits and three walks while striking out five.


We finished the night at 4-2 last night - but the DBacks hurt the bottom line. The total for the week stands at + $100. We'll get Tilt to post our suggestions later this am.

That's it for today gang - thanks for taking the time to check in. Have a great one peeps.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world.

We're Out.


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