Saturday, September 15, 2007


Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

A quick post on the day after the night before...don't ask. Suffice it to say things are off to a comfortably slow start.

While everyone is lining up to pile on Bill Belichick and the Patriots - we have one question. Admittedly, we haven't read every single story written on Videogate, so apologies in advance if this isn't particularly "fresh" or if someone has raised the same question.

We may be contradicting ourselves a little - but we'll start by saying: Stealing signals or not - the Patriots are still full value for each and every one of their wins. While the Steelers and Eagles will look to cast doubt on the validity of the Patriots wins - let's face it: the NFL isn't a video game. While knowing what is coming may make it easier, the team stealing signs still has to EXECUTE the play. The players still have to stop the opposing team and they still have to make the plays (catching, running, blocking etc). People are saying anything and everything to minimize what the Patriots have accomplished - forgetting the fact that they still had to execute to win.

And another thing - what does this whole thing say about Eric Mangini? While people are crapping all over Belichick, his assistant coaches have gotten a free pass on this one. Anyone else questioning Mangini's integrity in all this? People are saying the Patriots were crazy to try and pull this on the Jets - with Mangini being a former member of the Pats and knowing their tricks. Ok, we get that. But don't you have to question the integrity of a guy who points the finger at his former team when he was part of the same actions the year before (if stories are to be believed)? A good part of Mangini's reputation/credentials were built while being a member of the Patriots staff - the same staff that has been accused of stealing signals in years past. Are people forgetting that Mangini was part of the very successful coaching staff? He seems to have gotten off scot-free in this - but would he have been such a hot candidate had he not mentored under Belichick?

Just wondering...maybe the Kilkenny and Guinness is clouding our judgment - but maybe it isn't.

We're taking a pass on the three stars today - Red Sox West pick three Dodgers.

We were 4-1 yesterday, finishing the night + $300 - the total for the week stands at + $455. This afternoon's suggestions -

Toronto over Baltimore - both teams have packed it in for the season, but you have to think Roy Halladay will be out there battling and trying to get the win - the Jays will play for their ace. Lay $100 on the Jays - $280.

New York over Philadelphia - Pedro will lose eventually...but it won't be against Kyle Lohse and the Phillies. Lay $100 on the Mets - $160.

Red Sox West over Arizona - Derek Lowe missed his last start with a hand injury, the extra rest should help today against the DBacks and Livan Hernandez. Dodgers should get their hits off Hernandez. Lay $100 on the Dodgers - $155.

Back later for the evening games.

That's it for this morning gang - thanks for taking the time to check in.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world.

We're Out!


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