Saturday, September 15, 2007

ARod and Lowell..Switching Uniforms In '08? I Say YES!

Watching the Yankee/Red Sox rivalry this weekend and I can't help thinking that this could be last year we see third basemen Alex Rodriguez and Mike Lowell facing off against each other in those uniforms. Next year in 2008, there is an excellant chance they could be wearing their opponents threads.
I say and predict ARod will be a Red Sox in 2008.
Both Lowell and ARod will become eligible to file for free agency as soon as the last out of the World Series is made .
The greatest player in baseball today ARod,is represented by vault bleeder agent Scott Boras is expected to exercise the out clause in his contract with the Yankees and hit the open market with the 2007 AL MVP trophy in his back pocket.

Lowell -represented by agent Sam Levinson is without question the 2007 Red Sox MVP this season having a phenomenal year carrying the teams offense on his back when sluggers David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez's bats were taking the 1st half of the season off.

Lowell has also become both a fan and teammate favorite for his production and quiet leadership. He has given the Red Sox an offensive and defensive presence not seen in Fenway since Wade Boggs.
Not bad for a guy who the Red Sox had to take from the Florida Marlins in an effort to acquire their primary acquisition-starter Josh Beckett.
Lowell had been struggling for the Marlins and Florida thought a slumpy 3b making $9 million a year was not an option for them.
When Boston acquired him they had a back up plan just in case-3b Kevin Youkilis.
However once Lowell got to Fenway he used the Green Monster as his own personal racquetball court smacking in doubles,triples and RBI's with ease.
He almost won the Gold Glove last year just getting beat out by Eric Chavez of Oakland.

ARods endearment to the ownership of the Red Sox is legendary.
The Red Sox negotiated for 2 months with Texas Rangers owner Tom Hicks to trade an unhappy RF Manny Ramirez. Commissioner Bud Selig granted the Sox 2 exclusive negotiating windows to get a deal done. They did. ARod was in the city of Boston to attend a press conference and then Red Sox 1b Kevin Millar went on ESPN all giddy welcoming ARod to Boston.
Selig approved the deal but MLB Players Association head Gene Orza voided the deal because Rodriguez who wanted to come to Boston so badly took too much of a paycut to do the deal and that would mean he was not getting paid what he was worth.
The Yankees swooped in and made the deal acquiring ARod quickly.

Now both Lowell and ARod will be available.
Lowell is seeking a 3-4 year deal minimum worth about $12-$14 Million per season.
ARod will get about $30 Million per season and likely a 7 -8 year deal.

They are the 2 best hitting/defensive 3b sluggers and hitters availaible in a weak free agent market.
The Red Sox could've signed Lowell to an extension this summer and even or offr him a multi year deal this Sept. to get him off the market but they didn't because they are going after ARod.
Listening to Lowell talk about his playing future you already get the feeling he knows he will not be back in a Red Sox uniform next year.

Here's what will happen when free agency begins in Nov.

The Red Sox will call Boras to see if ARods interested in coming to Boston and the ballpark per year to land him. $30 Million and yes he'll come to Boston. Why not.
The Sox do not want to be jerked around in negotiations have Lowell sign elsewhere and watch ARod re sign with the Yankees or Cubs.
This would mean Boston would have to trade for a slugging 1b and move Youkilis to 3b.
Basically coming away with nothing when it had something.

Sox owners John Henry,Tom Werner and Larry Lucchino COVET ARod and look at this oppurtunity to get the best slugger in baseball whose power numbers in Fenway will
be astronomical.

Manny Ramirez is scheduled to make $20 Million next year and the Red Sox have 2 more years of options for Manny at $20 Million each.
Manny if he were to become a free agent would likely command $28-$30 million per year as a free agent.

The Red Sox would trade Ramirez to a team acquiring a number 2 or 3 starter for the rotation or a slugging LF and prospects. Any team taking Ramirez would surely want to dump a big contract too.

ARods $30 Million contract will look cheap considering the huge numbers he'll produce and the contracts of players like Ramirez,Pujols,Santana etc. that will come after him.
ARod has a decent shot playing some ss here at Fenway another plus to land him. If Lugo needs time off-ARod can play SS-Youk 3B and a platoon guy 1b.
ARods more marketable for the Red Sox than Manny. He's goodlooking,communicates with the media,active with community and also the greatest slugger in the game.
Forget about that he's trouble in the clubhouse stuff. When Alex is driving in runs,winning games that clubhouse will be a fun place to be.
The Yankees will likely let ARod walk at $30 Million and sign a player like Lowell for shorter money and spend the ARod money on starting and relief pitching they lack.
This is why I think the Yankees will go after and sign the Twins Johan Santana.

I don't think the Red Sox will acquire Johan Santana because he becomes a free agent after 2008 season. The Yankees move into their new park in 2009 and will be exempt from paying the luxury tax for 5 years.
The Yankees desperate for an legit ace to get to a World Series will outbid even Bill Gates for Santana.

You read it here first-Alex Rodriguez your new Red Sox 3b in 2008.
By the way? Alex's old number 3 is available to be worn here in Boston.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's wonderful dreaming... and i might see that happening if arod doesn't take new york into the post season, or fails to produce in the post season... but trust me, whatever boston offers arod, the yanks will beat it to keep him here in NY. he is very well aware of what it means to be a yankee, and even though he's been here 3 years already, he's just getting started here in NY. I really hate Mike Lowell (figuratively speaking) because he's soo good, & he has become a yankee killer. but he's no arod. Alex Rodriguez has been through too much here in NY to turn back now. he's a yankee, which means, he will probably retire #13 as a yankee.

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