Tuesday, September 11, 2007

NFL:Belichick Cheated ...Bill What The Hell Were You Thinking?

The New England Patriots were the new "America's Team". A squeaky clean all American quarterback..a mastermind for a head coach who plotted and crushed opposing teams like a skillful U.S. General... they wore red,white and blue...they won 3 Super Bowls.
Tedy Bruschi over came what should've been a career ending stroke to play a violent linebacker position.
The Pats were a team to be proud of.

Then they got ugly in the offseason.
Mr. All American Tom Brady left his pregnant girlfriend actress Bridget Moynahan for super model Gisele Bundchen. Always a nice example for young fans.
Brady looked like a scumbag. He even wore a NY Yankee hat! Always a great way to appease Boston fans.

Head Coach Bill Belichick fooled around with a married woman and is now involved in a messy divorce proceeding as "the other man". Any secret videotape on that Bill?

In training camp the NFL caught Rodney Harrison violating the league substance abuse policy on performance enhancing drugs. Another scandle!
To his credit Harrison publicly admitted he screwed up and quietly accepted his punishment
like a man. However the fact remains. Harrison knowingly violated the rules and intended to keep on breaking the rules til he got caught. Do you think Harrison would've just up and got bored and say at a press conference-I'm doing HGB-its illegal -I haven't got caught and I feel guilty? Spare me. He cheated too.

Now we have the NFL announcing they have found the New England Patriots guilty
of secretly videotaping the NY Jets signals from the sideline in last Sundays win.
They cheated.
Yep the coach proclaimed as a saint in Boston Bill Belichick- knowingly cheated and violated the NFL rules to win a game.
Whats funnier is that NFL coaches have suspected this for years about Belichick.
In San Diego the Chargers field security found a Patriots official with a bench pass pointing a camera at the Chargers and told him to put the camera away and return to the bench. The Pats videographer did and nothing was said.

Belichicks reputation is now forever tarnished. Did he use the video tactic to win his 3 Super Bowls? We'll never know but it could've happened as easy as it didn't happen.

Getting caught cheating using video equipment sends a message that Bills team is not as great as he and they're hyped to be. He didn't have the confidence in the game plan or the players ability. So he cheated.
Imagine being a Patriot all excited because you and the guys did great and your coaching staff called a great game plan only to find out-they cheated to make you look good?
According to ESPN the league is also investigating claims that the Patriots rigged their communications systems to monitor the Jets plays transmitted to the field.

The Jets said they thought it was weird how the Patriots knew what the Jets were going to do throughout the game.

Commissioner Roger Goodell figures to make examples of the Patriots when he metes out their punishment to send a message to other teams. He should too.
If the Packers,Giants, Cardinals got caught first they should be get the harsh penalty.
However-its our own beloved Patriots.
Cheating to win.
Goodell can rule the Pats win a forfeit and he should. You cheat and win by cheating you forfeit.

Realistically Goodell will strip the Pats of 1st and 2nd round draft picks and a heavy fine.
The fine's no big deal. Kraft can have his buddy Elton John play 2 nights of sold out shows at Gillette to refill his coffers.
The draft picks would hurt but if the Pats go to the SuperBowl they pick last.

The Pats should forfeit the Jets game and lose a draft pick to the Jets and pay a fine and fine Belichick too.
Uphold the integrity of the NFL.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree completely! I watched the game and remember commenting how the Pats seemed to know everything that the Jets were doing. That, and the way the Pats Offensive Line was able to shut down the Jets from getting to Brady.

Brady really is a scumbag. No class at all. Bridget's big break in all of this was when he left her! She should thank her lucky stars that she is rid of him. Brady and Gisele deserve each other--two big egos finally together. When is came crunch time Brady's lack of character and what it means to be a REAL man showed itself.

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are clearly an emotional person, but let's approach this intellectually: video taping (filming, polaroids, binoculars, you name it) are all aloowed by the NFL to record and glean what you can from the fray of the game. The only rule is you can only do that from designated places. The Patriots were taping in an unauthorized place. That's it. Amazing how dumb people are in America.

11:12 AM  

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