Friday, June 08, 2007

Tilt Report - Quick Notes

Even as a Leafs fan, I have to admit that the recent re-signing of Nik Antropov to a 2 year, $4 million contract is a waste. The Leafs ought to let the underachiever go and start looking to re-build from the future. The Leafs tend to have a love affair with players it drafts (mostly because Leafs management hasn't drafted all that well) and it continues to this day with John Fergueson at its helm. You heard it here folks, this is another waste of money for the Leafs.

Homer Bailey, makes his major league debut for the Cincinnati Reds tonight. He faces the Cleveland Indians and it should be interesting to see how the highly touted prospect does in his major league debut.

Curious to know if Vince Young will be the first player to break the Madden curse. For those of you who are unaware, those players who have appeared on the cover of the Madden franchise (EA Sports) have fallen victim to all sorts of issues during the season. Couple that with the sophmore jinx and you've got the makings of a disasterous season for Young and the Tennessee Titans.

On a final flight leaves in four report will be from sunny and historical Barcalona.



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