Thursday, June 07, 2007

Tilt Report - Its Over

The NHL season is finally (It's June already!!!) over!!! The Anaheim Ducks easily walked over the Ottawa Senators to claim their first Stanley Cup in 5 games with a 6-2 win last night. Sadly enough, the Cup resides once again in the US, but as a Leafs fan, I can't be all that upset that the Sens faltered once again.

Watching last nights game, it was apparent that the Sens were outmatched and outcoached by the Ducks. There is no doubt about it. The Sens can not expect to win the cup by playing a single period for each of their games. Some observations from the game:

1 - Where were Dany Heatley and Jason Spezza during the game? The two young superstars of the Senators were invisible on the ice. Daniel Alfredsson for his part showed up and he scored a beautiful goal while the Sens were shorthanded. Makes you wonder if Heatley and Spezza have what it takes to be superstars in this league.

2 - It was great to see the Neidermayer brothers hoist the cup together. It was also good to see a guy like Scott Neidermayer earn the Conn Smyth.

3 - Felt great to see Teemu Selanne lift the cup for the first time. He's come a long way since his start in Winnipeg. Congrats to all of the Anaheim players for a great season.

4 - Ottawa fans need to give their team a bit of a break before they start criticizing them for the loss in 5 games. They should realize that they played a great hockey team that simply had the tools to take their team down.

5 - I had to feel for Phillips, who pulled a Steve Smith. The guy had a fantastic post-season and hopefully Ottawa fans won't forget it.


Daniel Alfredsson gets a nod from me. Whether you agree or disagree with what he pulled in Game 4, Alfredsson was the lone star on the Sens roster to show up for this game. Scott Neidermayer, as I mentioned before won the Conn Smyth by showing his leadership on the ice. I'm sure that the Devils are regretting letting this guy go. Brian Burke should be given the real MVP award for making some of the key signings that led to this years Stanley Cup run...I'm also sure that Burke will eventually thank Brian Murray, who's imprint is all over the Santley Cup champs.

Moving On...this will probably be the last post for about a week. I'm off to Spain to finish my holidays. On a side note...I just bought my first guide for the upcoming NFL season...I can't wait!!!


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