Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Is Aikman the best?

Over the weekend in Boston Pogue, Teabag and I started an interesting conversation about who the best quarterback was. Pogue being the ever unabashed Cowboys fan argued that in the modern era (say 1985 and onward) Troy Aikman was by far the best QB in NFL history. Teabag and I wholeheartedly disagreed - stating that such QBs as Tom Brady, Payton Manning, Joe Montana, and John Elway were far better QBs. While history has yet to determine the place of Brady and Manning, given their active status - one can argue that Montana and Elway were better QBs then Aikman. So I ask...who is the best QB of the modern NFL era? Send in your candidates and I'll start compiling the numbers.


Blogger Pogue said...

You shut your mouth Tilt. And it was NOT the Guinness talking. Teabag and I had a back and forth at work today about it. Troy Aikman has the record for most wins in a decade - 94 or 96 (or something like that) in the 90's. More than Montana or anyone else - AND let's not forget his career was cut way short by concussions.


p.s. Good job on the post

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