Monday, June 04, 2007

Tilt Report - Boston

K - before I start my ramblings on this trip, let me give a special shout out to Teabag for getting the Prez and I some fantastic tickets to Fenway. Taking in a major league game in a box is clearly the way to go!!! Not to mention that it was the rubber match in the ever heated Red Sox/Yankees rivalry. I'd also like to thank the many beautiful waitresses who served up good and beers to Teabag, Prez and I during our stay in Boston. While my memory may be a bit foggy from the weekend, I can definately say that beer served with a beautiful smile makes the beer all the sweeter. And for the record, there were copious amounts of beer following this weekend.

I'm going to wrap this up quickly (cause I am a tired SOB at the moment) by doing a top 10 list of my favorite memories from Boston...

10 - BOSTON WOMEN!!! Despite spending only 3 days in your fair city - I can genuinely say...I love you all!!! Not only do you follow your beloved Red Sox, you are knowledgeable and quite frankly HOT!!!

9 - Boston fans chanting "Where is Roger?"

8 - Boston fans yelling "MINE!!!" during a pop up to A-Rod...I really wish he had dropped the damn ball...justice I say.

7 - Yawkey Way!!! What a place to be prior to the game...

6 - Game On - Spent 10 hours there on Saturday. One of the best damn sports bars I have ever been in.

5 - Cask N' Flagon - another great sports bar (and you can even watch the game in the bathroom). I've yet to see a place with so many damn HD TV's.
4 - Boston Women - I know I already mentioned it, but clearly I can't mention it enough.

3 - Debating who is the best QB in the NFL...clearly some of us have our biased opinions.

2 - The box other way to see a game. My future outings a MLB games will never compare until I buy one of these for myself and all my friends.

1 - Need I say more then - damn I'm glad I found this shirt!!!


Blogger Pogue said...

Tilt - you're a champ!

I took a sharpie to the shirt - "My friend went to Boston and in a drunken stupor he got me this shirt".

10:14 PM  

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