Friday, June 01, 2007

Two Tickets To Paradise

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

The Ducks are in town for game three of the Stanley Cup Finals against the SenaTards scheduled for tomorrow night. Athletes often say they don't read the newspapers - let's hope the Ducks subscribe to that old adage. The Ducks have been heavily criticized here for employing a defensive first, "boring" style of play. The Canadian media, most of whom picked the Tards to win the series, have refused to acknowledge that the Ducks have been the better team in the first two games (for reasons we have outlined over the past two days).

The Ducks have been accused of resorting to a "pre-NHL lockout style" where clutching and grabbing and obstruction were tolerated. Leading the Canadian contingent is the Toronto Star's Damian Cox (the Dan Shaughnessy of hockey in Canada - making his living on criticizing the Maple Leafs) - Cox maintains that Anaheim's style of play is hurting the game and is a main reason why the NHL can't attract more viewers south of the border. The Ottawa media has decided to focus on Ottawa's perceived shortcomings rather than point out that Anaheim has been the better team.

The reports have ranged from the highly predictable to the patently outrageous (in the case of Cox). The Ducks have out-skated the SenaTards in both games, they have used a high pressure forecheck to create turnovers in the Ottawa's zone which has lead to many more scoring opportunities than the Tards have created, their goaltending has been the equal of Emery, and their penalty killing (which was pointed to as a major weakness) has responded by killing off two very long 5 on 3 power play opportunities.

The Tards were not ready for what the Ducks were going to bring - some of their less retarded fans have seen it, but most of them and the media continue to make excuses pointing to non-calls on phantom obstruction calls. The Tards have been shutdown, frustrated and completely demoralized - in other words, they are ready to swallow the cyanide pill and call an end to the 2007 can hear it in their voices and hear it in their words. The Tards don't really believe they can beat Giguere and the Ducks - their new slogan is "Got Kool-Aid?"

Big weekend in Boston with the Yankees coming to town - the shoe is on the other foot in some respects. This time its Red Sox Nation that is sitting back without a care in the world and the Yankees fans that are wondering if they are ever going to get back in the swing of things. Nice weekend to be in Boston. That's why my man Ottawa_Tilt and I are driving to Boston to see Sunday's game against the Yankees. That's right, we scored a great pair of tickets...a once in a lifetime pair of tickets, and we are going to see Beckett vs Pettitte (we're still hoping that some how, some way the Yankees try to spring Clemens on Sunday night - hey, we can hope). So having said that, there probably won't be any updates this weekend - we'll be too busy hitting Boston.

Its a big weekend in Europe too - the Euro 2008 qualifiers start up again this weekend with Portugal visiting Belgium. The good guys should win this one going away, having beaten Belgium by a 4-0 count at home - Portugal will be missing a few key players, most notably Cristiano Ronaldo...but we should get it done. Hey, what are the chances of me walking into a bar in Boston and getting a bar to show the Portugal v Belgium game instead of Red Sox/Yankees pre-game?

Toronto Blue Jays P Roy Halladay picked up his 100th career win, nineteen days after having his appendix removed, pitching seven shutout innings and striking out seven while giving up only six hits. The win was bad news for our suggested Three Play yesterday...but he deserves credit for that game.

Cleveland Indians DH Travis Hafner had two hits, including a home run, and drove in four runs in the Indians 11-5 win over Verlander and the Tigers.

Milwaukee Brewers 1B Prince Fielder hit his 13th home run of the month and drove two runs in Milwaukee's 4-3 win over the Marlins.


Well, we had an awful night, going 0-3. The balance sheet is even for the week - while its hardly great, think of how many people would gladly take a zero balance for the week.

Los Angeles over Pittsburgh - Randy Wolf has been pitching well lately, I'd stick with him against Pittsburgh today. Lay $100 on Red Sox West - $150.

Tampa Bay over Kansas City - we'll go with Scott Kazmir today, its scary suggesting you play the Rays as heavy favourites...but. Lay $100 on the Rays - $200.

Seattle over Texas - you, me, Hazel and a few friends could win a home game against the Rangers, they are that bad on the road...and we hate saying that since our boy Mark Texeira has to play with those donkeys. Lay $100 on the Mariners - $155.

That's it for today (and maybe the weekend) have a great one peeps! Fenway here we come.

Plan a trip or look at the possibility of learning something new or changing your current direction. Doors that were closed in the past are now open and you can make some strong moves to a better future. 5 stars

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world - enjoy this weekend's series.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - we're going with two today, for our pretty Puerto Rican mami from Boston who introduced me to Reggaeton way back. I know you read the page - so get your ass back to Boston this weekend and come on out and let us see you shake your stuff. You've been talkin for a long time morena...time to back it up. For the boricua morena (who shall remain nameless).

Vamos Pa'La Disco - Las Guanabanas

Vamos pa' la disco si quieres bailar
Vamos pa' la disco si quieres sentir
Vamos pa' la disco si quieres yakiar
Y si me quieres perriar, pues lo hacemos aqui

If you don't show - its

Bonita Y Mentirosa - Crooked Stilo

Eres muy bonita
pero mentirosa
engañas a los hombres
eres muy bonita, muy bonita y mentirosa

Que ni se te ocurra
cometer una locura
por que esta relacion va directo a la basura
me hasn contado por ahi
que es lo que tu tramas
cuando yo no estoy
existe mucho el drama
la gente habla regando la noricia
que me quieres hacer una malicia
pero aqui yo mando yo soy el jugador
me facinan mucho las mujeres y el licor
quieres intentarlo mejor aqui te mocho
no me mientes asi como pinocho
coscolina cuando tu vas yo ya vengo
y entre mujeres tampoco me contengo
no me engañas, no me juegues, no me fingas que no pudes
te cres bien lista te crees bien astuta
pero para mi solo eres una... (uuuuh)

Eres muy bonita
pero mentirosa
engañas a los hombres
siempre con mentiras con mentiras, mentirosa

estas bien buena, eres bonita y lo sabes
ese tu cuerpo hace que uno se desmaye
que se me hace que te lo han dicho mucho
y es que a la cabeza se te ha subido el humo
hay muchos vatos que te compran rosas
muchas joyas carros y tu ropa
que poca madre tu no les das nada
tus intensiones siguen siendo malas
ahora dices que quieres conmigo
ahora dices que te gusta mi estilo
que estas dispuesta a dejarlo todo
en el pasado, a olvidar tus viejos modos
lo que tu quieres es mi lana, mentirosa
andar conmigo por mi fama mentirosa
soy el primero en admitir tienes un 10
yo no quiero novias solo darte una vez

eres muy bonita
pero mentirosa
engañas a los hombres
siempre con mentiras con mentiras mentirosa

eres muy bonita
pero mentirosa
engañas a los hombres
siempre con mentiras con mentiras mentirosa

si tienes una mujer bonita y te dice lo siguiente correte
( te quiero te quiero mi amor)
no te quiere
(yo te amo con loca pasion)
no te ama
(pero no lo dices con buena intencion)
(por que tu no tienes tu no tienes corazon)

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!


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