Saturday, June 09, 2007

Tilt Report - From Barcelona

Alright, I'm probably writing this with far too little sleep and probably far too much booze (damn booze is cheap in this country!!! Six of Hiney for under 4 Euros...wOOt!!!). First, this country is first and foremost a football nation (that's soccer for those uneducated fans). But apparently the final game of the NHL finals made the news here the other day. Other sporting insights...they show indoor football here (4 on 4 play on a shortened field) on TV. This in addition to plenty of motor sports...NASCAR does qualify. Tickets to FC Barcelona are hard to get...but I managed to get my hands on some great jerseys for a good price.

As for the women...let me say that despite being in Boston, you can't really top the beauties that roam the beaches of Barcelona. Let's just say that the Tilt was left tilting his head in wonder after only 5 minutes on the beach.

Not sure what happened in North American sports, but damn if I care while I'm on vacation. Hope you are all getting ready for your NFL drafts cause I've already started!!!


Tilt...drunk in Barca.


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