Monday, June 11, 2007

Boston Top 10

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

We've been saving this entry for just this kind of day - a day where we have nothing good to say about the happenings in the world of sports since the day before sucked from our perspective. We won't get into just how bad yesterday was - if you have read the page long enough (or yesterday's entry) you can imagine why we are in a crusty mood today. Note to Tilt - NO DAMN TEXT MESSAGES TODAY - I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT.

Since we aren't going to recap yesterday - a week ago today, Tilt, myself, and a friend we tagged with the name "Teabag" made the long trek home from New England, so we'll do our Boston Top 10 (picking up from Tilt's entry last week).

10 - Our man Hubie (better known to hazelspeeps yahoo fantasy baseball players as "Steinbrenner") was good enough to set us up with inexpensive, yet very comfortable lodgings for our weekend. Tilt and I had supper on Friday night at Margarita's in Revere and we have nothing but excellent things to say about the restaurant. The food was great (Guadalajara Steak Fajitas would be our recommendation), the service was excellent and the scenery at the bar and around the restaurant was pretty damn good. It is definitely worth the trip from downtown Boston.

9 - Meeting my "peeps" - Tilt and I headed down to Fenway on Saturday afternoon, with my proudly sporting my maroon Portugal 2006 World Cup jersey. I must have gotten at least 25 "Hey, nice shirt - you a 'Port-a-gee" too" comments. It seems like everywhere we went, from walking in downtown Boston, to downtown stores to bars (including Game On) there was a fellow "Port-a-gee" talking about our chances for Euro 2008. Special mention goes to Jeff Silva from Springfield, Mass who was celebrating his last days as a single man before he takes the plunge and signs on the dotted line with a girl from the Algarve. Like I said yesterday, no matter how many generations removed from the homeland (some just one, others three or four generations) anyone with a drop of Portuguese blood knows the "Quinas" and their significance - it is a special kinship.

8 - Meeting "the peeps" - when I told Tilt and Teabag that we would be hooking up with a couple of members from the yahoo site - they looked at me like I was a little crazy. What started out as a weird kind of internet date wound up being a great afternoon of drinking at the Cask with two damn good men (Drisc and the aforementioned Hubie) and one hot cutie (Heather, who showed up with Hubie). A great afternoon at the best table at the Cask N' Flagon with a great server - her name was "Sam" and she was awarded a Hazie last week for being a Champ - in case you were wondering, YES she was very very, and I mean VERY attractive...we won't even get into how hot one of the hostesses was; let's just say when we saw the hostess, Tilt just laughed at me and said "She just ruined it for you today huh? It's 2:20 in the afternoon and you have just seen Boston's hotest woman." All I could say was "Damn".

7 - The electricity and atmosphere around Fenway park during a game day/night. Tilt and I were surprised by how many people were mulling about Brookline on Friday night while the Yankees were playing the Sox - it was unlike anything we had ever seen before...until Saturday afternoon when it was completely insane. We know think Sox fans may be as passionate about their team as Leaf Nation is about ours. Yawkey Way - WOW. We found ourselves wanting to hang out on the street instead of getting up to the luxury box to hit the open bar and food.

6 - Game On - after spending 10 hours in the bar (before, during and after the Sox/Yankees game on Saturday), we can say that it is without a doubt the best sports bar we've been in. Two levels of passionate sports fans, great looking women, a television anywhere you turn, and good food. Speaking of food, what is it with Boston that service staff is always pushing the food? Geezus, we had just eaten lunch at Game On when a new server took over and kept asking us if we were ready to eat again. Still though...great bar.

5 - Hearing Tilt erupt in a fit of laughter as we walked away from Fenway on Friday night - I had heard the legend of the "I HEART HAZEL MAE" t-shirt; well, we found it and Tilt couldn't contain himself from erupting into his obnoxious/demonic Asian guy laugh as he pointed at the shirt and screams at the top of his lungs "I'm so getting you that F*ing shirt dude - and you're wearing it Sunday." For the record, we didn't get the shirt Friday, but if you saw Tilt's Boston recap - you know he bought the damn shirt Sunday after the game. The buzz words for the weekend were "I heart you".

One other funny thing about the t-shirts, the skies opened up over Fenway after the game Sunday night, as we were walking away from the park - we saw one of the t-shirt vendors slam a box down in the downpour and scream "F*ck this...I'm going home." Hysterical I tell you...hysterical.

4 - Big Tim the crazy cab driver. On our drive to Fenway on Friday night we were impressed with our driver's knowledge of Canada (not to mention his hatred of Mike Adams of WEEI - that got him a big tip) - Big Tim had great things to say about Montreal strip clubs (well D'UH) and about Canada in general. Tilt and I were a little liquored up when we got into Big Tim's cab - but it didn't take long to find out his knowledge of Canada related to the aforementioned Montreal strip clubs and all things related to Bobby Orr. Still though, fun ride with lots of laughs...if you ever have occasion to call Patriot Taxi in Revere - ask for Big Tim, he's worth the price of the ride...just don't ask him about his being blessed with an extremely small penis.

3 - Watching your first game at Fenway on a cold Sunday night (geezus, it was cold to us...and we are Canadians dammit) in the comfort of a luxury box with heaters over our balcony seats. The view was majestic, the food was great, and the beer was cold and plentiful. There is nothing in the world like being greeted by a host who says "Welcome gentlemen, the rule here is that I get your first drink - after that, you are on your own. Make yourself at home, help yourself to some food and a fridge full of ice cold beer." "Sweet" doesn't even begin to describe the feeling.

2 - The view of the field from behind home plate. Walking down towards the field during batting practice, seeing the green monster in left, the John Hancock sign in center, and the Budweiser sign in left - a site I won't ever forget. Fenway is the perfect ballpark.

1 - Boston Women - sweet mother of God. Walking around downtown Boston and Fenway for three days is enough to make a man drop to his knees and thank the almighty God for putting so many hot women in such a small area. Watching Tilt's head bounce back and forth like a friggin pinball was something to see - he put that camera of his to good use. Boston Hazel who? Hey...we kid, we joke, we didn't mean that - but, damn there was a lot of hot women.

St. Louis Cardinals' 1B Albert Pujols has finally appeared after having gone missing this spring. Pujols had two hits, both home runs, and five runs batted in to lead the Cards to a 9-6 win over the Angels. Pujols re-emergence is a good news/bad news kind of deal - we've got him in one yahoo pool (team name - We Need Steroids) - unfortunately we don't have him in the "Official Hazelspeeps Fantasy Baseball Pool" worries though, the Maeple Leafs have a pretty big lead in that pool.

Colorado Rockies P Jason Hirsh went the distance yesterday in a 6-1 win over Eric Bedard and the O's (bad for our Three Play). Hirsh gave up one run on five hits and a walk and struck out two. He finished the game by retiring 18 of the final 19 batters he faced.

Portugal goalie Paulo Ribeiro came up big for the Under 21's yesterday. The start of the UEFA Under-21 Championship was a little rough for the lads sporting the shields yesterday - they knew they would be in tough against a very talented side from Belgium, but the probably didn't expect to have the play taken to them. Ribeiro came up big on a number of occasions and was the main reason Portugal managed a 0-0 tie; Ribeiro is a rising star in Portugal, expect to see him at the 2010 World Cup. The tie was not the way we wanted to start...but we'll get better.

We had our worst week ever - we're going to attribute it to the lingering effects of our weekend in Boston, which was preceded by three days in Nova Scotia where all there is to do there is drink. We'll get back on track this week - it won't be as bad as last week. The total for the year now stands at an ugly - $1,100.

San Francisco over Toronto - all you need to know is that Josh Towers is throwing for the Jays; tomorrow he'll talk about how well the thought he pitched and that he was happy with his performance except of a couple of pitches he would like to have back. It all adds up to another loss for Towers. Lay $100 on the Giants -$150.

Chicago over Houston - the "Big Z" goes for the Cubs today against Woody Williams - enough said. Lay $100 on the Cubs - $170.

Cleveland over Seattle - the Mariners had a good time in San Diego over the weekend, and Dodgers' fans thank them for beating up on the Padres; however, they'll find things decidedly tougher tonight in Cleveland. Lay $100 on the Tribe - $155.

A week of winners starts tonight with these three - if you are looking for a value play, the White Sox look good tonight in Philadelphia.

That's it for today gang - have a great one peeps.

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

I'm Out.


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