Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Halloween Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

Halloween came a day early in Toronto and Minnesota - the Vikings endured the horror show that was playing the Patriots last night, and the high-octane Thrashers must have thought there were ghosts helping the Maple Leafs last night at the ACC.

The Patriots completely dominated the Vikings and their pop-gun offence; Brad Johnson looked confused, frustrated and disappointed that his noodle arm couldn't carry out what his brain wanted to do. Johnson, one of the NFL's ultimate managers, proved that he couldn't put the team on his shoulders and lead them to a victory; or in the case of last night, keeping them in a game against one of the league's better teams. When a manager throws three interceptions - that pretty much says it all.

The Thrashers visited the ACC, fresh off a shootout win over the Buffalo Sabres on Friday night, and were beaten 4-2 by the Maple Leafs. Atlanta, with one of the league's more potent offences, were stymied time and again last night by Andrew Raycroft, Michael Peca, and a suspect Maple Leafs' defence. The Thrashers, who scored one power play goal, were unable to score with two 5 on 3 power play opportunities. The Leafs on the other hand scored three power play goals in the win. Thanks for coming out Atlanta.

Darcy Tucker of the Maple Leafs scored his eighth and ninth goals on the power play last night to lead Toronto to the win. Honourable mention goes to Michael Peca who was a beast on the penalty kill and neutralized Atlanta's big guns; Hal Gill who was, according to Coach Paul Maurice, a tower of strength out there; Andrew Raycroft who stopped 31 shots in the win, and Captain Mats Sundin who added three assists, all on the power play.

Tom Brady of the Patriots completed 29 passes for 372 yards and four TDs in romp over the Vikings in Minnesota. Brady completed passes to 10 different receivers last night, with three of them finishing the game with 80+ yards receiving. Honourable mention goes to S Rodney Harrison who picked off a Brad Johnson pass in the end zone as the Vikings were driving to tie the game after a Brady INT.

Peter Forsberg, bad wrist and all, scored two goals last night to lead the awful Flyers to a win over the suddenly anemic (and injury riddled) Chicago Blackhawks. If you have read this page, you know how I feel about the Flyers...but as things go, Forsberg is A-Ok here.

A good night yesterday going 2-1, with both $50 plays winning; on the downside the Flames lost to the Caps and they were $200 favorites, meaning the $25 we would have played would have translated into a $50 loss. All in all, a good night going plus $50 and running the total to +179.

San Jose over Florida - the Sharks will be huge favourites, but they should win this one rather easily. Lay $50 on the Sharks.

Nashville over Vancouver - the Canucks are off to a good start, but don't be fooled - they aren't that good. Nashville is starting to round into form after a slow start to the season. Lay $25 down on the Predators, they should be dogs tonight.

NY Islanders over Chicago - this game sucks, and you probably shouldn't play it...but its a three play, so I have to pick a third game. The Hawks are on a nasty streak right now, and should be easy pickings for the almost equally awful Islanders. Lay $25 down on the Isles and hope for the best.

That's about it for this morning...Have a great one peeps!

It's time to get serious about some of the projects and goals you have set for yourself. Look at a partnership for what it is worth. If you can both offer something of value, money can be made, deals signed and security obtained. 3 stars

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world...shouldn't be too scary of a day for you.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - for Halloween

Enter Sandman - Metallica

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!

Monday, October 30, 2006

The Hazies - Champs and Chumps

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

For those of you who haven't been here before, Monday night entries take a look back at the week or so that was in the world of sports, highlighting some of the more notable performances. To those who have risen above the rest, we award them with an honourary "Hazie" - the lucky few have the title of "Hazel's Hero" bestowed upon them. While Hazel hasn't officially approved this week's winners, we'd like to think she would give her trademark smile and thumbs up.


Tomas Kaberle of the Toronto Maple Leafs had a game to remember on Saturday night against the Montreal Canadiens. Kaberle was in on all four goals the Leafs scored in regulation, recording his first career hat-trick and adding an assist. Kaberle started out the shootout with his fourth goal of the night (though it doesn't count on his stats). I'm thinking Hazel would be cool with this one - being that it is for a Maple Leafs player (and a Maeple Leafs player in the yahoo pool).

Evgeni Malkin of the Pittsburgh Penguins is off to a flying start, after missing the first few games of the season with a shoulder injury. While Crosby gets the majority of the press in Pittsburgh (rightly so, for the start he is off to), Malkin has started his NHL career with 5 goals and 4 assists in his first five games. This guy is going to be scary good - and I think he is going to be a better player than Crosby.

Brian Kilrea, coach of the Ottawa 67's, won his 1,100th career game in the Ontario Hockey League. For our American friends, we know that after professional sports, we know that college sports are huge south of the border; up here though, junior hockey is bigger than some professional sports - so this milestone is a huge. Kilrea has spent his entire career with the 67's, except for a brief leave of absence to coach the New York Islanders of the NHL. Kilrea is a giant in the hockey world. I have to think Hazel would be down with handing out the hardware to a hockey legend up here.

The Atlanta Thrashers walked in to Buffalo last Friday and beat the Sabres in shootout, ending Buffalo's 10 game winning streak. If you are a hockey fan, you have/had undoubtedly heard that the Sabres were looking to surpass the Toronto Maple Leafs for the most wins to start a season. So the Sabres tied Pat Burns' Maple Leafs team, but an asterisk should be placed beside the Sabres' achievement - when the Leafs did it, there were no shootouts to decide a game - a tie was a tie. But, we are here to honour "The Champs" from the past week - so kudos to the Thrashers...Leaf Nation salutes you.

LaDanian Tomlinson rushed for 188 yards on twenty five carriers and three touchdowns against the St. Louis Rams on Sunday afternoon. While he didn't get one of Hazel's three stars this morning (what? How could I not give it to Larry Johnson of the Chiefs? I think Hazel would rather have given a star to Johnson than Tomlinson) - he gets a Hazie for tying former Cowboys RB Emmitt Smith for the second quickest RB to reach 90 TDs; Tomlinson and Smith did it in 86 games - former Browns RB Jim Brown did it in 81; pretty select company to be in.

The St. Louis Cardinals shocked the baseball world in disposing of the heavily favoured Detroit Tigers in 5 games last week. The Cardinals who limped home in September found their groove in October and showed the heart of champions in sweeping the Tigers at home in games 3, 4, and 5. What made this all the more impressive was that they did it with guys that were banged up - Pujols and Rolen led the walking wounded. They'll meet Dubya - but if you asked them, I bet most would rather meet Hazel.

It has been a while since we have taken a look at some of the more "notable" performances from the last week or so; we used to refer to these special sporting icons as Hazel's Zeros. Well, I'm resurrecting the list this week (much to my man Adam's chagrin) because it was a weekend that saw some awful performances and some decision making that would leave even the dumbest sports fan scratching their head.



Ben Roethlisberger
of the Pittsburgh Steelers heads up this week's list of chumps. Big Ben came back from what was said to be a concussion to throw four interceptions - two going for TDs, including one that was returned 100 yards - and lead (?) the Steelers to their fifth loss in seven games. The ultimate manager is proving to be an average to below average QB this year - and this Dallas Cowboy fan is loving it.

Donovan McNabb, that Chunky soup lovin' mama's boy, put in another forgettable performance against Jacksonville yesterday. He didn't throw any picks this week - which must have pleased Andy Reid, who must almost suffered whiplash watching Tampa run McNabb's INTs for TDs - but he didn't get it done...again. This guy was being trumpetted as the leading candidate for MVP after 4 games - I keep telling you that McNabb and the Eagles are counterfeit.

Marvin Lewis of the Bengals should be fired; he won't be fired, but he should be. Lewis has completely lost it - witnessed by the fact that this genius called a timeout and brought his team to the sidelines before the Falcons were about to kick off after scoring. The timeout Lewis burned in the third quarter BEFORE a kick off is inexcusable and ended up biting the Bengals in the ass late in the fourth quarter when Atlanta was running down the clock. The Falcons were able to run the clock down to 19 seconds before punting to the Bengals.

Dennis Green of the Cardinals - no explanation needed.

Bob Clarke - just for being Bob Clarke; if you still have questions, read the entry about Clarke resigning and you'll understand.

There you have it...this week's Hazies, and all the rest. If you have any suggestions - leave 'em in the comments box. Have a great one peeps!

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Night on Hazelspeeps - I'm in one of those "just because" moods

Bridge to Nowhere - Sam Roberts

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!

When In Rome - Do Like The Romos

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

Count me amongst the shocked after watching my Dallas Cowboys come back from a 14-0 first quarter deficit and score 35 straight points against what I thought was a very good Carolina defence. I wasn't convinced that starting Tony Romo was the right decision - but I'm happy to say this morning that I was dead wrong. Romo showed me, and a lot of other Cowboys fans I suspect, a lot last night in Carolina. Romo overcame what could have been a devastating INT in the first quarter (it should NOT have counted), he overcame some terrible calls from the officials, and he managed to keep everyone on the offensive side of the ball happy. The Tony Romo era has officially commenced - I'm hoping that history repeats itself, in that Drew Bledsoe's replacement goes on to win the Super Bowl (New England fans are smiling about Tom Brady).

Tony Romo didn't put up the numbers that some other players did - but winning your first start on the road, against a team many thought was a legitimate Super Bowl contender has to score points with Hazel. Romo finished the game completing 24 of 36 passes for 270 yards and 1 TD.

Larry Johnson of the Chiefs (is Hazel smiling or what?) rushed for three touchdown and caught another to lead Kansas City to a 35-28 victory over the Seahawks. Johnson rushed 39 times for 155 yards and caught 2 passes for 26.

Michael Vick of the Falcons has suddenly turned into a passer. The man we know as Ron Mexico was 20/28 for 291 yards and 3 TDs.

Yesterday was our first losing day of the week - finishing the day at -$65, but finishing the week at +129; not bad for the week.

New England -2.5 over Minnesota - Brady over Johnson on Monday night. I'd lay $50 down on the Patriots.

Anaheim over St. Louis - I can't see St. Louis winning this one, the Ducks are playing far too well to give up a game like this one. Lay $50 down on the Ducks.

Calgary over Washington - the Caps were shut out on Saturday night against the Oilers and its tough to see things getting better for them tonight in Calgary. Lay $25 down on the Flames.

There you have it peeps...have a great one!


Now is the time to flourish, not to be shy and reluctant to take what's yours. Show your worth and you will not be denied. A strong sense of fair play will put you ahead of the competition. 4 stars

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - its Gavin Rossdale's birthday today, I wouldn't count myself as a fan of Bush...but the have a few good tunes.

Swallow - Bush

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

For DJames

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

Things are looking a little dicey in the afternoon three play - Jacksonville looking good to take it home, up 10-0 late in the 3rd. Arizona is getting it handed to them by Green Bay...go figure, the Cardinals are bad again this week; and Cincinnati and the Falcons are going back and forth this afternoon. So as of right now, the three play is -60; to make up for that, we'll go with 2 plays for $50 this afternoon.

NY Jets +1.5 over Cleveland

San Jose -140 over Tampa Bay

If you want one more, I'd go with Denver and Indy under the 41 it was posted at this morning...that's if you really feel the need for a three play.

DJames, buddy I hope you are checking in. If you are, I hope you have been following my plays this week - STAY AWAY from that NBA crap.

Have a great afternoon all.

Hazel, I hope you are enjoying your NFL Sunday...Go Chiefs!!!!

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!

Kaberle KO's Kanadiens

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

Hazel was probably hanging out at the TD Banknorth Garden last night, watching the Bruins and the SenaTards - if she was, she missed a great game between the Maple Leafs and the Habs last night. The Leafs won 5-4 at the Bell Centre - outscoring Montreal 2-1 in a shootout that went seven rounds. Tomas Kaberle was a dominant force in the game last night with a hat-trick and an assist (and another goal in the first round of the shootout). Kaberle controlled the game at both ends of the ice last night, you had to see it to truly appreciate how good this kid was last night. I hope Hazel has NHL Center Ice and taped it, it is definitely worth watching - she's got to get Tomas on The Buzz when the Leafs visit Boston.

His performance last night puts him over and above one of Hazel's three stars - he'd make the list as one of Hazel's Heroes on Monday night. Kaberle was the man of the night.


Tim Thomas of the Bruins stopped 35 shots in a win over the Tards last night - I'm think Hazel must have been at the game and given Thomas and the Bruins a little bit of good karma to beat the hated SenaTards. I know I picked the Tards in the Three Play - the Tards also blew up a really good Pro-Line ticket...I should have figured Hazel would be at the game.

David Aebischer of the Canadiens stole a point for the Habs last night - we normally don't highlight players on losing teams, but Aebischer was outstanding last night stopping 46 shots last night (according to the scoreboard at the Bell Centre). The Canadiens had no business being in that game last night - the owe Aebischer a load of thanks.

Sidney Crosby of the Penguins had a hat-trick in leading his Pittsburgh to an 8-2 rout of the Flyers - its always nice to see the Flyers get pounded on. I would have named Malkin one of the Stars, but he is on Renee's Ice Bitches in the yahoo pool.

We were 2-1 again last night getting wins from Carolina and Dallas, the Tards were the only black spot on the night (but I've talked enough about that). So yesterday's roll up was $100 up and $41.00 down. + $59 on the night puts us at +$194 for the week.

Jacksonville +8 over Philadelphia. I was lovin' +5.5 in spreads pool - so you have to know what I think of this one. I'd lay $50 on the Jags.

Cincinnati -3.5 over Atlanta - Palmer has a big day, Ron Mexico reverts to form. I'd lay $50 on the Bengals.

Arizona +4.0 over Green Bay - Something I like about this game - $50 is a safe bet on this one.


16) Jacksonville +5.5 over PHILADELPHIA - I think Jacksonville has enough to win this game outright, give me 5.5 and I'm lovin' them - McNabb has show that he is prone to mistakes against good pressure defences.

15) KANSAS CITY -5.5 over Seattle - no Hasselbeck, no Alexander; how is Seattle going to score at Arrowhead? Oh yeah, ever hear of Hazel Karma? Larry Johnson dominates today.

14) New England -2.5 over Minnesota - The Vikings aren't ready for primetime, Brady has proven that he is always ready. New England serves notice on Monday night that they have another Super Bowl in mind.

13) CINCINNATI -4.5 over Atlanta - the Benglas have had a few tough weeks as of late, but I think Palmer rights the ship against a Falcons D that has been giving up big plays as of late. If you've been missing Chad Johnson - he'll be back today.

12) NEW ORLEANS -2.5 over Baltimore - The Saints are a different team this year, and have proven to be a force at home. Kyle Boller stepping in for McNabb? What do you think?

11) CHICAGO -16.5 over San Francisco - After the bad game in Arizona, Grossman gets his act together and pummels the 49ers.

10) PITTSBURGH -8.5 over Oakland - The Raiders won their game for the year - the Steelers will be chomping at the bit to make up for last week's loss to Ron Mexico.

09) NY GIANTS -9.5 over Tampa Bay - I'm taking Manning over a rookie. I hate picking them...but the Giants will cover.

08) SAN DIEGO -8.5 over St. Louis - Bulger has been good, good enough to be added to Hazel Mae's Cowboys in the yahoo pool - but I don't see St. Louis having enough to keep this one close.

07) Houston +3.5 over TENNESSEE - somebody tell me how the Titans can be favoured over anyone? What? Is Albert Haynesworth coming back or something? I'll take Carr over Young.

06) DENVER -2.5 over INDIANAPOLIS - I know the Colts are favoured now - but I don't know why. Denver runs the ball down their throat - I hope it snows in Colorado today.

05) NY Jets +1.5 over CLEVELAND - Pennington has been finding a way to get it done. Cleveland fired their offensive coordinator Maurice Carthon - but its still the same group executing.

04) Arizona +3.5 over GREEN BAY - I'll take Leinhart to keep it close and pull out a win with a big play to Boldin to win it.

03) Dallas +4.5 over CAROLINA - what? Dallas might keep it close...maybe. Hazel might be tuning in on Sunday night before SportsDesk and send Romo some good karma...oh well, finishing the week 13-1 should be good enough to win.

There you have it gang - this week's picks are solid, I know I have said that before...but these are. Have a great one peeps!

You can utilize everything you've learned in the past and impress everyone you deal with today. Your kindness and generosity will bring you good returns. Your intuition will not let you down. 4 stars

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - for my girl Inez, and her late night/early morning email...going back to the 80's - I think Hazel would dig it

The Rain - Oran "Juice" Jones

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

NFL Picks - Straight Up

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

Another tough week in the NFL last week - for everyone it seems as upsets and shockers abound. This week's NFL pool picks in the straight up pool - remember, losses in this pool count as negative points.

14) CHICAGO over San Francisco - Bears coming off a bye week and a scare against the Cardinals, its going to be a long day for Alex Smith and the 49ers.

13) NY GIANTS over Tampa Bay - no Monday night hangover for the Giants this week. The Giants get it done easily.

12) SAN DIEGO over St. Louis - It has been a while since L.T. has had a big rushing day, expect it to happen this weekend in a win over the Rams who aren't exactly road warriors.

11) Pittsburgh over OAKLAND - Cement head Roethlisberger should play, whether he plays or not, Steelers rushing game and their defence are too much for the Raiders.

10) KANSAS CITY over Seattle - Still no definitive word on whether or not Hazel is still a big Chiefs fan - I'm not messing with Hazel this week. Chiefs get it done against a Seahawks team minus Hasselbeck and Alexander.

09) New England over MINNESOTA - I'm taking Brady over Johnson in a big Monday night game. New England is looking good these days - they won't let Minnesota hang around and pull one out.

08) CINCINNATI over Atlanta - Ron Mexico had a great game last week - but if the Steelers could rip the Falcons for 38 points, imagine what Carson Palmer is going to do to them? Bengals big in this one.

07) CAROLINA over Dallas - I really hope I'm wrong in this one...but I can't see Romo getting it done against the Panthers.

06) NEW ORLEANS over Baltimore - The Saints are a force at home, and if the Ravens don't have McNair, I can't see Boller leading Baltimore in this one.

05) Jacksonville over PHILADELPHIA - I keep saying the Eagles are counterfeit, and I think the Jags D proves that this week.

04) N.Y. Jets over CLEVELAND - Jets keep finding ways to win, Browns keep finding ways not to win. Charlie Frye is supposed to play, but he is one hit away from being bounced out of the game.

03) DENVER over Indianapolis - Expect Denver to control the clock by running the ball at a soft Colts D - and put their faith in the defence to limit Manning and the Colts. Denver wins a close one on Sunday.

02) Houston over TENNESSEE - The Titans are playing better for late, but this is a game that David Carr can and should win for the Texans.

01) Arizona over GREEN BAY - I'm expecting to see the Matt Leinhart that played against Chicago. I want to see Dennis Green's reaction this week.

There you have it gang - good luck in your pools! Have a great one peeps.

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Night on Hazelspeeps - just because

Sculputured - Calanit

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!

Surprising St. Louis

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

Dark, dreary rainy day here - must be what its like to be a Tigers fan this morning. The Tigers were swept in St. Louis, losing the World Series by a 4-1 count. I don't think many predicted a St. Louis win (I didn't) and even fewer would have said the Cards would have won in five. Congratulations to the Cardinals.

Speaking of which - yesterday I had Detroit as my $50 play; that play was based on Anthony Reyes starting (which is what CBS Sportsline had at 6:30 am) - so given that Weaver pitched last night, the play is wiped out. Columbus won but the Dallas Stars at -$140 lost, meaning last night was a -$10 night; leaving the page at a +$135 over the first five days.


Carolina over Tampa Bay - the back end of a home and home where Carolina was embarrassed in Tampa. Expect Carolina to exact some revenge. Lay $75 down on Carolina -145.

Ottawa over Boston - as much as it pains me to say it, the Tards are playing well, the Bruins are struggling. Lay $25 on Ottawa -165.

Dallas over L.A. Kings - the Stars lost to Detroit, expect them to take it out on the hapless Kings.
Lay $25 on Dallas -300.

Back later with the NFL picks. Have a great one peeps.

Take a trip down memory lane and, if it draws you back to a place you used to go, by all means visit it. You will be emotional about matters pertaining to work and money. Refrain from overspending, lending or borrowing. 2 stars

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - for my girl Renee and her suggestion on the yahoo board (an 80's hit - don't think it got play in the U.S. - but I think Hazel would be down with this one).

Eyes Of A Stranger - Payolas

"You've got the eyes of a stranger."

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Surrounded By Idiots In Red

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

My cousin called me yesterday afternoon to ask me if I wanted to go to the Leafs/Tards game with him - a supplier gave him two tickets. My initial reaction was "No, you know what happens when I go see the Leafs...they lose. I'm a jinx." After he berated me for turning down a free ticket - I decided to go, big mistake. Surrounded by the idiots in red - who now refer to themselves as "Sens Army", I sat there and watched the Leafs lose another game. I've never be to a Leafs' game where they ended up winning. I should have just stayed home.

St. Louis pulled one out last night without the help of Albert Pujols - instead it was David Eckstein who shouldered the load. Bad way for Detroit to lose it last night.

David Eckstein of the Cards had four hits, including three doubles, and knocked in two runs in the Cards comeback win over the Tigers.

Martin St. Louis of the Tampa Bay Lightning scored a hat-trick last night in leading Tampa to a 5-1 victory over Carolina.

Scott Hartnell of the Predators scored two goals to lead Nashville to a surprise win over the Sharks.

Another good night last night - New Jersey and Buffalo both won, but Carolina lost...so much for the $100 night; still though, it would have been a net profit of $50 bucks - so the hypothetical account would stand at + $145. So on to tonight's picks - not much to pick tonight.

Detroit over St. Louis - I think tonight's game will prove to be a reversal of fortunes from game 1. I think Anthony Reyes will go back to pitching like Anthony Reyes - and the Cards will get a look at the Justin Verlander that blew away the American League for a good part of the season. Lay $50 down on the Cards tonight.

Dallas over Detroit - the Red Wings surprised the Sharks, but the Stars will be ready for them. These two usually play pretty tight games, but I think last change does it for Dallas tonight. Take the Stars for $25.

Columbus over Los Angeles - both teams are playing poorly; but Columbus has a lot more upside than the Kings. Lay $25 down on Columbus.

Don't let jobs that are unfinished get to you. The only thing you can do is to go at your own pace and get done what you can. The more you fret about something or someone, the less you will accomplish. 2 stars

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world. Have a great weekend.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - just because

Jerk It Out - The Caesars

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Damn Technical Issues

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

I don't know what's up with blogger these days - but it was out for most of the night last night. It was a Wednesday - and you know what I say about Wednesdays. I'll post some stuff later after the Leafs and SenaTards game tonight - but here is one that defines "the whacked" in Weird & Whacked Wednesdays.

Some dude pulled a gun on his six year old son's football coach, because he felt his son wasn't getting enough playing time. Yes, you read that right - dad was pissed because he felt his SIX YEAR OLD son wasn't getting enough time. I could understand having a talk with the coach and saying "Hey, I paid my son's fees - he has the right to be out there playing." But pulling a damn gun on a coach?

This one is obviously whacked - and if you didn't think so on reading of the recap, check out the link...at the end of the article, it says that a referree was arrested on assault charges after being accused of throwing a punch at a man. You gotta love youth football...

Yesterday's picks didn't go as well as I had hoped - the Rangers were heavy favourites (I saw a $2.00 line) meaning that despite going 2-1 last night, I still would have lost $50 bucks had I plunked down the cash. Still though, being up $95 bucks after three nights isn't bad - considering it was all based on relatively small wagers. Remember what the lottery corporations and casinos say "Play responsibly" (ya right). So on to today's three play. Remember, we don't think Hazel would condone gambling - so these hypothetical plays are for entertainment purpose only - unless you bet them and make a wad of cash...tickets to a Red Sox game at Fenway next spring would be a nice way to say "thank you".

New Jersey over Florida - the Panthers needed a huge game from Ed Belfour to pull it out last night. The Rangers were awful at both ends of the ice last night - the Devils won't repeat that performance. Take the Devils and put $50 down. NJ -2.50

Carolina over Tampa Bay - the Hurricanes won an O/T game last night against a very good Atlanta team. Normally you wouldn't play a team coming off an O/T game - but I think Carolina is that much better than Tampa, who are a mess right now. Take the Canes...but only for $25. Carolina +1.20

Buffalo over NY Islanders - you have to like the Sabres in this one...put don't lay down too much; the Sabres will be huge favourites and they are due to lose one soon - though I don't think tonight is the night. Take the high flying Sabres - but only for $25. Buffalo -2.00

Looks like a pretty good shot at a $100 night.

Games to avoid:
  • Montreal and Boston - too unpredictable, if you had to take someone I guess you'd go with Montreal but...Hazel wouldn't be feeling a play against the Bruins.

  • Philadelphia over Atlanta - the Thrashers should walk in this game, but remember this is the Flyers' first game under new coach John Stevens...teams usually respond.

  • St. Louis and Detroit - this series is too tough to call. Depends on pitchers tonight...but I'd just as soon leave it alone.


Joe Sakic of the Colorado Avalanche recorded his 1500th point last night in a loss to the Capitals. If you are a hockey fan - you have to love Sakic; he is the epitomy of a class. I think Hazel would second the nomination of Sakic...even in a losing cause.

Henrik Sedin of the Vancouver Canucks had two goals and an assist in 5-0 win over a depleted Chicago Blackhawks team; still though, he kid came through at a time when the Canucks have struggling on the road.

Chris Pronger had three assists last night in his first game against the Edmonton Oilers since being traded to Anaheim. Everyone in Canada was watching this one.

The Hazelspeeps Fantasy Hockey Pool is a case study in the "haves" and the "have not" with El Presidente being the latter category. It was a tough week for me in the pool - but there is still plenty of time to go, so I'm not panicking...yet. Maybe I need a kick in the ass from Renee like in the football pool. Standings for the week ending October 24th.

50.5 - Double DD Bandits - owned by Hubie. His teams go up and down like a yo-yo, so he should know not to get too comfortable in this spot.

48.0 - Skating Bobcats - owned by Commish Drisc who is quietly making a play for the Hazelspeeps double after starting out the football pool 7-0.

44.0 - Hanson Brothers - owned by Sparky, who isn't used to slummin' it in 3rd place.

40.5 - Ice Bitches - owned by our girl Renee who was the big jumper this week - guess she got bored with the view over El Presidente.

40.0 - Weekend Warriors - owned by Bakerboy who has not checked in in quite some time. Things that make you go hmmmm

29.0 - Hazel's Maeple Leafs - owned by yours truly, El Presidente, who is seriously considering contracting the services of his buddy Johnny as a consultant in this pool - after the baseball pool, we aren't allowed to talk about Asst. GMs with Renee - she gets touchy about that stuff.

That's about it for today gang...have a great one peeps.

Plan your next vacation or a trip where you can mix business with pleasure. A move from one locale to another will do you a world of good. Put yourself into a category that allows you to earn more or just get ahead personally. 5 stars

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - wake up song

Could This Be Love? - Bob Marley

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

No Time This AM

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

I'm running late today - so a quick hit.

Chris Carpenter of the Cardinals pitched 8 shutouts innings allowing only 3 hits and striking out six.

Evgeni Malkin of the Penguins is doing everything the experts thought he would and more - another goal and an assist last night against the Devils.

Miikka Kiprusoff of the Flames got back to being himself, allowing only one goal against Phoenix last night.

NY Rangers over Florida - don't know what the money line is yet...but I'd lay $50 on the Rangers to win this one.

Minnesota over Los Angeles - Los Angeles got smoked against Colorado, can't see it getting any better here. Lay $25 on the Wild...

Vancouver over Chicago - Chicago is banged up right now...go with Luongo to shut the Hawks down. $25 on Vancouver would be my play.

That's about it...I'm REALLY late now. Have a great one peeps.

Money is heading your way and deals can be made and settled. Someone from your past will make a difference to a decision you have to make. An old reliable source will come in handy. 5 stars

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - been a while since we've nominated it

Oh Be Joyful - Matthew Good.

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Technical Issues

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

Technical Issues this morning - so no post. Good thing too...I had nothing good to say about last night's Cowboys/Giants game. There wouldn't have been a three play today - but if we were betting men/women Thoughts of Hazel Mae would be up about $145 after going two of three last night.

Maple Leafs taking it on the chin tonight against the SenaTards - to add insult to injury, tonight's game is being broadcasted by SenaTards home crew; if you have had the misfortune of listening to these halfwits, you would understand my pain.

Leafs/Tards and Rescue Me on tonight (no, I have never heard of PVR or a VCR) - so its a quick post.

Week 7 of the NFL is in the books and its time to look at the standing in the Hazelspeeps Fantasy Football League. Our Commish Drisc is cruising along at a perfect 7-0 with the rest of us bunched up fighting for 2nd to last - it is that close (or that bad if you want look at things in terms of the glass being half empty).

7-0 - Fighting Bobcats - owned by Commish Drisc who was last seen yawning as he looked at the standings...not that he is being cocky or anything.

4-3 - Tina's Team - owned by Tina, who is holding her own in the league - even though she claims not to be a big time football fan.

3-4 - Ageswimmer - owned by Bushey, who is still keeping a pretty low profile.

3-4 - Hazel Mae's Cowboys - owned by El Presidente, who's boys are on a two game winning streak and looking to match up with the Bobcats soon!

2-5 - Ithaca Commons - owned by Kevin, who must be studying hard because he's been pretty quiet.

2-5 - Jack O'Lantern - owned by Hubie, who is buring up the waiver wire...seemingly to little if any avail.

There you have it gang...Have a great one peeps!

HAZEL'S TUESDAY HOROSCOPE (I know its 14 hours too late)
Mix travel with business. Check out a piece of property or look for an investment that will keep your money safe and growing. An older colleague will be surprised by your competitive position. 5 stars

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world - they haven't been here this week.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - just because

Bobcaygeon - Tragically Hip

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Tomato - "Tohmato" Its About Time

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

Plenty to talk about this morning - last night's World Series game and the performance Kenny Rogers put in and another surprising NFL Sunday loaded with upsets (Hazel must be smiling at what the Chiefs did to the Chargers), but that will have to wait.

The Philadelphia Flyers announced yesterday that they had fired coach Ken Hitchcock and the their GM Bob Clarke had resigned from his post. Where do you start with this one?

I'll start by saying that Hitchcock didn't deserve this fate - the guy is solid and has a proven track record of success; the mess the Flyers were in was a direct result of the ineptitude of Bob Clarke to adapt to the new NHL. I know coaches have input into players the team acquires; but I don't believe for one second that Bob Clarke worked to get the players his coach wanted, it has always been Clarke's show so he should accept full responsibility and bear the brunt of criticism for the state of the Flyers. Hitchcock has proven that he can win as a coach - Bob Clarke has not proven that he can, or could ever, build a winner.

Clarke has made a series of bad moves over the years, from not acquiring players who could help to acquiring players who were a detriment to the team - it has always been about Bob Clarke and nothing but Bob Clarke. Prior to the 2004 lockout, Clarke's Flyers were always considered to be one of the teams that could win it all - the Flyers' weakness was in goal. In the pre-salary cap NHL, Clarke had a chance to acquire Curtis Joseph who had left the Maple Leafs looking to sign with a team that had a chance to win the Stanley Cup; Clarke didn't even bother talking to Joseph, instead letting his hatred of anything and everything connected to the Maple Leafs cloud his judgement and opting to go with Robert Esche. Esche had one good playoff series against the Maple Leafs and has faded into relative oblivion - destined to be a backup goalie.

After the lockout, Clarke ignored what was going on around him: he refused to believe that the NHL would change and start strictly enforcing the rules in the game, he continued to sign older, slower players who couldn't possibly compete in the new NHL - he wanted a big plodding physical team, thinking that his boys could wear down the opposition.

The first two that come to mind are Derian Hatcher and Mike Rathje - two post lockout free agent signings that have turned out to be a bust. Hatcher has been average at best, and Rathje isn't even playing these days (a back injury is keeping him out). Clarke went into last year thinking that in the "new and improved" NHL, he would build his defence around his two free agent signings to go along with Joni Pitkanen and Eric Desjardins (who was over 35 at the time).

It was Clarke who decided to sign Peter Forsberg; don't get me wrong, when Forsberg plays, he is one of the league's dominant players - the problem is that he had not played a full season in years and was rumoured to be considering returning to Sweden. Everyone knew that Forsberg's body was breaking down, but few knew that his desire and passion to play in the NHL was fading fast. Instead of passing on Forsberg, Clarke let his hatred of Eric Lindros get in the way of making sound hockey decisions and decided to sign Forsberg - austensibly to right the wrong he had made 15 years earlier in trading a package of players (including Forsberg) to the Quebec Nordiques to acquire Lindros. Forsberg's time in Philadelphia has been marked by flashes of brilliance, and a number of injuries (the latest being a bad wrist).

Clarke has made a number of other bad to terrible acquisitions - Mike Knuble, who was signed away from the Bruins has been a shadow of the player that skated with Joe Thornton and Glen Murray in the black and gold (yellow). Petr Nedved was acquired for some stupid reason - he was recently assigned to the minors. In the first week of this year's free-agent period, Hitchcock told Clarke he wanted Ruslan Salei of the Ducks, Clarke instead opted to sign free-agent defenceman Nolan Baumgartner (thought by most to be a number 4/5 defenceman) - Baumgartner is no longer on the Flyers.

The list of Clarke's brain cramps go on and on and are too numerous to list here - I'll wrap it up with this one: going into last year, in the post-lockout NHL, Clarke decided to put his faith in two teenagers - Jeff Carter and Mike Richards. They haven't quite panned out the way Clarke had hoped...but what could you expect from a couple of teenagers?

Bob Clarke said yesterday that he had resigned - admitting that he hadn't been very good and that he no longer had the desire to continue on. I find it pretty hard to believe that a guy with Clarke's history would walk away from the organization he had been a part of for almost 35 years - I think the the way it went down was more like, owner Ed Snider went to Clarke and said "I don't want to fire you, but I have to - you can resign if you want to...but you have to go." I think Clarke took the easy way out, and hung his coach out to dry in the process. You can say he resigned, I say he was asked to leave - tomato "tomatoh".

The Flyers are going to suffer for a good long while, as a result of Clarke's ego and bad decision making - as a member of Leaf Nation, I'm going to love watching this nosedive into the basement of the NHL. Most people predicted the Leafs wouldn't be very good this year, that remains to be seen - but it looks like a pretty good bet that the Flyers are going to be really bad. I feel sorry for Simon Gagne who is going to be stuck in this mess - he, like Hitchcock, deserves much better.

Another day of surprises in the NFL yesterday - count me as one of the people that thinks that parity sucks...any given Sunday my ass:
  • Hazel had to be smiling with the Chiefs win over San Diego (I've learned my lesson, I won't bet against Hazel's boys at home);
  • Oakland and Houston registered their first wins of the season (the latter hurt, I'm out of another suicide pool after picking Jacksonville);
  • Seattle lost to the Vikings and may have lost QB Matt Hasselbeck for a long time (suspect MCL injury) leaving the NFC wide open;
  • Ron Mexico throws 4 TDs leading the Falcons to an O/T win over the Steelers - I don't know about you, but did anyone see the humour in Roethlisberger leaving the game with a concusssion? You know...he WAS wearing a helmet. The 3 point margin was GREAT for me, I won a great Pro-Line ticket!
  • A number of news sources are reporting that Chargers LB Shawne Merriman will be suspended for four games for violating the league's substance abuse policy.
My NFL picks have been less than stellar - but a few things that I have been saying since day 1 are coming to the forefront. I have said from Week 1 that the Philadelphia Eagles are counterfeit (yes I picked them again today, but that was my brain cramp for the week) - the last two weeks have shown that the Eagles are the beneficiaries of a last place schedule and a bad game by Dallas. The Washington Redskins, picked by many to be in the playoff mix, are not a .500 team - the game has passed Joe Gibbs' by, its time for him to go and take Brunnell with him. The Miami Dolphins, with Daunte Culpepper or anyone else quarterbacking that team, were going to be a bad team - today's loss against the Packers is the final nail in the coffin for Nick Saban's team. I may be dumb, but I know a few things about the NFL...and I know when "experts" are blowing smoke up people's asses.

As I had said yesterday, the Detroit Tigers would even up the series against the Cardinals - there were a few tense moments in the ninth with Todd Jones loading the bases with two out, but the Tigers rode a great performance from Kenny Rogers to win Game 2.


The aforementioned Kenny Rogers of the Detroit Tigers pitched eight shutout innings against Albert Pujols and the Cardinals, limiting them to two hits and three walks while striking out five. Rogers has to be the post-season MVP.

Peyton Manning of the Colts had a field day against the Redskins yesterday. Manning was 25/35 for 342 yards and 4 TDs. Anyone who beats up on Washington is A-Ok with me...even if he is loathed in New England.

Algee Crumpler of the Atlanta Falcons caught six passes for 117 yards and 3 TDs in a 41-38 O/T victory over the Steelers. Algee is a member of El Presidente's Hazel Mae's Cowboys in the yahoo pool.

Honourable mention goes to the Chunky Soup lovin' mama's boy who threw 5 TD passes yesterday - unfortunately for the Eagles two of those TDs were to Bucs defenders. For good measure, McNabb pulled away from center and threw up on the field...AGAIN. Ya, T.O. was lying about McNabb in the Super Bowl...ah huh.


We attached dollar amounts to yesterday's selections - if we were actually gambling, we'd up up $72.50 after going 2-1 yesterday. Today's picks

Edmonton over Phoenix - Gretzky's return home won't be a pleasant one. The Oilers have too much for the Coyotes. I'd go $50.

San Jose over Columbus - San Jose is starting a road trip tonight in Columbus, in the NHL, teams that start road trips have a great record in the opening game of the trip. I'd go $50 on the Sharks to start their trip out right.

Dallas -3 over NY Giants - I have heard the betting public has been all over New York in this one, I don't know why. Parcells has the Cowboys ready to play tonight. I'd go $25 on the Boys.

There you have it gang...Have a great one Peeps.

Partnerships, contracts, health concerns and money matters must be dealt with today. Information is being withheld in a partnership you are in. Don't pry. Give this person a chance to come to you. 3 stars

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - Dwight Yoakum turns 50 today, I'm not much on country...but Dwight's good in my books. So for Dwight's birthday

Guitars, Cadillacs - Dwight Yoakum

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Saturday Shocker -

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

Well, the Cardinals did the unthinkable - at least to my mind - by walking into Detroit coming off a seven game series against the Mets and slapping the favoured Tigers around by a score of 7-2. Everything pointed to a Tigers win:
  • they were well rested and fresh after beating up on the A's;
  • they had super rookie Justin Verlander going up against relative unknown Anthony Reyes;
  • the Cards' bullpen was coming in tired and overworked; and
  • Albert Pujols of the Cards came into the game at considerably less 100%.
Well, that all meant absolutely nothing - the Tigers took the Cards too lightly and got their cans handed to them as a result. No excuses for this game - but expect the Tigers to come back and even the series tonight.

Tough night in the NHL for our girl -

Hazel's Maple Leafs' lost in a shootout to the Rangers; it was a back and forth game all night and the Leafs hung in there with a team that owned them last year. Jeff O'Neill gave Leaf Nation hope by tying the game up with three minutes left in the third, but the Leafs couldn't finish off the comeback. Mats Sundin, Alexei Ponikarovsky and Darcy Tucker were all disappointing the in the shootout - Leaf killer Brendan Shanahan scored the only goal of the shootout to win it for the Rangers.

The Bruins took it on the chin from the Sabres last night - no word on whether or not Hazel was at the game...I'll check to see if anyone from the yahoo group spotted her at the game. From all reports, the B's couldn't keep up with Buffalo's team speed - but then again, there are only a handful to teams that can keep up with the 8-0 Sabres. The lone bright spot for the B's was that rookie Phil Kessel scored his first NHL goal...Hazel Karma? You be the judge...remember, Hazel did a feature on Kessel on the premiere edition of The Buzz.

The SenaTards scored 5 second period goals on their way to an 8-1 pasting of the Devils.

An all around bad NHL Saturday night for our girl Hazel...

Anthony Reyes of the Cardinals shocked the baseball world by shutting down the Tigers last night. The rookie held the potent Tigers' offence to two runs over eight innings on four hits and two walks. A shocker to say the least.

Sheldon Souray scored two goals and added two assists in leading the Montreal Canadiens to a 8-5 victory over the Colorado Avalanche in Jose Theodore's homecoming. My man Johnny will be happy that a Hab got a star...don't count on too many Johnny.

Alexei Yashin, the invisible man of the New York Islanders, had assists on all four goals in a surprising 4-3 overtime win over the Carolina Hurricanes. For those of you wondering, with Zdeno Chara going to Boston this summer - the deal between the Islanders and SenaTards a few years back now stands as Yashin for Spezza. So far, it looks like the Isles win the trade...not by much mind you.

Ok, I'm back at it with my NFL picks against the spread this week. Last week was a forgettable one, so I'm hoping to get back to my winning ways today by going with the road warriors.

16) New England -5.5 over BUFFALO - two teams headed in opposite directions. The Bills are spiralling downward, with J.P. Losman looking like the second coming of Rob Johnson; the Patriots are coming off a bye week and seem to be getting back the swagger they have had in the past.

15) Arizona -3.5 over OAKLAND - last week's loss to Chicago, while heartbreaking to the Cards 15+ fans, showed this team is on the rise. Look for the Cards to smoke the Raiders who can't score and can't seem to stop anyone. Leinhart and Boldin have a field day in Oakland and prevent Dennis Green from spazzing out again.

14) Philadelphia -5.5 over TAMPA BAY - the Bucs pulled a shocker last week over the Bengals, but don't expect the same this week. The Eagles defence is going to blitz Tampa all afternoon and make it a long and painful learning experience for rookie QB Gradkowski. That Chunky-soup lovin mama's boy McNabb will have a field day starting off in good position all day.
13) San Diego -5.5 over KANSAS CITY - forgive me Hazel for I have sinned. The Chiefs have some serious problems - they have next to nothing after Larry Johnson. The Chargers defence dictates the game and L.T. scores two TDs in an easy win.

12) INDIANAPOLIS -9.5 over Washington - The Colts are coming off a bye week, the Redskins are coming off of two embarassing losses. Expect Manning to have a field day and Brunnell to be Brunnell. Colts go up big early and coast to a big victory over the Skins'

11) Jacksonville -9.5 over HOUSTON - Jacksonville is coming off a bye week; they have a few injuries, but their defence is good enough to keep the Texans to under 10 points. Expect the Jags to have good field position for most of the day in this one.

10) Denver -5.5 over CLEVELAND - the Broncos aren't giving up any points and the Browns aren't scoring any. Denver took it easy on the Raiders last week - Shanahan will be looking for his team to come out and pound the Browns.

09) NY JETS -3.5 over Detroit - The Jets killed me last week by only winning by 3 over the Dolphins; expect last week's scare against to instill a killer instinct in the Jets. The Lions beat a struggling Bills team in the Dome - the Jets are a different story.

08) SEATTLE -6.5 over Minnesota - I can't see Minnesota staying close in this one - they can't score and the crowd noise in Seattle is only going to make things tougher on them. Seattle pulled one out against St. Louis last week...expect the momentum to continue today.

07) Carolina +3.5 over CINCINNATI - the Bengals aren't looking like the team that could have went to the Super Bowl last year. Could it be that all the off-field trouble is starting to have an effect on the Bengals? Carolina's defence will keep this one very close and give Steve Smith a chance to make a game breaking play.

06) DALLAS -3.5 over NY Giants - all is quiet on the Cowboys' front, and that can only mean the Tuna has his team focused on this all important division game. The Giants can score - but they also give up a lot of points; if they go down early, expect Dallas to grind it out and step on their throat. Dallas keeps pace with the Eagles with a Monday night win.

05) ATLANTA +1.5 over Pittsburgh - I don't understand this one. The Steelers have been awful this year, one good game against a struggling Chiefs team starting their backup (sorry Hazel) and suddenly they are road favourites? Ron Mexico and Warrick Dunn control the clock in this one against a banged up Steelers' D.

04) Green Bay +4.5 over MIAMI - the Ugly Bowl. Both teams are bad, neither is going anywhere - in a game this ugly, I'll take Favre over Harrington. Unfortunately, you have to pick EVERY game in a pool.

There you have it...I'm sure we'll disagree on a few picks - but I like mine this week.

Ok, lets try something new here. I'm not advocating that you lay money on these picks...they are for entertainment purposes only - but we'll start with hypothetical wagers. I'll keep track and see where we end up.

Detroit Tigers over St. Louis - there is no way the Tigers go down 0-2 starting off a series with two home losses. I don't know what the money line is...I don't have to, Tigers win big today. I'd go $50.

New England -5.5 over Buffalo - I love the Patriots today. They blow out the Bills and win this one easily. I'd go $50 again.

Arizona -3.5 over Oakland. I like it, but not as much as the first two. I'd go $25.

That's about it for this morning...have a great one peeps!

Put your money where your mouth is if you believe in what you are trying to do. A great idea can turn into a financial plus if your timing is right. Prepare to do whatever you must to accomplish your goals. 3 stars

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world - enjoy your NFL Sunday, production on the upcoming episode of the Buzz can wait til Monday...wait, the Cowboys are playing Monday night and we need the Hazel Karma. On second thought - enjoy your work day!

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - I found this CD yesterday, don't laugh when you hear who it is by...its a solid effort. Its not the pop crap she became famous for - its an all Spanish effort that go back to her roots. If you can find it, download - it is worth it. There has to be a trace of Latin blood in Hazel's Filapina roots - she'd dig this one after a couple of tequila slammers (or preferrably a couple of glass of Port wine).

La Parranda - Gloria Estafan

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Took It Down!

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

A great night Friday night all around - I went to play in a poker tournament and beat 19 others to win a few hundred bucks - pockets 9's were good to me all night. I also got to watch the Maple Leafs beat the Blue Jackets by a 4-2 count - big thumbs up to Leafs TV. I won a freakin' great Pro-Line ticket last night too! Yup, a pretty damn good Friday night all around.

The World Series starts up in Detroit with the Cardinals taking on the Tigers. I can't see how the Cardinals can possibly pull this off - Detroit has too much pitching, too much hitting and too much rest to lose this one. I know I'm not shocking anyone calling for a Detroit win - but I'm calling them in 5 games, starting off tonight with a big win against the emotionally drained and exhausted Cardinals.


Ok, today they are my three stars - because each of these guys came up big for yours truly on the Pro-Line ticket.

Mats Sundin of the Maple Leafs had an assist last night to outpoint Rick Nash in a 4-2 victory over the Blue Jackets.

Eric Staal of the Carolina Hurricanes had a goal and an assist to outpoint Daniel Briere in a 5-4 loss to the Buffalo Sabres.

Mike Modano of the Dallas Stars had a goal to outpoint Martin Havlat in a 5-4 victory over the surprising Blackhawks.

Team awards go to the Florida Panthers who beat up on the woeful Philadelphia Flyers and the aforementioned Dallas Stars who beat Chicago. The ticket paid 35+ - 1 ...I won't say how much I put down on that one.

Detroit Tigers over St. Louis Cardinals - this one is a gimme to my mind. It doesn't matter who the Cardinals offer up as the sacrificial lamb; they are going down tonight!

Atlanta Thrashers over Florida Panthers - the Panthers won their game for the week last night (and I thank them for it) - the Thrashers are for real.

Chicago Blackhawks over St. Louis Blues - the Hawks lost a tough one last night (again I thank them for blowing a 2 goal lead in the third period) - but they'll get it done tonight against the Blues.

The NFL picks against the Spread come later tonight. Have a great one peeps!

Travel, getting together with peers and pursuing a better understanding of a partnership is where your focus should be. A relationship will take a turn and a decision will have to be made. Choose wisely. 3 stars

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world - though the thought of this decision sounds a little ominous (dum dum daaaaaaaaaaa).

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - for the peeps at yahoo with the latest topic of discussion - I'll let you guess what part of the song I'm referring to...thanks to Renee for being the inspiration on today's selection.

Brim Full of Asha - Cornershop (Norman Cook Remix - aka Fatboy Slim)

There’s Dancing Behind Movie Scenes
Behind The Movie Scenes, Sadi Rani
She’s The One That Keeps The Dream Alive
From The Morning Past The Evening
To The End Of The Light

Brim Full Of Asha On The 45
Well, It’s A Brim Full Of Asha On The 45
Brim full Of Asha On The 45
Well, It’s A Brim full Of Asha On The 45

And Dancing Behind Movie Scenes
Behind Those Movie Screens, Asha Bhosle
She’s The One That Keeps The Dream Alive
From The Morning Past The Evening
To The End Of The Light

Brim Full Of Asha On The 45
Well, it’s A Brim Full Of Asha On The 45
Brim Full Of Asha On The 45
Well, it’s A Brim Full Of Asha On The 45

Everybody Needs A Bosom For A Pillow
Everybody Needs A Bosom
Everybody Needs A Bosom For A Pillow
Everybody Needs A Bosom

And Singing Illuminate The Main Streets
And The Cinema Aisles
We Don't Care About No Government Warnings
'Bout Their Promotion Of A Simple Life
And The Dams They're Building

Brim Full Of Asha On The 45
Well, It’s A Brim Full Of Asha On The 45
Brim Full Of Asha On The 45
Well, it’s A Brim Full Of Asha On The 45

Everybody Needs A Bosom For A Pillow
Everybody Needs A Bosom
Everybody Needs A Bosom For A Pillow
Everybody Needs A Bosom
Mine's On The 45

Brim Full Of Asha On The 45
Well, it’s A Brim Full Of Asha On The 45
Brim Full Of Asha On The 45
Well, it’s A Brim Full Of Asha On The 45

Everybody Needs A Bosom For A Pillow
Everybody Needs A Bosom ....
Mine's On The 45

Brim Full Of Asha On The 45
Well, it’s A Brim Full Of Asha On The 45
Brim Full Of Asha On The 45
Well, it’s A Brim Full Of Asha On The 45
Mine's On The 45

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Yadier Molina Take A Bow

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

No time this morning so we'll get right to the notables.


Yadier Molina of the Cards - biggest HR of his career last night.

Glen Murray of the Bruins scored two goals last night to lead Boston to a win in their home opener...what's wrong with the Calgary Flames these days?

Patrick Marleau of the Sharks scores two to lead San Jose to a win over Detroit.

Friday's three play will come later.

Look at your cup as half full, not half empty and you will be able to take advantage of an opportunity that is obscure but, nonetheless, right in front of you. Someone will consider you for a project that is right up your alley. 3 stars

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - just because

Check It Out - John Mellencamp

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Trust Me This Week

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

Ok, last week's NFL picks were bad...really bad; but who knew there would be so many damn shockers? Here are my picks for the Straight-Up Pool - I promise, I will be better than last week's picks...it couldn't be any worse.

13) INDIANAPOLIS over Washington - Colts coming off a bye week and the Redskins are coming off a loss to Vince Young and the Titans...the Skins' season is over, but Manning will pretty much make it official on Sunday.

12) Jacksonville over HOUSTON - Jacksonville is also coming off a bye week - their rested defence is going to make David Carr's afternoon long and painful.

11) New England over BUFFALO - Buffalo is spiralling downward, their offence can't score and their defence can't stop anyone...not what you want to have when Tom Brady comes to town.

10) SEATTLE over Minnesota - Seattle is almost unbeatable at home...Brad Johnson is going to have a tough time with the 12th man in Seattle.

09) Philadelphia over TAMPA BAY - I still think the Eagles are counterfeit, but they have a creampuff this weekend against a rookie QB who is going to spend a good part of his day on his can.

08) Denver over CLEVELAND - the Broncos didn't over-extend themselves against the Raiders, they'll have enough in the tank to get it done this weekend.

07) San Diego over KANSAS CITY - Sorry Hazel. I can't see the Chargers letting up in this one - their defence will shutdown Larry Johnson and leave it in the hands of Huard - bad news for K.C. and Hazel.

06) Arizona over OAKLAND - I think Matt Leinhart has a big day on Sunday - the Kurt Warner experiment is over. They had better win, or Dennis Green is going to have a heart attack.

05) DALLAS over NY Giants - Hi...have you been here before?

04) NY Jets over Detroit - The Jets are finding ways to get it done - the Lions have done it a grand total of once this year over a struggling Bills team.

03) Carolina over CINCINNATI - The Panthers' D is one of the best in the league and will keep them in this one. Cincinnati is looking vulnerable these days.

02) ATLANTA over Pittsburgh - the heat is off the Steelers and on the Falcons - expect Ron Mexico to pull a great game out of his hat and win it.

01) Green Bay over Miami - The Dolphins are a mess right now, Favre might pull this one out - it is a winable game for the Packers.

That's it gang...your NFL picks for this week. Have a great night peeps!

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Night on Hazelspeeps - for my pal (I hope) Renee...

People are People - Depeche Mode

So were different colours - And were different creeds
And different people - Have different needs
Its obvious you hate me - Though Ive done nothing wrong
Ive never even met you - So what could I have done

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!

Game 7 Is On

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

No time this morning, so...


John Maine of the Mets gave his team 5+ shutout innings last night in the biggest start of his career. From Lynx Stadium in Ottawa to Shea Stadium in New York...nice.

Tomas Voukoun of the Nashville Predators stopped 36 shots to lead Nashville to a 3-0 victory over the Rangers in Madison Square Garden.

Martin Brodeur of the New Jersey Devils stopped 37 shots in a 2-1 victory over Pittsburgh last night - spoiling Evgeni Malkin's debut.

Not a bad night last night, if you factor in that I said I'd pick the Mets if I had to, I was 3-1 last night.

Calgary over Boston - the Flames have given up 5 goals in each of their last two games...expect that to change tonight. Sorry Hazel, no highlights for the Buzz from tonight's game.

San Jose over Detroit - the Red Wings lose their second in as many nights to a rested Sharks team that is bigger, faster and younger. Is Jack Edwards still loving the Thornton trade?

Pittsburgh over NY Islanders - Crosby's been quietly lately...that's bad for the Islanders.

Have a great one peeps.


Prepare to handle personal and professional matters calmly. If you let things spin out of control, you will have losses. Stick to logical and practical means of getting things done. 3 stars

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - just because

Everything Is Automatic - Matthew Good

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Weird & Whacked Wednesday

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

For those of you who haven't been here before, Wednesday entries take a look back at some of the more "interesting" stories making news from the world of sports - you know, the stories that make us laugh at shake our heads and wonder what the principles were thinking. The stories catching our attention fall under the categories of the weird, the whacked, or the just plain dumb. I'll let you decide where each fits.


Chicago White Sox SS Juan Uribe was questioned and released by police in the Dominican Republic after a two men were shot. Uribe and a couple of his friends remain suspects in the shooting. It is alleged that Uribe took exception to two men walking too close to his jeep - an argument ensued and shots were fired. A perfect way to cap off a disappointing season for Uribe.

File this one under whacked: you get into an argument with someone walking to close to your car? You get into an argument and settle it by shooting them? Its the Dominican Republic, so he'll undoubtedly get off on this one...but its still nuts.

One time Red Sox P Sammy Stewart was sentenced to six years in prison on "drug charges and other crimes". This is classic - he pleaded guilty to be a habitual felon, felony drug possession, and failure to appear in court on a felony. What is a habitual felon you ask? Well, how about someone who has been charged with more than 60 offences and sent to prison six times.

File this one under just plain dumb: no explanations needed on this one.

Steve Lyons was fired by FOX for a comment he made towards Lou Piniella that was deemed offensive and hurtful to Hispanics. I'm not going to make a judgement on what he said - it was just plain stupid and is a reflection of the moron that uttered that garbage. What I do have a problem with is the press coverage this has generated.

I should mention that Lyons has his backers - my Los Angeles Dodgers have opted to retain his services for Dodgers broadcasts, provided he completely sensitivity training; surprise surprise, Gerry Callahan of the Boston Herald is in Lyons' corner.

But people...its Steve Lyons. Why can't we see this for what it really is? FOX waited for the first opportunity to fire Lyons because he's a bad broadcaster - they couldn't fire him after years with the Network without some sort of reason...it would make them look foolish. Lyons' appeal is much like watching someone trip over a crack on the sidewalk - its funny for about five seconds, then you forget about it.

File this one under weird: When did Steve Lyons become such an important media personality? This guy is best known for dropping his pants while standing on first base - and if you don't think that was pre-conceived and staged... Lyons', must like his pants-dropping incident is media stunt, a joke. Move on people...its Steve Lyons.

You have undoubtedly heard about Lamar Thomas' commentary during the Miami / Florida International football game over the weekend. I won't offer any comment - instead, I'll point you to the NESN video clip of Hazel recapping the story. Hazel gets a good jab in there...oh yeah, she looks absolutely stunning too.


You would think that a team that has won one game all year would be worried about their play on the field and what they could do to salvage another awful season. Nope, not the Detroit Lions - they are more concerned with the list of banned substances put out by the NFL. Lions DT Shaun Rogers has been suspended for four games for violating the league's policy on banned substances - and his teammates say its hard to understand the policy and what constitutes a banned substance.

File this one under just plain dumb: what a perfect smoke screen to avoid answering questions on why your team stinks. NFL teams employ doctors and nutritionists for this very thing - you might want to consult them.

The Miami Dolphins activated Marcus Vick off of the practice roster. Vick has been activated to provide "depth" at the quarterback position while Daunte Culpepper "rehabs" his knee. Where do I start with this? First off, I don't believe for a second that Culpepper is rehabbing his knee - this is Miami realizing they made a big mistake signing this guy. Second, you can activate Vick - but don't tell your fans that he will provide depth at the position. If you think Marcus Vick is "depth" - you are in serious, serious trouble.

File this one under just plain dumb: Miami's entire season has been just plain dumb - the announcement associated with this move just proves it.


Philadelphia Flyers' GM Bob Clarke took swift action to address his team's problems after a 9-1 beat down at the hands of the Sabres. Bob Clarke, always a visionary and a pro-active GM, identified the problem - he put Petr Nedved, Nolan Baumgartner, and Niko Dimitrakos on waivers. The problem isn't the fact that Clarke built a team that is better suited for the NHL of 5 years ago, the problem isn't the fact that the players have seemingly quit on coach Ken Hitchcock, the problem isn't the fact that Bob Clarke has failed to acquire a front-line goalie - nope, its these three players. Wait and see the difference this move makes - they'll lost 6-1 next time.

File this one under just plain dumb: because its Bob Clarke - and I think he's an idiot.

That's about it for tonight's update on the Weird & Whacked.

Time to update on the Hazelspeeps Fantasy Hockey League - a tough start to the season for two Hazelspeeps veterans. Renee and I are off to horrible starts, but the season is only two weeks old and there is plenty of time to shoot up the standings. Standings as of Wednesday morning

48.0 - Double DD Bandits - owned by Hubie has proven that he blows his load early.

45.5 - Skating Bobcats - owned by the Commish Drisc, who making up for a bad year in the baseball pool.

44.5 - Hanson Brothers - owned by Sparky, who is making a bid for a double after winning the baseball pool

44.0 - Weekend Warriors - owned by the Bakerboy. He's been pretty quiet - so he must be researching the waiver wire.

36.0 - Ice Bitches - owned by Renee who seems to be pretty comfortable on top of El Presidente.

34.0 - Hazel's Maeple Leafs - owned by El Presidente, who is used to starting the season in the basement before charging up the standings.

NFL Picks tomorrow - whether you want them or not. Have a great one peeps!

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world - initial reviews on The Buzz are coming in on Yahoo.

Song of the Night on Hazelspeeps - for a comment made by my pal Renee (for the record - I hate this song)

Centerfold - J. Geils Band

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!

An Interesting Wednesday On Tap

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

Its Wednesday, so if you are a regular reader you know what's on tap for tonight's entry. It has been an interesting week to say the least: from Steve Lyons' brain cramp, to the trials and tribulations of Juan Uribe, to suspensions in the NFL, to the debacle involving the Miami Hurricanes and Florida International. Check back later for more.

Good and bad day for Portuguese teams in Champions' League (yes we are STILL doing soccer here). F.C. Porto beat up on Hamburg at the Estadio das Antas yesterday, an impressive 4-1 win, but they are still in tough. Benfica of Lisbon lost 3-0 in Scotland against Celtic - a tie would have done them well...now they really have their work cut out for them. Sporting Lisbon goes today in Portugal against Bayern Munich. We'll keep our fingers crossed - I won't ask for Hazel Karma at this stage of the tournament.

Last night's three play went ok - the Sabres humiliated the Flyers (which is always nice to see - especially Ken Hitchcock's face) and the Oilers avenged the Saturday night loss to the Canucks - the Flames were put out in Montreal though.

Jeff Weaver of the Cardinals held the Mets at bay yesterday, holding them to two runs on six hits and two walks over 6 innings. Not great numbers - but impressive against a Mets team that laid the lumber to St. Louis the night before.

Maxim Afinogenov of the Buffalo Sabres had a goal and four assists last night in a 9-1 beatdown of the Flyers - being part of Leaf Nation, Hazel had to love that one.

Evegeni Nabokov of the San Jose Sharks stopped 32 shots in a shutout win over the previously undefeated Dallas Stars. .

Toronto over Colorado - The Avs aren't as scary as they once were - and Hazel's Maple Leafs are playing good hockey. The Leafs' power play is working right now, and Raycroft is solid.

Minnesota over Los Angeles - The Wild are undefeated and the Kings have lost three in a row - don't expect things to change in this one.

Anaheim over Detroit - Its early, but this is a statement game for the Ducks - they bounced the Wings out of the playoffs last year, and they'll be looking to prove that it was no fluke.

Take them and run with them - It's going to be a 3-0 night. I don't like tonight's Cardinals/Mets game...though if I had to pick a winner, I'd take the Mets to extend it to seven games.

For those of you keeping track of the Hazelspeeps Fantasy Football Pool - our Commish Drisc is our league's version of the Chicago Bears, undefeated after 6 weeks of the season...though I don't know if he covered the 6 point spread he posted for his matchup last week. Things are bunched up after Drisc with the rest of us within one game of both second place and last place. Standings after Week 6.

6-0 Fighting Bobcats - owned by Commish Drisc who decided to rattle the owners cages by claiming that Hazel is a Bobcats fan. .

3-3 Ageswimmer - owned by Bushey, who is one of the quiet peeps on the board - and has not yet made a peep.

3-3 Tina's Team - our girl Tina is back and holding her own in the football pool. She claims not to know much about football...but she's getting it done.

2-4 Ithaca Commons - owned by our boy Kevin who is studying hard in Rochester, NY.

2-4 Jack-O-Lanterns - owned by our resident Steinbrenner Hubie, who is going for the Triple Crown of waivers moves - Baseball, Football and Hockey pools.

2-4 Hazel Mae's Cowboys - owned by El Presidente, who made some moves this week and won to pull up into the thick of things.

Have a great one peeps - check back later for the Weird & Whacked Wednesday update.

Just when you think you haJust when you think you have everything figured out, you will discover something new has been added to the equation. Don't be dismayed; you will be ahead of anyone trying to throw a wrench in your plans today. 3 stars

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world - hope the first episode of The Buzz went over well too.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - its cold and rainy and I'd love to stay home from work today...but we can't do that, so I go to work singing:

Jammin' - Bob Marley

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!

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