Friday, January 06, 2006

Sun Shiney Friday

Hey Peeps, and anyone else checking in on this golden Friday! A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

The Canadian Junior Hockey Team is at the forefront of sports news here today. The game has been dissected every which way – every hit, every pass, every save – even the bad line changes. The Ottawa sports media has already started talking about how great all of the Senatards draft picks looked in the tournament – to hear them talking, the World Jr. Hockey Championship all-star team would be made up of Senatards draft pics (minus the G – they aren’t touching Justin Pogge). Oh well, we’ll bask in the glory of another gold medal until tomorrow. Saturday Jan. 7 is Hockey Day In Canada – where we get a triple header of action on TV tomorrow.

Senatards vs. Habs at 2 p.m.

Leafs vs. Oilers at 7p.m.

Flames vs. Canucks at 10 p.m.

All this…and an NFL Wild Card Weekend – nice. Oh well, I’ve gotta get outta here for now. Still mulling over my NFL picks for the pool this weekend.

You may face some opposition today but nothing you can’t handle if you keep your wits about you. If you have built your reputation on solid ground you have nothing to worry about. Be very creative in your description of what is fact and what isn’t. 3 stars

I’m sure Hazel will handle her day just fine.

Have a great one peeps…

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps – with all of the talk on the coaching job Brent Sutter did with the Junior team…and the prospective futures of all these players being discussed…

Praise you – Fatboy Slim

Peesth Out!


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